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VIPUTRANS Kitting & Assembly Service Include:


•   Customized assembly and kitting service designed for your packing product

•   Combine multipleproductsinto single packageor Kits

•   Cheap generic Package material to save your money, various packaging options.Porous paper, liners, corrugated cardboard, paperboard, vacuum, blister packs, displays, multi-packs, clamshell packaging, overwrap packaging, shrink wrap, cellophane wrapping, bubble wrapping, promotional packaging, etc.

•   VIPUTRAN kitting and assembly services standardize your packaging. For specific kits, you can create the most cost-effective packages for particular orders; this not only saves money, but also allows for generating brand awareness by creating a specific package with your company’s name and logo on it. When people see those packages, they’ll know who it’s coming from, improving your reputation.

•   Quality testing and inspection before product is packaged


VIPUTRANS is dedicated to helping clients solve their most challenging logistics issues and make business easier.

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