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Shipping Services for Chemicals and Chemical Products in China


Shipping Services for Chemicals and Chemical Products in China

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Viputrans provides comprehensive logistics and transportation services for chemicals and chemical products, including non-hazardous chemicals, substances in various states, and hazardous substances. Since the establishment of the company, we have cooperated with many well-known chemical manufacturers and raw material suppliers, and we pay special attention to safety, health and environmental protection issues.


Viputrans helps clients establish a continuous supply of chemical products through long-distance and international shipments. We provide various transport services in Europe, CIS countries, South-East and Central Asia.

We have rich experience and can formulate the best logistics solution according to customer needs and cargo attributes. Regardless of the geographical scope and the complexity of the transportation, the transportation of goods can be completed within the agreed time. Thanks to the cooperation with major transportation companies, we are able to provide flexible pricing policies and maintain a high quality of service.


International shipping conditions for chemicals vary by type of cargo

Class I hazardous chemicals. 

The common classification of ADR dangerous goods contains the definition of "dangerous goods" and divides them into nine categories according to the type of hazard source: flammable, toxic, combustible, radioactive and corrosive, etc.

Certain classes of goods are very complex in structure. For example, Class 6 goods are subdivided into toxic (Class 6.1) and infectious (Class 6.2) substances. Violation of storage and transportation rules for hazardous chemicals may cause serious damage to vehicles, means of transport, and personnel. Therefore, the transport conditions of hazardous chemicals include special labeling, packaging, the need to secure the goods on the vehicle, special measures to ensure the safety of the goods, requirements for temperature, humidity and light levels.

There are also special requirements for vehicle drivers: special training is required for transporting certain special chemicals. In addition, the assignment of these substances in the ADR system can affect the use of the means of transport.

Class II goods are non-hazardous chemicals.

Pharmaceuticals, mineral fertilizers, disinfectants, technical and edible oils, surfactants and other materials and compounds fall into this category. Shipping conditions for non-hazardous chemicals are designed to maintain their performance attributes, including temperature, humidity, and protection against mechanical influence.

In addition, the transport conditions of chemicals depend to a large extent on the state of the particular chemical: the transport of liquid chemicals differs in many cases from the transport of solid and gaseous materials.

Viputrans carefully monitors changes in national and international laws and regulations on the transport of goods and ensures safe and speedy transport of substances and materials according to the characteristics of each specific product.


Road transport of FMCG is the most convenient and cheapest mode of transport. Road transport is not subject to timetables at ports, train stations and airports. Drivers are available in almost round-the-clock shifts to minimize transit time.

The advantages of transporting chemicals by road include:

  • It can be transported in a full box and maintain a special temperature regime.

  • Transport of oversized and overweight cargo.

  • Consolidation of LCL shipments at partner warehouses in Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and other European countries. Shipping chemicals by sea is a fast and efficient way to transport them over long distances. The use of shipping containers can ensure the safety of transported goods.

The advantages of container shipping include:

  • The transportation of non-full container goods in containers

  • Bulk transport

  • The port handles complex cargo and simplifies customs procedures in Europe and the CIS. In the case of long-distance transport, chemical cargo also needs to be transported by rail.

The advantages of transporting chemicals by rail include:

  • Fast shipping

  • Specialized trucks, platforms and containers can be used

  • Transshipment of any cargo is possible. Viputrans provides rail transport of chemical products from Europe and CIS countries to and from China. Since the trains run strictly according to the timetable, customers can book in advance and receive the goods at the set time. Shipping chemicals by air is expensive, but a fast way to ship internationally. Air transport is characterized by high payloads, which can reduce costs when transporting over long distances.    

The advantages of shipping chemical products by air include:

  • Transportation is available at all international airports

  • Capable of transporting oversized cargo

  • Charter service

  • Comprehensive cargo services at the airport

  • The goods can be delivered to the receiver's warehouse.

Viputrans cooperates with reliable suppliers. We will consider the characteristics of the goods and choose the transportation method suitable for clothing and other light industrial products. If necessary, we also use air, car, sea and rail to form multimodal transport solutions.


1. Years of experience

For more than 20 years, Viputran has been helping companies in different regions to develop the chemical industry. Thanks to rich practical experience, chemicals, hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals in our shipments have exceeded 20%.

2. Applicable vehicles

Viputrans provides specialized vehicles certified for cargo ADR transportation for transportation. Viputrans can transport goods belonging to the following hazard classes: 2, 3, 4.1, 4.3, 5, 6.1, 8, 9.

3. Comprehensive services

Viputrans can provide a full range of transportation services for chemicals: transportation by various modes of transportation, transit storage, customs clearance and insurance. We have partners in each country, which allows us to continuously improve the shipping process and customs clearance process.

4. Ship on time

Years of experience, own vehicles and long-term cooperation with reliable suppliers allow us to guarantee the delivery of goods on time within the agreed time.

5. Environmental protection

The transportation of all chemicals follows environmental protection norms and rules.

6. Security

We focus on providing safe, innovative and efficient chemical transportation services in compliance with international laws.

For more detailed information about our services, you can contact

Lora Yang

E-mail: sales02@viputrans.com




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