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Door-to-door service from China to Middle East


Door-to-door service from China to Middle East

Advantages and disadvantages of international logistics door-to-door service  


1. Simple. The freight structure is simple. It is usually charged by one cubic meter or weight. No other fees will be charged except this fee. The operation is simple. Before placing an order, just confirm the detailed information of the product with the international freight forwarder and then send the goods to the warehouse.

2. Low freight and low total cost. If your customer is doing EXW with you. Compared with customers, the total transportation cost of choosing international logistics door-to-door service will be lower.


1. The frequency is unstable and does not have a stable schedule like ordinary air/sea freight.

2. The timeliness is unstable. The delivery time is relatively slow. The reason may be delays caused by customs clearance or loading and unloading of other goods of the same batch.

Door-to-door price of air freight to Saudi Arabia



Notes on door-to-door service in Saudi:

1.Textile bag products: camouflage textiles are not accepted; electronic products are subject to an additional SASO fee of USD430/shipment.

2.No imitation brands, no internal electricity, no pure electricity will be accepted

3.Supports delivery throughout Saudi Arabia, with a delivery time of 10-13 working days. The delivery time may be slightly longer in remote areas. (Madinah is a holy city and cannot be delivered. It is recommended to pick it up yourself)

4.One waybill and three proforma invoices are required to accompany the goods; the declared value on the waybill and invoice must be declared in US dollars (currency: USD). The invoice accompanying the goods must indicate the customs code (HS code) 

5.In order to facilitate customs clearance at the destination, fast and accurate delivery, and especially to be able to contact the recipient in time when encountering problems, please be sure to provide detailed recipient name, address, contact number and other information in English; do not use postal boxes as much as possible is the recipient's address.

6.Do not send cash or dangerous goods, do not check items stipulated by national (regional) laws, and do not check items prohibited by airlines.

7.To ensure the safety of the goods, please use packaging materials that comply with regulations and seal them properly according to the nature of the contents. No compensation will be given if the goods are damaged due to inconsistent packaging.

8.This door-to-door service uses international air transport from Guangzhou to Saudi Arabia, completes import customs clearance and pays customs duties, consumption tax, etc. before delivering the final price to the customer.

Door-to-door price of air freight to Bangladesh



Notes on door-to-door service in Bangladesh

1. Weight measurement method: Whichever is greater between volume and actual weight, volume = (length*width*height)CM/6000=volume weight.

Size requirements: The maximum side size cannot exceed 120cm, the sum of the three sides cannot exceed 200cm; the weight of a single piece cannot exceed 30kg!

2. Use the customer's waybill number for transfer, and provide two copies of the invoice accompanying the goods. The invoice information needs to be filled in in English: product name, number of pieces, quantity, and declared value.

3. If the goods are abroad due to various uncertain factors: such as the recipient refusing to accept the goods or not paying duties/incomplete customs clearance documents, etc., refusing to cooperate with customs clearance, or the goods themselves are import-restricted products of the destination country, and other force majeure factors, etc. Various costs incurred (such as return freight, duties, fines, warehousing, handling fees, and other unknown costs) will be borne by the sender unconditionally.

4. Lost goods: free shipping, and compensation will be based on the declared value of the goods, up to USD100; for valuable goods, it is recommended to purchase insurance by yourself.

5. The door-to-door service in Bangladesh temporarily does not carry sensitive goods such as products with batteries, infringing products, liquids, powders, medicines, etc. Viputrans will not be responsible if it is confiscated by customs or lost due to concealment of export declaration!

Door-to-door price of air freight to Dubai


Notes on door-to-door service in Dubai:

1. Weight and size restrictions: The weight limit of a single piece of goods is 70kg, and the total length of the three sides does not exceed 180CM.

2. Requirements: Packaging: The goods are packed in cartons and need to be packed with green woven bags. They are packaged with wooden frames or wooden boxes. They need to be loose-leaf for inspection but do not need to be packed with green woven bags.

3. Since there are many transportation links, please ensure the stability of the goods themselves and the packaging. The sender is responsible for any damage to fragile items.


Billing method: Calculation of volumetric weight: length * width * height / 6000. If the weight is more than 16KG, if the decimal part is less than 1KG, the fee will be charged as 1KG.

Documents: In order to facilitate the smooth customs clearance of goods, a commercial invoice must be provided in triplicate when shipping (fill in the detailed name of the goods in English, not the goods code)

Compensation: If it is lost or detained abroad, compensation will be made at twice the freight (including freight collected). If branded goods are transported as general cargo, once verified, "double" the price of branded goods will be charged, and Viputrans will not bear any liability for compensation.

Others: The name of the goods on the waybill must be filled in English, including: product description, quantity, declared value, and HS code.

Door-to-door price of air freight to Qatar


Door-to-door price of air freight to Qatar

1: Unacceptable goods include: medicines, food, laser products, walkie-talkies, electronic cigarettes, Quran, CDs, liquids, vapors, electric sticks, toys, motors, shampoos, shower gels, and products with offensive properties goods, and other contraband.

2: All individual products must be labeled with: MADE IN CHINA label or origin

3: In Qatar’s door-to-door transportation service, if the goods are withheld due to government action (for any reason), or are lost in transit, or the goods are damaged due to packaging reasons,

For the loss part, our company will only compensate the shipping cost of the item at most.

4: If you purchase goods with insured value, our company will only accept the maximum insured price of USD7140/shipment, and the fee will be charged at 3% of the insured value. Compensation is based on the insured value of the goods (maximum insured price USD7140/shipment)

5: Volume calculation: length x width x height / 6000, if less than 1KG, it will be calculated as 1KG.



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