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Freight forwarder from China to Kazakhstan


Freight forwarder from China to Kazakhstan VIPUTRANS

Advantages of chose Viputrans

We offer transportation air rail truck sea multimodal transport services to Kazakhstan

Parcel from China to Kazakhstan will be delivered from doors to doors

All shipments from China to Kazakhstan are insured

We can ship large and small parcels

Best Price from China to Kazakhstan Guarantee

We offer a real-time tracking option

China to Kazakhstan parcel service 

Express Courier to Kazakhstan

Viputrans offers the fastest delivery time to Kazakhstan from the China, in just 2-3 business days for packages up to 100kg.

Economy Courier to Kazakhstan

Viputrans is one of the cheapest ways to ship to Kazakhstan from the China. This service is operated by our delivery partner to Kazakhstan in 9-12 business days for packages up to 100kg.

How much does it cost to send a package from China to Kazakhstan?

To know the price, you need to provide your destination, where the package was shipped from, and the weight and dimensions of the package. Delivery charges depend on the size and weight of the package, as well as the distance between cities.

What cannot be shipped to Kazakhstan?

Hazardous materials and substances are not transported, including ammunition, weapons, acids, mercury, bacteria or viruses. Such shipments may damage other packages. Each country has its own laws and customs regulations. It pays to familiarize yourself with them before shipping. Packages can be checked at the border. If there are prohibited items inside, the shipment will likely be returned to the sender or, in extreme cases, may be confiscated by customs.

Insurance Plan

We offer true insurance plan to protect your shipment during the transit from China.

China to Kazakhstan air shipping service 

Transit time estimate: 1 daysdirect flight),3-5 daystransfer


Air transport process:

Freight Booking: The client provides details such as the nature of the goods, weight, dimensions, and desired delivery time to freight forwarder to make a booking.

Customs Clearance: The air freight forwarder assists in preparing the necessary shipping documents, such as the commercial invoice, packing list, and airway bill.

Cargo Collection and Packaging: The goods are collected from the client's location or the supplier's premises in China.

Transportation to Airport: The goods are transported from the collection point to the nearest airport in China.

Air Freight Transportation: The cargo is loaded onto an aircraft for transportation to Kazakhstan.

Customs Clearance in Kazakhstan: Upon arrival in Kazakhstan, the goods go through customs clearance procedures.

Throughout the process, the air freight forwarder or logistics company provides tracking and updates to the client, ensuring transparency and effective communication.

Actual and volumetric weight

The cost of air freight from China is calculated by first determining the actual and volumetric weight of the goods. The airline will take the greater of the two weights to calculate the billable weight.


Actual weight  

Actual weight is calculated in the same way as air express. Actual weight, also known as gross weight, is the total weight of the cargo.


Volumetric weight

1)LWH/6000: Volumetric weight formula:Multiply the first by the carton size and divide by 6,000

2) CBM*167: Volumetric weight formula:Another way to calculate is to multiply the total cubic volume by 167


Here are some airlines that often go to ALA, please refer to

Destination Airport

Departure Airport




Transit Time








1 day





3 - 5 days





1 day





3 - 5 days





1 day

China to Kazakhstan rail shipping service

Transit time estimate: 18-22 days

Railway freight is generally cheaper than air freight, but it takes longer and is less flexible in terms of delivery times and destinations. However, railway freight is a good option for transporting large quantities of goods, as well as heavy or bulky items that may not be suitable for air transportation.

There are several railway transportation routes from China to Kazakhstan, including:

1.Alashankou-Dostyk Route: This is the most commonly used railway route between China and Kazakhstan. It connects Alashankou in China's Xinjiang region to Dostyk on the Kazakhstan side. This route provides access to cities such as Almaty and Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana) in Kazakhstan.

2.Khorgos Gateway Route: The Khorgos Gateway is a major railway crossing point between China and Kazakhstan. It connects the Chinese city of Khorgos to Altynkol in Kazakhstan. From Altynkol, goods can be further transported to various cities in Kazakhstan.

3.Urumqi-Almaty Route: This railway route connects Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in China, to Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan. It provides a direct connection between these two major cities.


FCL Rail Shipment

An FCL shipment, or full container shipment, as its name suggests, is a shipment that occupies the entire space of a container without having to share it with other merchandise. 

The benefits of FCL cargo are reduced risk of damage or loss and a quicker transit time.


LCL Rail Shipment

LCL, or groupage, as it is otherwise known, refers to shipments that take up only a portion of the entire container, and is shipped alongside other merchandise from other shippers in the same container. 

The benefits of LCL cargo is a flexible and cost-effective option for transporting smaller, less time-critical shipments.

LCL Cargo loading volume minimum 1cbm upto 20cbm, no ceiling.

DDP Rail Shipment

Railway DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) shipping refers to a transportation arrangement in which goods are transported by rail from the origin to the destination, and the seller or shipper takes responsibility for all costs and risks associated with the shipment until the goods are delivered to the buyer or consignee at the destination.


