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One stop efficient supply chain solutions, your logistics expert In China, shipping agent,
air freight forwarder, railway transportation, China fulfillment warehousing expert, 3pl logistics expert


Logistics Service

Support with international freight forwarding experience and years of warehouse operation VIPUTRANS logistics expert help you to set up

most suitable logistics and E-commercial fulfillmment service by your demand.

Air freight

We handle over 3000 tons air cargo export from China to the world per month and has blocked space agreements with over 50 different airlines.

Railway Transport Service

We own more than 2000 containers, therefore, can help customer remarkably save transportation cost, between China and Russia ,Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States area.

E-Commercial Fulfillment

Provide one-stop warehousing fulfilment solutions to your consumers directly. E-commercial Fulfillment service, engaged in Pickup, Inspection, Storage, Assembling, Kitting ,Packaging, Your Logo ,Labeling, Take photos and Ship to the world.

Warehousing Service

Small, flexible shipments in – Large, economical shipments out! VIPUTRANS provides efficient logistics warehouse in China main cities to the world with modern warehouse management system.

Shipping to FBA

Dedicated team with extensive knowledge and experience of FBA delivery. We ship your goods to US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, UK, Southern America and more by sea, air and rail door to door.

Sea Freight

Large volume, stable space, FCL or LCL options, China sea freight shipping to the world. VIPUTRANS have own CFS warehouse nearby the sea port and airport which makes efficient for pick up and drop off.

Road Transport Service

VIPUTRANS is providing dependable, cost competitive truck transportation service in China domestics and international road transportation to Russia, CIS

Customs Clearance

VIPUTRANS has a certificate in the Register of customs representatives and provides the complex of logistic services:

Multimode Transportation

VIPUTRANS offer an economical transport solution to our customers; weoptimize multimodal transport with tight connection and short transit time combining air, road, rail, and sea transports.


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