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- Central Asian railway line
The main line of railway transport in Central Asia is the five Central Asian (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan Stan) from each of the local Chinese stations via Alashankou port station.
- Sino-Mongolian railway line
The main route of travel is from China around the site through Erenhot port, the goods arrived in Mongolia
- China - Russia railway line
Except for Manzhouli can direct access to Russia, Through the Mongolia,it can be from Erlian to the Russian border city of Chisinau to reach the destination, Alashankou port in Kazakhstan through Russia to native.
- China - European railway line
To provide you with starting from Zhengzhou,Wuhan,Guangzhou,Xian,Shanghai,Yiwu and other China main train stations through Xinjiang Alashankou to leave the boder, after Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland to reach Hamburg, Warsaw, Malashevich, Prague, Duisburg and allocated to European and international trains serving such as Klaipeda, Southampton Dayton, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Luxembourg, Antwerp, Paris, Milan, Brussels, Vienna, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Budapest


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