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Air/Sea/Railway Shipping from China to Italy


Air/Sea/Railway Shipping from China to Italy

VIPUTRANS is your ideal international freight forwarder to help you import goods from China to Italy. We always focus on market insights for you, so you don't have to overwork yourself. We have agreements with major airlines and shipping lines. 

For shipments from China to Italy, 3 shipping methods are available, sea, air and railway freight. VIPUTRANS can monitor and track all your shipping orders online for your comfort. , you can get all the ideal solutions in VIPUTRANS.

Sea shipping from China to Italy

Sea freight is most common way of shipping your goods from China to Italy. Shipping by sea is slow, but comes at an affordable price. If you are running a project on limited budget, you should probably choose sea freight. Shipments by sea, mostly in containers, from China to Italy take approx. 1 month.

Most of the sea shipments we are handling are FCL, and sometimes LCL. 
FCL (Full container load): shipping a container filled with goods exclusively for one client from China to Italy. Shipping FCL is more cost efficient
LCL (Less than container load): Sharing a container with other clients who have cargo to the same destination, at the same time. 

Our sea freight forwarding service has full coverage of both Chinese ports : Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Qingdao, Tianjin, etc. 

Major ports of Italy

Genoa (ITGOA)
Busiest port in Italy
Top 3 in the Mediterranean Sea
Well connected to Italy’s major cities such as Milan, Rome, Bologna, and Venice.

Gioia Tauro (ITGIT),Naples (ITNAP),La Spezia (ITSPE),Trieste,Salerno, Ravenna, etc

Air shipping from China to Italy

When coordinating time-sensitive shipments, air freight can ensure a fast delivery from China to Italy. Maybe you are accelerating the delivery by using air freight to make up for the time loss for a delayed project, maybe you are having a pressing deadline, or the cargo to be shipped are perishable products. Whatever it is, you have speed guarantee when shipping by air from China to Italy, naturally at higher shipping cost. 

However, not everything can be air shipped, and not everything is worth shipping by air. Some oversized cargo might not be able to fit in the plane, and some might be classified as dangerous or sensitive goods. 

Major airports in Italy



Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (IATA CODE: FCO)

Rail freight from China to Italy

Freight train provideds a new, faster and affordable way of shipping from China to Italy. 
Shipping by sea from China to Italy usually takes about 1 month, whereas shipping by rail freight takes about 20 days. Rail freight is the perfect substitute for traditional shipping methods sea and air freight – faster than sea shipping, but substantially cheaper than air shipping. Because of the advantages, it’s becoming more and more popular and transcontinental railway freight from China to Europe is seeing a sharp rise. 

Since 2013, when rail freight first became available to many European destinations, it has become many importers’ favorite transportation option. The main reasons are that it offers both lower costs of shipping than air freight, as well as much shorter transit times than ocean freight.  But with the development of the New Silk Road, rail freight is sure to gain in popularity in the future.

The main railway terminals in China are:

  • Chengdu is the Western-most rail hub in China and is considered to be the most important railway terminal when shipping goods to Europe due to how well connected it is to all other railway stations in China.

  • Yiwu is located in Eastern China. It is primarily known for its far-reaching freight service to London and Madrid, but the train travels across international routes to over 30 countries, including Italy.

  • Wuhan in 2020 marked the 10th anniversary of the first freight train trip between Wuhan and Europe. Over 400 round trips between Wuhan and Europe are expected to be carried out in 2021.

  • Xi’an is located in Northwest China. It is set to become one of the largest distribution centers in China as the Belt and Road Initiative grows.

  • Suzhou – located next to Shanghai, it only recently started transporting goods to Europe. Containers travel to Europe using the Trans-Siberian Railway.

In Italy, most trains run to Milan’s railway hub – the largest city in Northern Italy – before being further transported to the South of the country.

We handle rail freight from Several Chinese cities including Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Xi’an, Yiwu, Hefei and Shenyang to Europe.


How long does it take to ship from China to Italy?

Shipping from China to Italy takes 24-45 days by sea, 3-5 days by air, and 14-18 days by railway.
The final transit time may be slightly different, depending on shipping method, departure and destination terminals, service and route chosen, etc. 

If you are interested in cargo/container shipping service from China to Italy, we have the one-stop sea freight solution for you.
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