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China Warehouse service


China Warehouse service


Viputrans manages nearly one million square meters of warehousing resources across the country, including bonded warehouses and non-bonded warehouses, forming a nationwide warehousing service network. Viputrans optimizes the use of warehousing resources and implements intelligent equipment and intelligent warehousing management systems. , the application of a professional talent team to create an industry-leading smart warehouse and realize the first use of smart logistics technology in the smart manufacturing supply chain.


1. Pallet integration. This refers to the process of converting product into an individual pallet. Complete specific operations on behalf of Party A's enterprise to improve efficiency,


2. Product packaging business. Leave the packaging of products to warehousing companies or warehousing departments to complete, and combine warehousing planning with related packaging operations to comprehensively consider both, which is conducive to improving the overall logistics efficiency.


3. Product painting and coding business refers to putting the painting process and coding of products into the warehousing process, which can shorten the business process, save logistics costs, and improve the work efficiency of warehousing enterprises.


4. Assembly of product accessories. It means that after the parts of the goods are put into the warehouse, the finished products are assembled according to the warehousing links and shipped out. Through the turnover of the warehouse, a win-win situation is achieved for the manufacturer and the warehousing company. The production company shortens the product turnover time and reduces logistics costs. The warehouse has also improved its warehousing status by increasing its business scope.


5. Simple processing and production. Some simple processing and production operations are originally completed as a separate process in the production process. Handing over these simple processing processes to the warehousing link can simplify the business process as a whole, reduce processing costs, and enable production companies to concentrate on their main production and business activities.


6. Return and exchange services. When a customer's product has quality problems or disputes after it is sold, and a return or exchange needs to be implemented, the warehouse is entrusted to complete the process.


7. Order product data analysis. Since the warehousing company has mastered the consumption process and inventory changes of each kind of goods, it can make statistical analysis based on the demand for each kind of goods. The production company can require the warehouse to issue corresponding reports every month (week).


8. Transportation intermediaries are transportation service middlemen, and warehouses use their own advantages to carry out this business.


Viputrans’ warehouse charging standards in different cities in China (prices are for reference only, subject to actual cargo information)



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