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Sea door to door service from China to UK


Sea door to door service from China to UK

Viputrans provides tax-included and customs clearance shipping services from China to the UK. The goods depart from Yantian Port/Nansha Port to Felixstowe Port/Southampton Port in the UK. After the customs clearance is completed by the local agent, the container is picked up and returned to the warehouse to be unpacked, divided and delivered to the door. It takes about 28 days for the ship to arrive at the port, and customs clearance takes 3- It takes 5 working days, 2-3 days to pick up the container, dismantle the container and sort the goods, and finally make an appointment to deliver it to the UK consignee.

UK consignees place orders and directly wait for receipt of goods. Viputrans can meet all other requirements of UK consignees, such as helping with packaging, checking quantity, taking photos, checking the quality of the goods, whether they are damaged, etc. Viputrans can provide one-stop service, UK The consignee does not need to deal with customs clearance, tax and delivery issues, which is very convenient and fast.

The latest price list for door-to-door shipping container transportation from Shenzhen, China to the UK in 2023.

Note: The price of door-to-door general cargo shipped by sea to the UK is the same as that of rail train containers to the UK. Normally speaking, transportation timeliness: China railway transportation to the UK door-to-door takes 30 days; China sea transportation to the UK door-to-door takes 40 to 50 days.

The minimum shipping weight of one shipment is 15 kg, and there is no limit on the maximum weight.

2023 UK shipping door-to-door quotation list(general cargo)
General sea freight price (including tax, customs clearance and delivery)
UK$2.43$2.14$1.43$1.361. Back-end DPD delivery;
2. No private address surcharge;
3. Please refer to the surcharge for different products (inquiry separately);
4. Five or less than five product names, 2-3 categories
2023 UK shipping door-to-door quotation list(Sensitive cargo)
Food/cosmetics/consolidated goods/branded goods

Sensitive goods mainly use shipping containers to transport some liquids, battery products, food snacks such as spicy strips, ham sausages, instant noodles, biscuits, jelly, tea, chemicals, cosmetics, etc.

Ordinary mailing companies such as EMS China Post, DHL Express, UPS Express, and FedEx Express cannot send these products. Only professional international logistics companies can provide international transportation services for these products.

2023 UK sea + truck door-to-door quotation list (general cargo)
Price of oversized general goods
UK$2.86$2.71$2.57$2.431. Oversized truck delivery;
2. No private address surcharge;
3. Please refer to the surcharge for different products (inquiry separately)

Generally, international logistics and transportation services such as Taobao Consolidation will not accept transportation if the size of the package exceeds 120CM or the weight of a single box exceeds 30kg.

So in the UK, how can oversized, long, and heavy goods like furniture, electrical appliances, machinery, etc. that you buy from China be transported through simple logistics?

This requires finding a professional international logistics company to help you handle these complex and difficult goods. The door-to-door ocean + truck transportation model in the UK is specifically designed to transport this type of goods!

Things to confirm before shipment and quotation

Things to confirm before shipment and quotation, how to confirm delivery service with UK consignee

1. First, confirm with the UK consignee the consignee's address and postal code, phone number, email address, company name, consignee's name, and product and cargo information (product name, number of pieces, size, weight, etc.), UK door-to-door shipping There are two types of services, namely sea freight service (sea freight + DPD delivery) and sea freight truck service (sea freight + truck delivery).

2. For example, if the products of the UK consignee are takeout boxes, toys, Bluetooth headsets, textiles, etc., you can choose Shanghaipai service for small packaging sizes. If the products of the UK consignee are furniture, building materials, machines, electric vehicles, etc., oversized sizes Ocean trucking services are available as an option.

The difference between UK sea freight services and sea trucking services

The UK shipping service (sea shipping + DPD delivery) has restrictions on the weight and size of a single box. The size limit for DPD regular items is 100cm*70cm*60cm.

