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China Railway Express under the Belt and Road Initiative


China Railway Express under the Belt and Road Initiative

Since China advocated the "Belt and Road" construction and revived China's "Silk Road", China's trade with Russia, Belarus, five Central Asian countries, and European countries has developed rapidly. The development of business needs the support of logistics development, and the development of logistics needs the investment of strong logistics infrastructure. Thus came the "China Railway Express"

In the past few years, China has invested a lot of money in the construction of railways leading to Europe. Up to now, it has basically opened up train lines leading to Europe in all major directions across the country. Increase the number of railway container export yards, customs inspection and inspection windows, improve the efficiency of international railway customs, and cooperate with the China-Europe Railway Express to do a good job of release. Added containers for turnover. The logistics facilities and related services in China are quite sufficient to meet the existing market demand.

The China-Europe Railway Express has been able to provide full container containers directly to the destination state of the railway station until now: Nuremberg/Duisburg/Hamburg/Munich Railway Station in Germany; Tilburg Railway Station in the Netherlands; Moscow Railway Station in Russia Three train stations in Malaszewicz/Lodz/Warsaw in Poland; Budapest Railway Station in Hungary; among them, there are the most trains to Germany, basically all the "Belt and Road" China-Europe trains from various cities in China There are rail transport services to Germany.

China to Europe international railway LCL is not limited to the railway station, more flexibly can be unpacked from the railway station and transit customs, truck transport to all European countries, including: Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Italy, Estonia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland ,Finland, Portugal ,Spain, Greece.

The route of the China Railway Express  

The China Railway Express is still in the preliminary development stage so far. China has a vast territory, and it is impossible to develop it from scratch within a few years. The construction site of the line needs a process, gradually perfected. Here are a few China-Europe Express lines that have been opened and operated more maturely, so that everyone can better understand the corresponding services for international railway transportation.

  • Zhengzhou-Europe Railway Express, railway transportation from Zhengzhou to Europe, the European railway stations are Malaszewicz (PL) in Poland and Hamburg/Munich (DE) in Germany. There are many departure trains, basically there is a train to Europe every day.

  • Yuxinou (Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe) International Railway, the railway transportation from Chongqing, China to Europe, the first main railway line from China to Europe, with many European service points and perfect services.

  • Harbin Railway Station: Departs from Harbin Railway Station to Europe

  • Wuhan Europe Express: Railway transportation from Wuhan to Europe, lHan-Xinou Express, railway transportation from Wuhan, China to Poland, Germany, and France in Europe. Compared with other China Railway Express, Hanxinou freight is relatively high.

  • Chengdu-Europe Express: Railway transportation from Chengdu to Poland in Europe, and from Chengdu in China to Europe. The departure railway station is Chengdu Chengxiang Station, and the destination railway station is Lodz, Poland/Nuremberg, Germany/Tilburg, the Netherlands. The weekly departure frequency of the Chengdu-Europe Railway Express is similar to that of the Zhengzhou-Europe Railway Express. Its biggest advantage is that it can directly reach the Netherlands and deliver goods from China to the Netherlands in the shortest time.

  • Suzhou-Manzhouli Europe Railway Express

  • Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe  Railway Express

  • Hunan-Europe Railway Express, international railway transportation from Changsha North Station in China to Germany, Hungary and other countries in Europe. This line provides differentiated services abroad. Changsha, Hunan is close to Guangdong in the south, which is conducive to the transportation of goods from the Pearl River Delta to Europe by rail.

  • Guangzhou-Manzhouli Railway Express, Dalang, Guangzhou, China to Moscow, Russia

All these China-Europe lines need to pass through Alashankou or Manzhouli Port.

Problems with China Railway Express  

1. The track standards of railways in different countries are different. The railway tracks in China and Europe are the same, but not in Russia. But the railways all need to pass through Russia, so the train needs to change the container when it arrives in Russia, and the Russian train also needs to change the container when it arrives in Europe. This virtually increases the cost of rail transport.

