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[VIPU Supply Chain Qu0026A] Consolidated Qu0026A Featured Issue 1

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
The editor often receives many questions and answers from many netizens on our VIPU Supply Chain official website about consolidation, which are basically about some conditions that occur during container shipping. For example, what should we do if the goods are unqualified in the customs inspection? Will the wrong transshipment port code affect the arrival of the ship? What should I do if the customer temporarily requests to change the order? Today, the editor will sort out some questions with a relatively high questioning rate for you to answer. If you are more colloquial, please bear with me. The editor will sort out and publish these selected questions and answers in the later period. Please look forward to it.  Q1: Regarding the SOC self-provided cabinet, will there be any information on the bill of lading?  A: SOC box (cargo owner's own box), literally, it can be known that the box belongs to the owner of the goods.   In fact, many SOC boxes were originally shipping company boxes, and due to various reasons, some of the boxes were withdrawn from the shipping company’s container cycle. Enter the container trading channel. Some boxes are directly manufactured and provided to this channel by container manufacturers in accordance with the requirements of international shipping parameters. Of course, it is worth noting that it is not enough to just make a box. All SOC boxes that are to be transported by the shipping company must have a 'box certificate'. The box certificate is a document issued by the relevant agency after inspection, and the content inside is the description of the technical data for the SOC box inspection. It means that this box meets the requirements of international shipping. Generally, new boxes have 'box certificates'. The old box can also be entrusted to apply for the box certificate, which is about 200 yuan. Of course, there is a risk here, that is, in case the SOC box you buy is of poor quality, the box certificate cannot be processed theoretically. If you get it from an irregular channel, then all risks arising from the SOC box during transportation must You are responsible.  ① There is no essential difference between the SOC box and the shipping company's box in customs declaration.  ② SOC box must be stated in advance when booking. Then, when the team puts out a singles, they can only put out one lineup. This is the original document that the convoy will need to provide when entering the port in the future. No other special requirements!   will be displayed in a corner of the bill of lading, similar to the word SHIPPER OWN CONTAINER.  Q2: Can I enter the port if the transit port code is wrong? A: There is no problem with the transshipment port code being wrong for entering the port, but it must be changed. Otherwise, there will be problems. If it is light, it will not be able to board the ship. If it is heavy, the box will fall to the port corresponding to the transshipment port. The transshipment cost is very high, or Pay high fines.  Q3: The goods are randomly inspected when they pass the customs. What happens if the spot check fails?   A: The customs needs an explanation of the failure. If the customs does not accept it, it will fine and the credit will be downgraded.  Q4: After the customs declaration is completed, the customs also releases. The MSC ship has been opened. The factory found that 20 pieces of goods were missing. Now the customer requests to change the bill of lading.  A: The customs broker changes the customs declaration first, then the manifest, and then the bill of lading.  Q5: The Yangshan Port ship is already calling, can the container still enter the port?  A: Even if you can declare customs, you will not be able to board the ship. The ship has already docked. It is estimated that the customs has passed the customs clearance and the terminal will let you go. Q6: Yixing ZIM, Jinxing GOLDEN STAR, how do these two shipping companies divide...   A: Legally speaking, Yixing and Jinxing are two companies, but all employees and operating systems are the same, and Jinxing is Yixing is a separate company established in Hong Kong to operate transportation in Africa, Southeast Asia and its own Arab countries. The ZIM brand cannot be used in Muslim countries. Venus responds to Muslim countries. Domestic shipping by star is approved by Hong Kong and Shanghai is released. The article is based on the source: Jiyun Baodian and Weiyun Net
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