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VIPU Supply Chain Logistics Co.,Ltd Transport Services


VIPU Supply Chain Logistics Co.,Ltd Transport Services

Air Freight transportation

Air transportation can be called the fastest and most accurate option for cargo delivery. Their advantages also include fast clearance, the ability to deliver fragile and expensive goods without the danger that they can be damaged.

Our company can deliver the following types of cargo by air:

General cargo is any piece or single item that is transported with or without packaging. By definition, it does not carry any special properties that require special handling. The weight and dimensions during cargo transportation allow you to freely load, unload, move the goods, fix them on board the aircraft.

Lightweight or bulky cargo - according to current standards, this is the cargo that exceeds the parameters of 6 m3 per one ton of gross weight (weight of 1 m3 is less than 167 kg).

Oversized - with packages, the sum of the three dimensions of which (length, width, height) exceeds 3 meters.

Dangerous goods occupy a special place in the transportation system. The rules are constantly updated, so for competent transportation you need to be aware of the latest legislation in this area. This includes all substances, products with a potentially hazardous composition, which, when transported or stored on board an aircraft, can cause an explosion, fire and damage to property, or are capable of causing harm to others.

Our company organizes AIR transportation of any complexity, both international and domestic. More details about the organization of transportation and the formation of costs can be found by clicking on the highlighted links. As well as our qualified specialists will provide a full range of services that accompany any international transportation.

Rail transportation

We offer a full package of services for the transportation and forwarding of any goods by rail throughout the China, and additionally from the country to Russia and Mongolia. And also railway delivery from Russia to China.

To date, rail transportation remains the most reliable and safe option for the movement of goods, regardless of their weight and type. In our country, the railway network is traditionally well developed. Compared to road transport, this type of transport has some advantages:

  • 1.lack of congestion of roads and stops;

  • 2.high level of safety and security of cargo;

  • 3.independence from the weather, seasonal road conditions and the mood of the driver.

  • 4.We are ready to offer railway transportation of goods across the Russian territory in any option convenient for you: in covered wagons, gondola wagons, platforms, isothermal wagons, hoppers, tanks.

  1. List of services provided:

  2. Rail transportation of goods within China;

  3. Movement of goods to Central Asia, Mongolia, Russia and  in covered wagons;

  4. Sending oversized cargo;

  5. Transportation of goods according to the schemes "from door to door" and "from door to station of destination";

  6. Provision of mechanisms for loading and unloading operations;

  7. Export clearance in the country of shipment;

  8. Receiving, sending and redirecting goods in various types of rolling stock;

  9. Cargo insurance;

If you are interested in cooperating with our company, please feel free to contact me.

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