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Railway Freight To Europe


Railway Freight To Europe

The international transportation of goods by train from China to Europe began a long time ago, and the construction of railroad tracks between China and Europe was completed in the 1980s. But because China and Europe are separated by five countries: Russia, Belarus, Mongolia and China: Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan. International rail transportation does not have the same mature international laws as international shipping. Therefore, trains from China to destinations in Europe such as Germany need to pass through and use rail services from many countries, which involve import and export customs declarations, and rail charges, etc. . Although there is a large demand for trains between China and Europe, it is impossible to open such a complicated international railway transportation line without the negotiation of national governments, customs, and national railway companies.

The train line from China to Europe is the line of the "Silk Road" in ancient China. In view of the needs of domestic economic development, the Chinese government, after years of continuous efforts, finally opened a train service from China to Europe in 2013, also known as the "China-Europe Express". China-Europe freight train refers to the fast freight train from China to Europe, which is suitable for freight marshalling trains for loading and transporting containers. Paved West, Central, and East three corridors of China-Europe Express trains.

Since the launch of container transportation by train from China to Europe, it has never been able to be fully loaded with goods and returned with empty containers. Until 2018, every train in the train departed with full containers, and the full containers of goods were shipped back to the country; from the beginning The "Yu-Europe Express" in China has opened more than 30 "China-Europe Express" in cities for more than 20 years; from traditional international shipping and international shipping to the use of the latest multimodal multimodal transport; in just a few years, China to Europe The container transportation of trains is slowly becoming the latest international transportation method.



Advantages of trains from China to Europe

The train packing transportation from China to Europe has the following advantages that it can fill the demand between international shipping and international air transportation, which is why it can be recognized by the market and the rapid development of express delivery.

The cost of train freight is lower than that of international air freight, which is less than 75% of air freight;

The train transit time from China to Europe is 15-20 days shorter than that by sea;

Environmental protection, train transportation is generally driven by electricity. Aviation and ships generally use petroleum.



The rapid development of China-Germany rail container FCL transportation originated from the “Belt and Road” and “China-Europe Express” proposed by Xi Jinping. Since the first container rail transport trains departed from Chongqing to Germany in 2013, more than 10 Chinese cities have provided rail container transport services to Germany in 2018, with an average of more than 10 trains per day.

China-Germany railway container transportation accounts for more than 50% of the "China-Europe Express" cargo, of which the most types of containers include: standard containers 20GP 40GP 40 HQ, open top containers, hanging closet containers, refrigerated container containers, etc. Rail transport.

Since the country developed the "One Belt One Road" proposal. International railway transportation is the main force connecting the "New Silk Road". German railway transportation is developed. There is Hamburg in the north of the German railway station. Hamburg trains connect to neighboring countries such as Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and so on. In the south, there is the Munich Railway Station in Germany, which connects Western European countries such as France, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland.

Germany's logistics industry is well developed, whether it is international railways, international shipping, and truck transportation. It can be said that the choice of the German railway station for the loading and unloading point of China-German railway transportation is the best choice for China-Europe Express to the European market. When the railway container reaches the German railway station point, the highly developed German truck transport can be expressly loaded and unloaded and transported to neighboring countries.

China-Germany Railway Transport Line

Up to now, all of the China-Europe trains that have been opened for rail transport from China to Germany have selected German train stations to stop at.

Zhengzhou-Europe train: On July 18, 2013, the Zhengzhou-Europe train (Zhengzhou-Hamburg, Germany) opened for the first time. In 2014, the Zhengzhou-Europe train company established a branch in Germany to be responsible for the station layout and collection of Zhengzhou-Europe trains in Europe. The distribution network was established, and the road distribution network with Hamburg, Germany as the hub arranged for the goods collected from Zhengzhou Railway Station to be sent to other countries.

The approximate running time of the Zhengzhou-Hamburg train is 12 days, excluding local work at the second end.

Ha-Ou Express: From Harbin Railway Station to Hamburg Railway Station and Duisburg Railway Station in Germany. The goods that mainly serve the three provinces of Northeast China are shipped to Europe, and the cost of imported products mainly includes automobiles and auto parts.

Yuxin-Europe train: This line has the longest history of railway transportation to Germany. It is the first line to provide railway transportation from China to Germany. The railway transportation time is about 16 days and the frequency is stable.

Hanxin Europe Express: 15 days from Wuhan to Hamburg Railway Station in Germany, the main advantage of this line to Germany is the cheap freight.