2. The problem of railway technology, railway technology can not keep up with the rapid growth of international railway transport demand. For example, it takes about 15 days for the entire transportation of a refrigerator, and a full tank of oil can support refrigeration throughout the entire journey. It will take longer to meet the customs inspection in the middle of transportation, which cannot guarantee the whole process of refrigeration. If the product is not refrigerated throughout the process, it is easy to spoil. cause huge losses.

3. Issues with documents. The international railways of various countries do not have a unified bill of lading like international ocean freight. Therefore, the bill of lading issued by China Railway cannot be directly used to pick up the cabinet at the European destination.

4. Stability issues, temporarily unable to reach the weekly fixed train

5. The problem of freight volume, many trains from China to Europe can be fully loaded with goods, but the return journey from Europe to China has no source of goods.

6. European railway loading and unloading problems. International transit railway stations, especially Maraszevic in Europe, do not have enough loading and unloading capacity, resulting in the inability to unload the train at the designated station, and often have to wait in line for several days or longer

China to Russia Railway Transport

Lines of China to Russia International Railway Freight mainly introduces several international multimodal freight lines:

*Guangdong-Russia, is the line of the Guangzhou International Railway Station. The stations are: Dalang Station, Guangzhou - Manzhouli/post-Bakarsk - Moscow Ersino Station.

*Chongqing-Russia Banlie operating in 2016 started from Chongqing West Logistics Park. Up to now, this international container railway line is the most mature freight line between China and Russia. the stations of chongqing-Russia international railway freight line need to pass through are: Chongqing - Manzhouli - Siberia - Moscow.

*Zhengzhou to Russia container railway freight line is: Zhengzhou - Beijing - Mongolia - Brest, Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg.

China to Poland Railway Transport

Polish railway, railway transportation from China to Poland. Poland can be seen on the railway map as the closest to China. The first stop of the railway from China to Europe is to Poland Malaszewicz/Warsaw/Lodz. On average, it takes only 15 days to travel by rail from China to Poland. Due to Poland's unique geographical conditions, goods close to Poland will choose to transit through Poland.

From Chengdu to Poland, and the transportation time is about 18 days

From Chongqing to Poland, the transportation time is about 17 days

From Xi'an to Poland, the transportation time is about 15 days

From Hefei to Poland, the transport time is about 16 days

From Xiamen to Poland, the shipping time is about 20 days

From Wuhan to Poland, the transportation time is about 17 days

From Yiwu, Zhejiang to Poland, the transportation time is about 18 days

From Zhengzhou to Poland, the transportation time is about 15 days

From Suzhou to Poland, the transportation time is about 17 days

From Shenyang to Poland,the transportation time is about 13 days

China to Germany Railway Transport

German Railways, the distance from China to European German Railways is about 3,800 kilometers, and it is estimated that it will take 16 days to depart from China without stopping in the middle. The German railway network is the most developed in Europe, and the railway stations that provide international freight are the most, including: Hamburg/Duisburg/Nuremberg/Munich, and basically all lines of the China Railway Express provide railway transportation to Germany For services, Germany is also a transfer center for other European countries. After the Chinese cargo containers are transported by rail to Germany, they are transported to other European countries by customs-supervised vehicles on various locomotives in Germany.

Departure train station

The railway stations from China to the Deutsche Bahn container FCL are: Hefei (Hexinou) / Yiwu West Railway Station (Yixinou) / Xi'an City / Chengdu Chengxiang Station (Rongou Express) / Changsha North Station (Xiangou Express) Train) / Wuhan (Hanxinou) / Chongqing North Railway Station (Yuxinou) / Suzhou (Sumanou) / Zhengzhou (Zhengxinou) / Qinzhou, Guangxi / Harbin (Haouban Express), a total of more than 10 trains are provided to Germany's services are all over the country, North China, Northeast China, South China, and the central and eastern regions.

Destination train station

The destination railway stations for container transport from China to German railways are: Hamburg/Duisburg/Nuremberg.


China to UK Railway Transport

Railway transportation from China to the UK, the railway transportation service from China to the UK starts from the sub-service of "China Railway Express". Since the UK is located in the west of Europe and most of the other China in Europe is separated from the European plate by a sea, it is not conducive to the transportation of goods by rail and is only suitable for passenger services. Therefore, the international railway transportation service from China to the UK ends in Germany. If you need to transport FCL or LCL to the UK, you need to use trucks from Germany to various parts of the UK such as London.


