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Second-hand equipment import declaration/import customs clearance


Second-hand equipment import declaration/import customs clearance

Second-hand equipment import declaration:

With the continuous development of international trade, more and more companies have begun to get involved in the import agency business of second-hand equipment. However, when conducting these businesses, companies need to understand the relevant customs declaration information and processes. 

This article will introduce in detail the customs declaration information requirements for the import of second-hand equipment.

Second-hand equipment import customs declaration information:

1. Import license

Importing second-hand equipment requires applying for an import license from the relevant national departments. When applying for a license, companies need to provide relevant supporting materials, such as import contracts, equipment lists, quality certificates, etc.

2. Import contract

The import contract is one of the necessary documents for importing second-hand equipment. Important information such as the name, specifications, quantity, price, transportation method, and payment method of the equipment should be clearly stated in the contract.

3. Equipment list

The equipment list is a document that details the information of second-hand equipment, including the name, model, specifications, quantity, value, etc. of the equipment.

4. Quality Certificate

The quality certificate is an important document proving the quality of used equipment. The certificate should include the name, model, specifications, quality standards, test reports, etc. of the equipment.

5. Other supporting documents

According to relevant national regulations, imported second-hand equipment may also need to provide other supporting documents.

Customs information

1. Import contract

The equipment import contract is similar to the second-hand equipment import contract. Important information such as the name, specifications, quantity, price, transportation method, payment method, etc. of the equipment need to be specified.

2. Equipment list

The list of equipment is different from the list of second-hand equipment, and the material, workmanship and other information of the equipment need to be specifically stated.

3. Quality Certificate

The quality certificate of smelting equipment must include the name, model, specifications, quality standards, test reports, etc. of the equipment. It should also indicate the manufacturing process and materials of the equipment.


4. Security certification

Some equipment also needs to pass safety certification by international authoritative organizations, and provide relevant certificates to prove the safety and performance of the equipment. Special equipment such as force vessels need to provide corresponding safety certification certificates.

5. Other supporting documents

The import of second-hand equipment may also require other supporting documents, such as certificate of origin, customs inspection and quarantine certificate, etc.


1. When preparing customs declaration materials, enterprises must ensure the authenticity and accuracy of all information to avoid customs inspection and penalties due to untrue information.

2. The requirements for import customs declaration documents for second-hand equipment may vary due to different customs and policies. Therefore, enterprises should understand the relevant regulations and requirements in detail before making customs declarations.

3. When conducting import business of second-hand equipment, it is recommended that enterprises seek professional customs declaration companies or consult professionals for advice to ensure the legality of the business.

The specific import procedures and customs declaration requirements for second-hand equipment of different types and uses may be different. Therefore, companies need to carefully verify relevant regulations and requirements when handling import business.

The links involved in machinery import customs clearance are relatively complex, especially the import customs clearance of second-hand machinery.

The following are the specific steps and precautions for import customs clearance of second-hand machinery.

1. Understand relevant laws and regulations

Before starting customs clearance for second-hand machinery imports, you need to understand the relevant laws, regulations and standards. Special types of machinery may need to meet specific safety and environmental requirements. Therefore, before starting to import, in-depth research and preparation on relevant laws and regulations are required

2. Analyze import data

Preparing complete import information is a very important step in the customs clearance process. These materials include: import license, packing list, invoice, contract, bill of lading, certificate of origin and contact information, etc. 

At the same time, it is also necessary to prepare mechanical product instructions, operating manuals and other technical materials to provide detailed information during customs inspection.

3. Choose the appropriate transportation method

Choosing the appropriate transportation method can effectively reduce the cost of importing second-hand machinery. Depending on factors such as the type, quantity, transportation distance and time of the machinery, comprehensive consideration should be given to selecting transportation methods such as sea transportation, land transportation or air transportation. 

When choosing a mode of transportation, you also need to consider some special factors, such as the nature of the goods, restrictions on transportation routes, etc.

4. Carry out customs inspection

Customs inspection is a very important customs environmental inspection in the customs clearance of second-hand machinery imports. 

Conduct comprehensive inspections of imported machinery to ensure that they comply with relevant safety and environmental standards. 

When conducting customs inspection, complete technical information and product instructions must be provided, and the machinery must be explained and explained in detail. 

Any problems found by the customs need to be rectified or adjusted to ensure that the machinery can pass customs inspection smoothly.

5. Complete customs clearance procedures

After completing the customs inspection, customs clearance procedures need to be carried out. This includes paying duties, VAT and other taxes, as well as completing other related procedures. 

When going through customs clearance procedures, you need to provide complete import information and supporting documents, and ensure that all documents and information are authentic and valid. 

If you encounter any problems or difficulties, you need to communicate and negotiate with the customs in a timely manner to ensure the smooth completion of customs clearance procedures.

The steps involved in customs clearance for the import of second-hand machinery are relatively complex. 

You need to carefully understand the relevant laws, regulations and standards, prepare complete import information, choose the appropriate transportation method, conduct comprehensive customs inspection, complete customs clearance procedures and provide follow-up maintenance services. 

Only by ensuring every step of the way and ensuring the smooth import and use of second-hand machinery can we ensure the smooth import and use of second-hand machinery.

If you are interested in importing new machinery or second-hand machinery into China, you can contact us at any time for consultation.

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