Suman-Europe train: The route is from west Jiangsu through Manzhouli to Hamburg and Duisburg, Germany. The transportation time is about 18-19 days, which is relatively long. This line opened to German rail transport relatively late.

Hunan-Europe train:






The Italian railway has a history of more than 100 years. The first railway built in Italy was from Naples to Portici. It was built in 1839 and has a length of only 7.64 kilometers. It is very short. But soon the Milan-Monza railway was built in 1840, and then the Milan-Venice railway was built in 1842. The fastest growing period of Italian railways in just ten years. These newly built railways are mostly used for passenger cars, and no goods are transported.

In modern Italy, passenger and freight railways have been built, and the railway network is very complete. The company that manages Italian railways is the Italian National Railways Group (FS Group). Subsidiaries under this company are not in charge of railway infrastructure, passenger shuttles, and freight shuttles. responsible.

The international railway transportation from China to Italy is the passenger and freight transportation between China Railway Corporation and Italian Railways. Trenitalia transportation company under FS jointly completes transportation on Italian railway lines. Loading and unloading, customs clearance, trucks, railway station points and other services.

China-Italy Railway Transport Line

So far, only a few railway lines and lines have provided China-Europe Express to Italy. With the rapid development of "One Belt One Road", it is believed that more and more lines will extend to Italian railways.

According to the latest news from Chengdu International Railway Express Co., Ltd., the operating company of Chengdu-Europe Railway Express, the China-Europe Railway Express has opened a special railway transportation line from China to Italy. Chengdu, China, via Warsaw, Poland, and finally arrived at the Mortara Logistics Center in Pavia Province, Italy. The total length is 10,800 kilometers and it takes about 17-19 days.

Compared with sea transportation, this China-Italy railway transport line can save two-thirds of the time. By then, not only can Chinese products be quickly shipped to Italy, but Italian products can also be shipped to the Chinese market by rail. Previously, international long-distance railway transportation between China and Italy often took one and a half months to detour, which was about the same as the shipping time. Because the railway transportation time is too long, but the freight is higher than the international shipping, so most of the products between the two countries are still through international shipping. After the opening of this special line, more and more goods have chosen to transport goods to Italy by rail.

Passing through Poland, Germany and then to Milan train station in Italy. If it is an international railway FCL transport, you can directly go to the Italian railway station without changing the container for unloading. If the railway LCL is used, it may be unloaded at the German railway station and then sent to Italy by truck.

The railway transportation time is about 20 days shorter than the traditional sea transportation, that is, the time is shortened by half. Rail freight is higher than sea freight and much lower than air freight, generally only one-thirtieth of the cost of air freight.


Advantages of railway transportation from China to Finland

International railway transportation from China to Finland has inherent advantages. Compared with other international logistics channels, international sea transportation and international air transportation have obvious competitiveness in terms of transportation time and freight. As the container rail transportation service of the China-Europe Express train has been recognized by everyone, Finnish buyers are more convinced of the way of importing products or exporting products to China by rail transportation. The advantages of railway transportation from China to Finland are as follows:

1. Price advantage, the rail freight from China to Finland is more than 90% less than the international air freight from China to Finland. The total rail freight for a 40-size tall container using container rail transportation to Finland far replaces the cost of international air transportation.

2. Time advantage, the total time of the China-Europe Express train from China to Finland is 15-17 days. Compared with the 30-day time of international sea freight to Finland, the railway to Finland wants to ship to Finland by half the time. China has a vast land area in some central and eastern regions, and goods exported to Finland from inland cities in the northern region are more convenient to transport by rail.

The "China-Europe Express" international railway line from China to Finland is: Xi'an-Alashankou (China)-Dostyk (Russia)-Kouvola (Finland)

The whole train runs for 15 to 17 days, passing through China, Russia, Poland and other countries and finally reaching Finland.


The special railway freight train from Wuhan to Kiev, Ukraine, starts at Wujiashan Station in Wuhan, exits from Erlianhot, passes through the Mongolia-Russian port, Sukhbaatar/Navushki, and then Suzemka/Zernor on the Russian-Ukrainian border. Arrive at Kiev Station in Ukraine, the whole journey is about 10,000 kilometers. The whole journey lasts 15-18 days, and no other stations are added in the middle, which saves the customer's transportation time and cost to the greatest extent.


