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Likely the truck transportation is a better option for now


Truck transportation:Truck route from China to Russia is a subject of heated debate. Also among European carriers.

Due to the Sino-Russian trade surge, the situation on Vladivostok ports and railway station Zabaikalsk in Russia are congested then the containers need to waiting for outside of border about 10 days-20 days. Likely the truck transportation is a better option for now!

Truck transportation is a fast and the price reasonably. We can arrange the motorcade to pick-up and load goods all over the country and departure at any time. It can also flexibly adjust the customs clearance route according to the departure conditions at various ports to avoid congestion and queuing and ensure the timeliness of transportation. After the automobile transportation arrives in Russia, it can also deliver the goods to the customs supervision warehouse designated by the customer according to the customer's requirements to provide one-stop door-to-door transportation services for customers. In addition, each transport vehicle is equipped with a full range visual GPS, which can be queried at any time during the transport process. 

Based on client request, we work out an individual route and it adjust depend on traffic and customs procedures;

you can get the quote;

your cargo is loaded in China;

customs clearance;

complete document and certification;

cargo insurance;

truck tracking throughout it's route;

door-to-door delivery;

compliance with time limits guaranteed.

Estimated delivery time by truck from China to Moscow about 20 days depending on the pick-up address and destination.

Truck transportation enables you to move almost any cargo from China. General purpose containers are loaded with general goods, home appliances, various raw materials and products that are not temperature-sensitive.

Opening borders to trucks

On May 29, during the solemn closure of the world-famous road experiment, the Russians announced a new agreement with China. Indeed, the agreement was then signed during the annual Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization June 7 in Qingdao (China). The ministries of transport of both countries have signed an agreement on the abolition of barriers (currently carriers of both countries can carry out transport only within border areas) and open their territories for international road transport.

The new agreement will be the driving force of Russian-Chinese road transport. Carriers from both countries will be able to freely deliver goods to any city in China and Russia. They will be able to carry out transports in accordance with the most important asset of road transport – door-to-door – said Alexei Dwojnych, general director of the Road Transport Agency.

Benefits of Truck Transport

Truck transportation from China to Russian is fast and safe Relatively.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at any time. I am very happy to answer them for you!

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