China to Belarus Railway Transport

Railway transportation from China to Belarus, the trade volume between Belarus and China is huge, and the goods shipped from China to Belarus are mainly transported by railway. 

China to Belarus railway route:

Shenzhen -- Manzhouli -- Zabaykalsky -- Minsk

Guangzhou -- Manzhouli -- Zabaykalsky -- Minsk

Foshan -- Manzhouli -- Zabaykalsky -- Minsk

Dongguan -- Manzhouli -- Zabaykalsky -- Minsk

Changsha -- Manzhouli -- Zabaykalsky -- Minsk

Yiwu -- Manzhouli -- Zabaykalsky-- Minsk


China to Hungary Railway Transport

The cities that provide railway transportation from China to Hungary in Europe include Changsha and Xi'an in Hunan. "Xiang-Europe Express" and China-Europe Express Xi'an Station. Hungarian railway transportation can radiate to Slovakia, Romania and other Central and Eastern European regions.


China to France Railway Transport

The "China-Europe Railway Express" from China to France in Europe departs from Wuhan Railway Station and goes directly to Lyon Railway Station in France. The whole journey takes 16 days. If there are goods that need to be sent to France, the "Hanxinou" train is the fastest railway. There are two prices for railway freight from China to France: container FCL and LCL.


China to Italy Railway Transport

Italian Railways, the international railway transportation from China to Italy is the cooperation between China Railway Corporation and Italian Railways for passenger and cargo transportation on the Italian railway section through the cooperation of Trenitalia Transportation Company under FS. Loading and unloading, customs clearance, truck, train station and other services.

The trains directly departing from China Railway Express to Italy depart from Chengdu Railway Station in Sichuan, China. According to the latest news from Chengdu International Railway Express Co., Ltd., the operating company of the Chengdu-Europe Railway Express, the China-Italy railway transportation line opened by the China-Europe Express has seen rapid growth in cargo volume and stable departures every week. The special line starts at Chengdu, China, passing through Warsaw, Poland, and finally arriving at the logistics center of Mortara, Pavia, Italy. The total length is 10,800 kilometers and it takes about 17-19 days.


China to Finland Railway Transport

There are more and more China-Europe trains, and the market demand is real. Since 2017, Finland, a small European country, has also opened an international railway transportation service from China to Finland. It has enriched the railway lines and international multimodal transport services from China's inland areas to European countries, and provided international traders in the two countries with more choices of international logistics and transportation channels.

The China Railway Express "China to Finland international railway line is: Xi'an -- Alashankou (China) -- Dostyk (Russia) -- Kouvola (Finland)

The whole train runs for 15 to 17 days, passing through China, Russia, Poland and other countries and finally arriving in Finland.

One of the basic service lines of the China-Europe Railway Express, the railway price from China to Finland includes FCL and LCL, door-to-door service does not include tax, door-to-door railway transportation includes tax, FOB China or EXW ex-factory price, can provide The railway transportation consolidation service collects the goods purchased from different Chinese suppliers and concentrates them in a railway container for unified customs declaration and export to Finland.


China to Netherlands Railway Transport

The China-Netherlands railway transportation route refers to one of the China-Europe Railway Express routes. The Belt and Road China-Europe Railway Express will be opened before 2018. The railway transportation route from China to the Netherlands is: Chengdu, Sichuan, China, to Tilburg, the Netherlands, with a total of more than 10,000 people. km, the required transit time is 18 days.

The China-Netherlands railway transport not only transports goods between the two countries, but also drives the links between western China and Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam/Myanmar and Europe, and the circulation of goods. High-quality and high-end goods from the Netherlands and surrounding countries such as Belgian beer, French wine, and Luxembourg are shipped to the huge market of China.

The Holland Line of the China-Europe Railway Express in China is not only an ordinary international rail transport international multimodal transport line, but also a century-old line from the perspective of the country and the world, connecting the economic activities between the two regions.

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