International railway transportation from China to Belarus-route, time, price and starting city. International railway transportation from China to Belarus connects the important economic ties between China and Belarus, and drives and promotes the development of the two economies. Rail transport accounts for more than 90% of the freight volume, and the other 10% is transported by international air transport to Minsk International Airport and international multimodal transport by automobile and road to Belarus. International air freight to Belarus has high transportation costs, while international air freight to Belarus has many disadvantages such as low safety and stability and low freight volume. Only through international railway transportation can the large quantities of goods be transported from China to Belarus at low cost. Provide strong support for the international trade of the two countries.

Belarus is located in Central Asia and is very far away from maritime ports. If you want to transport goods to Belarus by international sea, you need to go international to Russia, and then from Russian ports to Belarus by rail. The midway is very long and the transportation cost is high.

Belarus is rich in natural resources and abounds in various ores. Of course, the most important thing is oil. It is the most important economic pillar industry in the region, and it has developed agriculture and animal husbandry. However, daily necessities such as textile industry (clothing and bags), mobile phone industry, home appliances, furniture, ceramics and other industries basically need to rely on imports from China.

Up to now, there are the following urban routes that can provide international rail transport to Belarus:

Shenzhen - Manzhouli - Zabaikal - Minsk

Guangzhou - Manzhouli - Zabaikal - Minsk

Foshan - Manzhouli - Zabaikal - Minsk

Dongguan - Manzhouli - Zabaikal - Minsk

Changsha - Manzhouli - Zabaikal - Minsk

Yiwu - Manzhouli - Zabaikal - Minsk

The China-Belarus international railway transport, which is one of the China-Europe trains, added another route to Minsk. The Huaihua-Minsk train was officially opened to traffic on June 9, 2018. Goods exported from the Hunan region to Russia and Belarus have one more option.

The international railway container transportation service platform companies provided by these lines include: China's "China-Europe Express", Russian Railways, and Kazakhstan Railway Combined Transport Co., Ltd.

The total train transit time from these places to Minsk, Belarus is about 15 to 18 days, and it is changed to Russian rail in Zabaikal (Russia) halfway. The change of rails usually takes 1 to 2 working days in the city.




France is located in the eastern part of Europe, close to Germany, Italy and Spain. It is a country with a relatively large area of the European Union. The "Central Europe Express" from China to France passes through Poland and Germany and finally arrives at Lyon International Railway Station.

Lyon is located in the northwest of France, about 700 kilometers away from the sea port of Le Havre. If you use a car to transport a container from Le Havre to Lyon, it takes about 10 hours. When it takes 2 days to transport it back and forth, the logistics and freight costs are high.

It is the best international logistics solution for goods to be transported from the mainland of China to cities in the northwestern region of France through the "China-Europe Express" international railway container transportation. The advantages are:

1. Short transportation time, saving 10-15 days. The average rail transit time from Wuhan to Lyon in France is 25 days, and the total time from Wuhan to Lyon via international shipping is 45 days. It is necessary to catch up with the departure time of the big ship in Shanghai in time to arrive in 45 days. If you cannot catch the big ship, it may be possible. It took more than 50 days.

2. Low freight

The railway line from China to France starts from the Wuhan International Railway Center, and finally the railway station is the Lyon Railway Station in France.




The Polish railway station is the window connecting the China-Europe railway. Poland is the central location connecting the north-south and east-west directions of Europe. It has an advantageous geographical location and has increasingly become an important transportation hub in Europe. All Central European trains departing from China to Western European countries must pass through the Polish railway, and it is the first stop, which shows the importance of the Polish railway. Poland’s main rail transport company ranks second in the European Union in terms of freight volume, and Polish road transport companies rank first in the European market, ahead of Spain and Germany. The Port of Gdansk, located in northern Poland, is the second largest port in the entire Baltic region. . Through Poland, goods can be easily transported to any area of the European continent.


Which trains of the China-Europe Express train pass through the Polish railways?

Chengdu to Poland, the transit time is about 18 days

Chongqing to Poland, the transit time is about 17 days

Xi’an to Poland, the transportation time is about 15 days

Hefei to Poland, the transportation time is about 16 days

Xiamen to Poland, the transportation time is about 20 days

Wuhan to Poland, the transportation time is about 17 days

Zhejiang to Poland, the transportation time is about 18 days

Suzhou to Poland via Manzhouli, the transportation time is about 17 days

Shenyang to Poland the transit time is about 13 days

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