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Sea shipping from China to South Africa


Sea shipping from China to South Africa


If you want to ship from China to South Africa, whether you are doing a small business or a big business, or just buying some gifts, VIPUTRANS is a reliable shipping agent that picks up goods from China to South Africa (door to door, or door to port) and even packs and repacks for photos.

VIPUTRANS has nearly 20 years of experience in providing shipping services from China to South Africa. For different weights, you can choose from sea LCL, sea FCL and sea DDP.


FCL shipping from China to South Africa: 

FCL stands for a full container load. When your cargo is big enough to fill a container then you book it for your shipment. Containers are usually of 20 and 40 feet lengths while the height and width are 8.5 feet and 8 feet respectively. When you book a full container then the shipping company charges you a lump sum payment against it. Containers are considered safe for handling cargo. After the container is full and sealed it will be opened only at its destination. There wont be any stuffing of goods in it during transit. That is why container cargo is preferred by the importer. But it depends on the volume of the order. You cannot always opt for a full container shipment.


LCL shipping from China to South Africa:

Mostly the imported cargo is not large enough to make a full container on its own. In this scenario, you book shipping space in a container that will be shared with other cargos. Here the shipping company will charge you a sea freight based on the weight or CBM of the item. LCL stands for loose container load or less than container load. LCL shipments are quite prevalent despite the risks of damage and mishandling associated with them.


Door to door service from China to South Africa:

Door-to-door service is where the forwarder picks up the goods from your designated address and delivers them to you. Services include transportation, documentation, customs clearance, loading and discharge at the port of discharge and destination. We VIPUTRANS have the most competitive price, the most professional team and the most favorable terms to provide this service.VIPUTRANS's responsibilities include the management and coordination of all stages of cargo transport. We will be responsible for the extraction and packaging of the goods, inventory, loading and unloading management, and in the shortest time to your door.


Main ports of China:

Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Hong Kong,Xiamen,Ningbo,Shanghai,Tianjin,Qingdao

Main ports of South Africa:

Cape town,Port of Elizabeth,Durban,Saldanha Bay,Richards Bay


Whether you need to ship from Guangzhou port, Shanghai port, Tianjin port or other Chinese ports, we can provide you with the best delivery solution. Shipping from China to South Africa takes about 25-30 days by sea, the freight will depend on your goods details.


As trade between the two countries is very active, you can see all kinds of ships going back and forth between the two countries. With all major shipping routes covering the two countries, there is no shortage of ships.


Route from China to South Africa: 

Normally, there are three shipping routes for goods from China

Pacific route

Route to India

Atlantic line


For shipments to Africa, the Indian route is usually used. The shipment was shipped from China to the Persian Gulf and then to Africa. Typically, shipping lines use Cape Town, Durban and Maputo to unload cargo destined for South Africa.


Following documents will be needed to clear your goods from customs in South Africa

· Bill of lading

· Packing list

· Commercial invoice

· Import Permit

· Customs Import Declaration

· Certificate of Origin

· Certificate of product registration

· Any other document required from any government department or agency for a special type of goods that we have discussed above.

List of shipping companies in South Africa:

South Africa has its fair share of shipping companies operating in the country. The popular among them are

· Mediterranean Shipping Company (Pty) Ltd

· GMA Logistics

· MACS Maritime Carrier Shipping GmbH & Co.

· Safmarine South Africa

· Kintetsu World Express South Africa (Pty) Ltd

· Turners Shipping

· Steinweg Bridge (Pty) Ltd


· Africamarine Ships Agency (Pty) Ltd



If you choose our freight from China to South Africa, you can send us an email or call us to tell us your requirements, we will provide you with cost-effective quotation, or even provide you with the best choice of freight advice.


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