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How to Ship cargo with Battery?


Sharing a case about How to Ship Cargo with Battery?

Recently, one of our customers has launched the new juicer blender which has caused a great impact on oversea markets. However, the matter of sending samples worried my customers a lot. Many customers urged her to arrange to send samples for testing. It was very pleasing, but after contacting the major express companies, she finally looked for me for assistance.


The company's new product contains sealed battery while essentially all of the courier companies can't accept the battery products according to the standard express, the product inspection and safe report are required before sending out. What’s more, each delivery needs a test. Let’s not to mention the extra testing costs, for some special markets such as India, it may meet some problems at the customs where you need to ask the recipient to provide some documents, 

certification and so on. Finally, she could not help feeling and said to me: I just want to send a sample. Why is it so difficult? 


Indeed, I searched on the Internet and found that the delivery of lithium battery products is really troublesome. The main reason is that lithium battery is easy to cause fire if it’s not properly installed and stored. According to the provisions of the international civil aviation organization, the lithium battery is considered a dangerous goods prohibited in the international airmail. Is there really no way? I summed up the following several quick and convenient ways after multi-channel consultation and practice.


1)Send by sea

If the customer has goods to be shipped recently, we can negotiate with the customer to send the products together with the bulk goods. But at the same time, we should also pay attention to the customs regulations of different countries. If the goods shipped belong to different types of products and the country has different certification requirements for different products, the risk of goods being detained may occur if the customs investigate. Therefore, the customer needs to check and confirm whether it can be sent together before sending, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

2)Carry personally

If the customer happens to have plans to go to China, or if a friend plans to go back to China, you can ask him to take it back directly. Although the airline has restrictions on battery products, it is okay to take one or two lithium battery products with you, but consign is not allowed.

3) Through special express lines

Different countries have many different special express lines. It is better to ask customers to find this type of special express line by themselves because many special express lines do not accept payment after receiving the parcel, so customers can place orders to avoid advance payment for delivery.

 4)Through the professional chemical or battery express agent

If the customer really cannot find an express line, we can also find a professional chemical agent or lithium battery express agent in China for delivery. There are still many such air freight agents in China, and they have strong customs clearance ability. After the comparison, we can find a suitable agent for delivery. However, this kind of agent generally does not accept payment on demand, so we can negotiate with the customer to remit the express fee first before arranging it. 

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