DDU Rail Shipment

Railway DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) shipping refers to a transportation arrangement in which goods are transported by rail from the origin to the destination, and the buyer or consignee takes responsibility for the import duties, taxes, and any other fees or charges associated with the shipment.

Railway shipping China to Kazakhstan

Destinations station


Departure station


Transport Time

18-22 days

FCL Rail Price

USD6*00~USD7*00/40ft (Please consult for the specific price)

LCL Rail Price


Shipping term

Door to Door, Port to Port, Port to Door, Door to Port


Cheap price, fast shipping timeliness, stable train schedule

Trading Term


Value-added service

Goods collection, Insurance, Labeling, Warehousing, tax paying, and so on.


China to Kazakhstan truck shipping service 

Transit time estimate: 22-25 days 

Various types of trucks are used for international freight transportation, depending on the nature of the cargo, distance, and specific requirements. Here are some common types of trucks used for international freight:

Dry van type

53-Foot Trailers(53'x8'6"x8'6")

can store up to 43,000 pounds and 24 pallets

48-Foot Trailers(48'x8'6"x8'6")

can store up to 43,000 pounds and 24 pallets

28-Foot Trailers(48'x8'6"x8'6")

can store up to 22,500 pounds and 14 pallets

Dry van trailers can be used for almost all types of freight. Therefore, if you are not shipping hazardous, oversized or perishable goods, a dry van trailer is a good option.


Refrigerated Truck type

28-53-Foot reefer trailers

The load on a reefer truck should never exceed 44,000 pounds.

Refrigerated trucks are a perfect fit for food and beverage shippers, as well as for moving flowers and art pieces.Refrigerated trucks can move both temperature-sensitive and “dry” freight, so you can combine different cargo types in one load if needed.You can monitor the temperature inside.Freight is protected from weather conditions, theft, spoilage, and damage.When trailer damage occurs or the cooling system breaks down, your products can be spoiled.It is flexible for the loading and unloading process

Flatbed type

17m : length 17.5m width 2.6m/2.8m/3m, etc.

The volume does not exceed 100CBM, and the weight does not exceed 30T.

13m: length 13m width 2.35m/2.45m/2.6,m etc.

The volume does not exceed 80CBM, and the weight does not exceed 30T

Flatbed trailers are easy to load, and the shipper is not responsible for fixing and securing the load to a platform.If you deliver bulky loads or freight of irregular shapes, the flatbed is the best option for you.There are different types of flatbeds, so you can find the right trailer adjusted to your shipping needs.


There are some common truck transportation routes from China to Kazakhstan:

1.Alashankou-Dostyk Route: This route connects Alashankou in China's Xinjiang region to Dostyk on the Kazakhstan side. It is a major trucking route for goods traveling between China and Kazakhstan.

2.Khorgos Gateway Route: The Khorgos Gateway serves as a significant land port and logistics hub. It connects the Chinese city of Khorgos to Altynkol in Kazakhstan, providing a crucial trucking route for cross-border trade.

3.Horgos-Almaty Route: This route links Horgos in China's Xinjiang region to Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan. It is frequently used for truck transportation, facilitating trade between these two locations.


4.Irkeshtam-Almaty Route: The Irkeshtam-Almaty route connects the Chinese border town of Irkeshtam to Almaty in Kazakhstan. It is an important trucking route for goods transportation, particularly for trade involving China's Xinjiang region.

5.Lianyungang-Almaty Route: This route connects Lianyungang, a port city in China's Jiangsu province, to Almaty in Kazakhstan. It is often utilized for truck transportation, particularly for goods originating from or destined for eastern coastal regions of China.

6.Dzungaria Gate Route: This route connects the Chinese city of Ürümqi in Xinjiang to Semey in Kazakhstan. It provides a trucking connection for trade between these two regions.

7. Jinghe-Kapchagay Route: This route connects the Chinese city of Jinghe to Kapchagay in Kazakhstan. It is another trucking route facilitating cross-border trade.


Road Freight Rate List  (Mainland China‐‐Kazakhstan)

Departure area



MAX Volume


FCL rate

LCL rate

Lead Time (Day)

Cities in China

Cities in Kazakhstan






20-25 DAYS


China to Kazakhstan sea shipping service

Transit time estimate: 45-55 days


Although Kazakhstan is a landlocked country, it has access to sea routes through various nearby ports.  sea transportation is not the best and most convenient option, but multimodal transportation can be used to transport goods from China to Kazakhstan.


The common transportation is to transport the goods from various ports in China to Aktau or Kuryk ports, and then transport the goods to Kazakhstan by truck. This transportation method takes a long time, usually takes about 45-55 days, but it is A mode of transportation with the lowest transportation cost, if your goods are not in a hurry, you can consider multimodal transportation.

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