When transporting multiple pieces of goods at one time, if you choose express delivery, the minimum weight of a single piece is 12KG. If it is less than 12KG, it will be calculated as 12KG. The actual weight limit of a single box must be less than 29kg.

If the package is overlength or overweight, a surcharge will be incurred (a separate confirmation fee is required). Cost calculation method: Volumetric weight = (length * width * height / 6000), equivalent to 1 cubic meter = 167kg. The actual weight or volumetric weight is charged, whichever is greater.

UK shipping truck service (sea transportation + truck delivery) single box actual weight ≥ 65kg, or one side > 265cm, or 1 length + 2 width + 2 height > 390cm, you can choose this service.

The maximum size limit for a single piece is 7 meters, the width does not exceed 2.2 meters, and the height does not exceed 2.5 meters. There is an operating fee for items exceeding 4 meters. Please inquire for delivery fees above 6 meters. 

We can accept any piece weighing less than 3 tons. An operating fee of USD80/piece will be charged for 1 ton/piece. The handling fee for extra-long pieces is also USD80/piece.

Cost calculation method: Volume weight = (length * width * height / 6000), equivalent to 1 cubic meter = 167kg.

Features of UK sea freight services and sea trucking services

The price of UK sea freight services is relatively favorable, and the back-end DPD is delivered to the door. The delivery time is fast. UK consignees do not need to unload the goods themselves. They can receive personal belongings, e-commerce products, and FBA products, and can receive up to 5 product names per bill.

The price of sea trucking services is higher than that of UK sea freight services, because the backend is delivered to the door by the truck company. The advantage of this service is that it can accept goods with a maximum length of 7 meters, a width not exceeding 2.2 meters, and a height not exceeding 2.5 meters. However, unloading is not included. For an additional 50 USD, we can arrange for tailgate truck delivery, and unloading can be done on the ground.

The actual weight or volumetric weight will be charged, whichever is greater.

Features of DPD delivery of sensitive goods:

The sensitive goods channel can accept food/cosmetics/consolidated goods/brands. Many UK consignees need this channel. They can purchase a variety of daily necessities on Taobao, and can vaccinate many types of products without restrictions on product names.

It can transport various items, including food, cosmetics, electrical appliances, furniture, lamps, kitchenware, electrical appliances, machinery, Taobao goods, cosmetics, clothing, food, electronic products, and other daily necessities, personal items, trade items, and large items. Furniture and more!

UK door-to-door service ordering and delivery process

UK consignees generally place orders online. Viputrans can provide the warehouse address for UK consignees to place orders directly.

After the UK consignee completes the purchase, the UK consignee needs to provide a purchase list. The purchase list must note the product name, logistics order number, and number of packaging boxes to facilitate the Viputrans warehouse to check the arrival of the goods. The Viputrans warehouse can provide photography and carton packaging. , wooden box or wooden frame building services.

The packing fee for cartons is generally USD8/box, USD40/cubic for wooden frames, and USD55/cubic for wooden boxes.

The warehouse will check whether the logistics order number and the outer box are intact according to the purchase list provided by the UK consignee. If there is any damage, it will promptly take photos and feedback to the UK consignee. Viputrans will confirm with the UK consignee that all the goods have arrived, Viputrans will follow The UK consignee requires packaging. Before loading, the UK consignee needs to fill in an electronic packing list and invoice template, mainly filling in the consignee's address and postal code, phone number, email, company name, consignee's name, and goods products. Information, quantity, value, etc. This information is used for domestic customs declaration and customs clearance and delivery at the destination port, so the consignee information and cargo information must be correct, otherwise additional costs will be incurred if the delivery is unsuccessful. 

After the warehouse is packed, the warehousing data will be entered and sent to the UK consignee for confirmation. The UK consignee confirms that there is no problem with the warehousing data. Viputrans will provide the shipping bill to the UK consignee for payment, and then arrange the loading update. The shipping schedule information is provided to the UK consignee. There is a website to track the entire process from sailing to the destination port, customs clearance, and delivery to the door.


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