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Cargo Service From China to Czech


Cargo Service From China to Czech


The Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, is a landlocked country in Central Europe. We are going to share facts and opinions about shipping method, transit time, cost, the best way to ship your goods, what an experienced freight forwarder can help with your China-Czech Republic shipments. 


Air and railway freight are the Twi main modes of transportations between China and the Czech Republic.


Air shipping from China to the Czech Republic

If you have sufficient shipping budget and require a fast delivery from China to the Czech Republic, air freight is the solution.

When it comes to shipping high-value equipment or luxurious items, obviously, people are more concerned about security and Shipping time rather than cost. Higher security level is another advantage of air shipping. The benefits are more than these, shorter transit time also means less chance of getting damaged.

As long as your order is urgent and needs fast delivery time, then air freight is definitely your first choice

Airports in Czech Republic

Prague airport (IATA CODE: PRG)

Brno airport (IATA CODE: BRQ)


Railway shipping from China to the Czech Republic

Full container shipping and less than container load method of shipping from China to Czech is a large volume of goods that can be load into a container. With LCL, several shipments are consolidating and packed into one container.

Shipping containers by train from China to the Czech Republic usually take 20-25days. shipping goods from China to the Czech Republic, faster than sea freight, and way cheaper than air shipping.

The first China-Czech freight train was launched in 2017, between Yiwu and Prague, the Czech Republic.

With the rapid development of railways, other railway stations including Xi'an now have plans to transport to Prague.

On 2020, the China-Europe freight train Chang’an (Xi’an-Prague) departed from Xi’an International Trade and Logistics Park, making the first departure of the first China Railway Express public train.

And our company has a fixed order of goods every month from Xi'an Railway Station to Prague. It is convenient for our company to have this rich experience here.


How long does it take to ship from China to the Czech Republic?

Shipping from China to the Czech Republic takes 3-6 days by air (Direct flight routes are available between a few Chinese cities and Prague, making the air cargo transit time less than 1 day.) and 20-25 days by railway. The actual transit time could be slightly different due to departure/arrival terminal, service and route chosen, weather, congestion, etc.


As a leading China based freight forwarder serving the Czech Republic, we have been helping connect business in Czech Republic with China. we have the logistics expertise, local knowledge and global network to fulfill a fast and safe delivery of shipment from China to the Czech Republic.


If you are interested in shipping from China to the Czech Republic . Please contact us .

We will provide you with professional service and ideal quotation.

It doesn't matter if you already have a fixed freight forwarder; please record our company, we can also provide you with a price comparison; also willing to be your shortlist. We are there whenever you need it!

Hope we have the opportunity to cooperate.

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