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Do china customs prohibit exporting mask? What’s true?


Do china customs prohibit exporting mask? What’s true?

Do china customs prohibit exporting mask? What’s true?

It’s not true, the company that meets the qualifications, it can export mask, and it is normal delivery from China to the world for personal mail by express company EMS, FedEx, etc


Tens of thousands of epidemics outside China, mask prices in many countries skyrocket.

It is understood that as of 10:00 am Central European Time (17:00 Beijing time), a total of 10,566 cases of new coronary pneumonia have been confirmed in 72 countries outside China, and a total of 166 deaths.

  When foreign epidemics spread, the demand for masks is also increasing, which has also led to a rise in the price of masks abroad.


In the current situation of China, except for Hubei province, other provinces recover to work carefully with masks and disinfection, the virus was controlled well in China, there is 0 new case in China most cities.

 The mask of yield and production line were increased rapidly in China, which can meet the local requirements.

China didn’t prohibit exporting masks and no official customs document to prohibit exporting masks and also no news show mask export prohibit and limit.

The main point is the qualification of Export Company and different import requirement for the mask in oversea. Mask is

The export of medical products such as masks requires a medical device business license to export, and you can't use other export company name for customs declaration.

China Viputrans offer a professional export service for masks from China to the world.


Those products who meet the requirements can go through export declarations, and those who do not meet the requirements are basically delivered by small batches of express delivery. Generally, the value of goods within 2000 dollars is not controlled. The channels that do not go through customs are not special goods and cannot be easily checked by customs. 

  Viputrans also warned the sellers that masks must not only be taken into account for domestic restrictions but also destination requirements. The United States needs FDA certification for masks and CE certification for products in Europe. If you sell masks at Amazon, you need masks at sales sites. For classification inspections, the domestic market must have a second-class medical device sales filing permission. Then it can meet the requirement of the transportation and sales of masks. if you want to know details please add us Whatsapp: +8613424475220.


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