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Road Transport From China To Russia


Road Transport From China To Russia

With the rapid growth of China-Russia trade, more and more goods are sent from China to Russia, and the transportation methods include air, rail, sea and truck transportation.

  • The cost of air freight is very high, and it is only suitable for transporting high-value goods and urgent goods.

  • Shipping time by sea is particularly long.

  • The price of railway transportation is high and there are few train schedules. There may only be a few trains to Russia at one station a month, and a large number of goods need to wait for the train schedule.

  • Truck transportation is the most flexible of all transportation methods. It can be sent to Russia every day, and the transportation time limit only takes about 16 days.

VIPUTRANS provides multiple trucks for you to choose to transport your goods

DDP shipping
We accept urgent deliveries from China to Russia,here we transport the freight with our own vans or bus sprinters to its destination in Moscow, St Petersburg or another city – any address is possible. We will also be happy to clear your goods through customs; for example, as part of the DDP method (Delivery Duty Paid), again reducing transit times. We can also pay customs duties on your behalf if you prefer.
Full truck loads (FTL)
The full truck load is a classic form of logistics: here, we fully load a vehicle unit with your goods and transport them directly to their destination in Russia
Partial loads and groupage
If your freight volume is on the low side, our groupage transport for partial loads (LTL) to Russia is ideal. Here, we transport deliveries starting from a low total weight, and various options and Incoterms are available to you. In addition to EXW, DAT and DAP, for example, you can use the DDP method for partial loads (LTL). The abbreviation stands for Delivery Duty Paid: we transport the goods using groupage transport, take care of the customs clearance (we have our own customs warehouses in Moscow, St Petersburg and Kaluga) and pay the due customs duties on your behalf.
Carriage of dangerous goods
Our forwarding company has a fleet of vehicles specially designed for transporting dangerous goods in accordance with the ADR. This enables us to transport dangerous goods in classes 1 to 6 to Russia, for example, to the industrial regions around Moscow and St Petersburg. Of course, our staff is also appropriately trained for these special shipments. 
Heavy and oversized shipments
We use our own low loaders, mega-trailers and platform trailers for heavy shipments and oversized shipments to Russia.This enables us to transport bulky freight such as agricultural technology (tractors, combine harvesters, etc.) safely and reliably. The heavy shipment or oversized shipment can go to any destination in the country, for example, in Moscow or St Petersburg, but also construction sites or remote locations in the Urals.
High-value shipments
Do you have high-value goods that need to be shipped to Moscow, St Petersburg or Russia? High-value shipments are specially designed for this task. The transit takes place here in a safe closed box semi-trailer, and you receive additional goods transport insurance of up to 10 million euros per vehicle unit. 
Enclosed car shipments
Enclosed car shipments are carried out as individual shipments in a trailer that is completely sealed. This way, we protect your vehicle from unwanted glances as well as from possible transport damage. This means that, high-quality sports cars, vintage cars or prototypes, for example, can get safely to Russia
Refrigerated shipments
Refrigerated and frozen shipments are used to safely transport sensitive goods such as food and chemical products.We can offer refrigerated transports to Moscow, St Petersburg or any other Russian city at a constant -18 °C to +10 °C.
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