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Shipping from China to Austria


Shipping from China to Austria 

If you’re looking to ship items and goods from China to Austria, VIPUTRNAS is here to help you. This page will give you all the information you need on choosing the right option for you and your needs.

Our professional freight forwarding service ships from China to Austria via Air, Rail and Truck Freight and we offer door-to-door delivery or delivery to your business or Amazon FBA warehouse.

DDP shipping from China to Austria

We have 3 routes for DDP shipping from China to Austria: DDP air freigh, DDP rail freight and DDP truck freight. The DDP average time for delivery is 10-15 days for air freight, 20-25 days for truck freight & 30-35 days for rail freight.Goods need to be sent to our warehouse in Shenzhen, China or authorize us to pick up the goods from your factory.

DDP air freight from China to Austria

· First Leg: Air freight

· Shipping Type: LCL (default)

· Shipping Time: 10-15 days

· Export Declaration: Your factory may declare themselves as exporter.

· VAT & EORI: We use the VAT and EORI of our business partners as importers for import declarations.

· Destination: Business and Private addresses, or Amazon FBA warehouse.

DDP rail freight from China to Austria

· First Leg: Rail freight

· Shipping Type: LCL (default)

· Shipping Time: 30-35 days

· Export Declaration: If the total weight is more than 100kg, your factory could declare themselves as the exporter.

· VAT & EORI: We use the VAT and EORI of our business partners as importers for import declarations.

· Destination: Business and Private addresses, or Amazon FBA warehouse.

DDP truck freight from China to Austria

· First Leg: Truck freight

· Shipping Type: LCL (default)

· Shipping Time: 20-25 days

· Export Declaration: Your factory may declare themselves as the exporter.

· VAT & EORI:We use the VAT and EORI of our business partners as importers for import declarations.

· Destination: Business and Private addresses, or Amazon FBA warehouse.

Weight Prices

· The minimum weight charge is 10KG for Air, 13kg for Rail, and 12kg for Truck. 

· Waybill minimum charges are 11KG for Air, 13Kg for Rail, 21kg for Truck.

· The maximum weight for one carton is 30kg.

Sea freight for shipping from China to Austria

Sea freight is a popular way to ship your goods from China to Austria and it is suitable for goods that are very large and heavy. It’s also probably the slowest way, so don’t use this method if you are working to a very quick deadline.

But if you can afford to wait a few weeks, then this might be the most economical method for you.

Major Chinese Seaports include Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Guangzhou and Qingdao. Arrival Ports in Austria include Vienna, Krems, Enns and Linz.

Sea freight from China to Austria will take around 20-30 working days.

What’s the difference between FCL and LCL sea freight?

Ocean transport involves transport via containers, and importers can choose whether to import by renting a container solely for their use (FCL) or sharing container space with others (LCL).

These containers can also be transported from the port onto railways, making them multimodal methods of freight transportation. 

Less than Container Load (LCL): This is suitable for small quantities of goods and when air freight is too expensive. Because the quantity is less than a container, it will cost less than full container shipping.

However, there might be a small additional time to wait LCL delivery involves the consolidation (packing) and deconsolidation (unpack) of your goods from the rest of the container items prior to departure and after arrival. 

Full Container Load (FCL): As the name suggests, this method of shipping uses the full shipping container and is thus suitable for loads that are at least that quantity.

If your individual quantities are less than the container, you could LCL or employ a strategy of bundling multiple orders into one container. Flat-rate pricing makes FCL shipping a good deal.

When you’re choosing between LCL and FCL, some points to consider are:

· Are you ok with your goods sharing a container with other goods from a different company?

· How many pallets is your order? If it’s over 6 pallets, you should compare the prices of FCL and LCL, as getting a full container may be a better deal, even if you can’t fill it completely.

· Exporters should know that there are two types of pallets: Standard (1.2m/47 ¼” X 1m/39 3⁄8”) and Euro (1.2m/47 ¼” X .8m/31 ½”). It‘s important to know what pallets you will be using and whether you can stack your cargo.

· How important is time? FCL will be a bit quicker.

· Can your business create 12 pallets of orders, enough to fill a container in a timeframe that makes sense to ship them together?

· Do you wish to seal the container throughout the transportation process? FCL is your choice.

Air freight for shipping from China to Austria

Air freight is the quickest way to transport your consignments and goods across the world.

It’s also the most expensive. Air shipping makes sense for fragile and/or small quantities of goods, as well as goods that need to arrive promptly.

Chinese airports that are important for China-Austria travel are Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Guangzhou.

Destination airports in Austria are Vienna Airport, Salzburg Airport, Innsbruck Airport, Graz Airport, Linz Airport and Klagenfurt Airport.

Air freight is very quick and there are options to make the process even quicker, but of course this is more expensive.

Traditional air freight services can take 4-8 working days from China to Austria, while ‘Express services’ can take 1-3 days.

Rail freight for shipping from China to Austria

China’s Rail freight industry is becoming a popular ‘middle ground’ for shipping options and the infrastructure has received much investment in the past decade.

Rail freight is quicker than sea and cheaper than air and it’s also suitable for large bulky goods, as well as specialist goods including perishable goods and raw materials that would not be allowed on planes.

China-Europe Railway Express provides a new, faster way of shipping goods from China to Austria at affordable price. Transcontinental rail freight traffic is seeing a stable rise, as well as an increasing popularity. 

Shipping containers by sea from China to Austria usually take 30-45 days, however, with freight train, the journey is shorten to 14-16 days. Rail freight is the perfect substitute for sea, air freight - faster than sea but is substantially cheaper than air freight. 

Freight train service linking Chengdu and Vienna
In April 2018, a new China-Europe freight train linking Chengdu and Vienna was launched. The train carried 41 containers, and traveled 13 days on the 9800-kilometer journey.
With the new train, Austria is included into the network of China-Europe freight train service under the Belt and Road Initiative.

on Aug 20, 2020, a freight train loaded with fibers and pulp used for textiles departed from Vienna South Terminal heading for China, marking the first time a train with goods exclusively "Made in Austria" going from the Alpine country to China.

If you are looking for a faster way of shipping from China to Austria, rail freight is the solution.

If you need cargo shipping service from China to Austria ,welcome to inquiry

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