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Road Freight


Road Freight

Land freight, also known as land freight forwarding, is the movement of cargo from one location to another using trucks or railways. This method of transportation is a dependable option for companies looking to transport their goods efficiently and reliably.  

We have a comprehensive road transport network that connects major trade centers across greater China, the CIS, the Baltics, and Europe. With our fuel-efficient truck fleet, fleet management system, IT platform, multi-regional freight hubs, multilingual customer service specialists, and reliable network of associates, we offer efficient domestic, regional, and international road freight transport services.  


Peculiarities of Road Transportation

Consider the unique factors of motor transportation when planning cargo shipments. It's important to take into account the varying legislation in different countries, traffic congestion, border checkpoint conditions, and other relevant factors. To ensure smooth and timely deliveries, it's wise to seek the assistance of experienced professionals.  

The shipment process involves four key stages:

First, selecting the appropriate mode of transportation based on cargo volume, weight, and distance to the destination.

Next, calculate the most efficient travel route.

Then, prepare all necessary documents, including those required for customs clearance.

Finally, ensuring the prompt transportation of the cargo. Additional services provided may include expert assessment of goods packing and marking, as well as assistance in ensuring the cargo meets customs standards.  


Advantages of Road Transportation

Motor transportation can be arranged at any time of day for urgent deliveries, distinguishing it from other cargo transportation methods. It offers the flexibility to choose the fastest and most cost-effective routes, making it a common and efficient mode of delivery for short distances.  


Cost of Road Cargo Transportation

The cost of cargo transportation is influenced by a multitude of factors:

Cargo type: weight, dimensions, fragility, hazard class, etc.;

Transportation distance;

The urgency of the order;

Special measures, e.g., during transportation of live, fragile, or hazardous cargo.


Specialists from VIPUtrans will pick road transport needed to carry any type of cargo and take into account any customers' wishes regarding deadlines and conditions.


Guarantees For Customers

VIPUtrans provides a guarantee of safety for cargo during motor transportation. Customers can track the location of their cargo 24/7. We ensure that all contractual obligations are met responsibly and on time, and our specialists can offer additional insurance options for expensive or fragile cargo.  


Types Of Land Freight Services

When it comes to land freight forwarding, businesses have two main options to choose from: Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less than Truck Load (LTL). These terms apply to both regional and international land freight shipments.  


Full Truck Load

FTL refers to when you reserve an entire container for your shipments/cargos, this type of shipment brings certain benefits, including:

Ensure maximum security when all cargo are in the same container

No size or weight restriction since you've reserved the entire container

Not sharing space with other cargo means less handling  


Less than a truckload

LTL refers to when you purchase the needed cargo space as opposed to the entire container load. This type of shipping method provides certain benefits as well, including:

Reduced warehouse costs

Stop paying for unused cargo space

Overall better shipping rates


Road Freight

Our road freight service is fully compliant with IRU best practices and has earned an award as the “best road haulage company” in the cis region.


Our fully certified road freight services include:

LTL, FTL, and break-bulk transportation services

Heavy, oversized, and project cargo transportation

Customs bonded transportation [licensed]

Dry, bulk, and liquid transportation

Dangerous goods transportation

Perishable goods transportation

Household goods transportation

Economic transport operator

Fleet management service

GPS tracking service


What types of goods can be transported via your road and rail freight services?

Our road and rail freight services cater to a wide range of goods, including but not limited to:

General merchandise: Consumer goods, electronics, clothing, household items, and more.

Industrial goods: Machinery, equipment, parts, raw materials, and finished products.

Perishable goods: Food items, fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products.

Hazardous materials: Chemicals, flammable liquids, gases, and other dangerous goods.

Oversized or heavy cargo: Large machinery, vehicles, construction materials, and project cargo.

Retail goods: Goods for retail distribution, including apparel, accessories, electronics, and home goods.

Automotive goods: Vehicles, automotive parts, tires, and accessories.

Construction materials: Building supplies, cement, steel, lumber, and other construction-related products.

Agricultural products: Grains, seeds, fertilizers, and other agricultural commodities.

E-commerce goods: Goods for online retail, including small packages, parcels, and bulk shipments.

Our road and rail freight services are flexible and can accommodate various types of goods to meet our customers' diverse shipping needs.


Which is better road or rail?

The choice between road and rail transportation depends on various factors and the specific needs of the shipment:

Distance: Rail transportation is more cost-effective for long-distance shipments, while road transportation is often preferred for shorter distances.

Cost: Rail transportation is generally more cost-effective for large volumes of goods over long distances, while road transportation may be more expensive for shorter distances but offers flexibility and accessibility.

Time: Road transportation is usually faster and more flexible for door-to-door delivery, while rail transportation may have longer transit times but can be more efficient for bulk shipments over long distances.

Capacity: Rail transportation can handle larger volumes of goods efficiently, making it suitable for bulk shipments, while road transportation is better for smaller loads and time-sensitive deliveries.

Accessibility: Road transportation offers better accessibility to remote areas and smaller towns, while rail transportation may require additional trucking for final delivery to certain locations.

Environmental impact: Rail transportation is generally more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient compared to road transportation, making it a preferred choice for sustainable shipping practices.

Ultimately, the decision between road and rail transportation depends on factors such as cost, distance, volume, time sensitivity, accessibility, and environmental considerations. It is essential to evaluate these factors to determine which mode of transportation is better suited for a particular shipment.

Can I track my shipment in real time during road and rail transportation?

Yes, tracking your shipment in real time during road and rail transportation is possible with the use of advanced tracking systems and technology. Many logistics companies offer tracking services that allow you to monitor the location and status of your shipment throughout its journey.


How do you ensure the safety and security of goods during transit?

VIPUtrans ensures the safety and security of goods during transit by utilizing secure packaging, implementing strict handling procedures, conducting regular inspections, employing GPS tracking systems, and partnering with trusted carriers with a proven track record of reliability and security.


Can I request expedited delivery with road freight services?

Yes, you can request expedited delivery with road freight services. Many logistics companies offer expedited or express shipping options for customers who require faster delivery times for their shipments. By opting for expedited delivery, you can ensure that your goods reach their destination quickly and efficiently, albeit at an additional cost. It is advisable to communicate your urgency and specific delivery requirements to your logistics provider to arrange for expedited service and meet your timeline needs.


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