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International Express Service


International Express Service

International express delivery is a kind of air freight that provides door-to-door service, including door-to-door pick-up, customs declaration and customs clearance services, and can also pay customs duties. It is suitable for international transportation of small parcels, documents or valuable goods.

In recent years, the development of international express delivery in China has been quite rapid, and it has doubled at a rapid rate every year. As a result, international express companies have no time to set up outlets in various cities in China and increase service windows. It is far from meeting the needs of export foreign trade enterprises. The Chinese market has also become an important area that international express companies cannot ignore.

With the development of e-commerce, the market of international express delivery is also monopolized by the traditional four major express delivery companies, and the direction of domestic domestic express delivery in China gradually entering the international market. Export foreign trade enterprises also have more choices.

The international express services we represent include:

Hong Kong DHL International Express

China DHL

Hong Kong FedEx (FedEx IP, FedEx IE)

Shanghai FedEx

Hong Kong UPS Express 

Jiangsu UPS

Hong Kong TNT Express

Shenzhen EMS

Middle East ARMX express line

SF International Express

Price list of various channels of international express delivery

Note: All prices in this article are for reference only, and the specific price is subject to the product information

Hong Kong DHL International Express Export Price List 

DHL International Express Export Delivery Notes and Surcharges

The above freight does not include DHL fuel surcharge; please refer to the DHL website for fuel surcharge on a monthly basis

DHL international express provides DDU service, which does not include the customs duties of the international or regional destination of the express. The consignee needs to pay the customs duties according to the tariff bill provided by the local DHL before delivering the goods to the door.

Tariff prepayment fee is $21 per invoice, the import tariff is paid by the recipient, but if the recipient refuses to pay the tariff, it will be paid by the sender unconditionally.

Destinations to remote areas need to pay DHL international express remote area surcharge, the standard is $0.57/KG, the minimum charge per ticket is $27.85, remote surcharges need to add fuel

If the length of one side is greater than or equal to 120CM or the weight of a single piece exceeds 70KG, an extra length and overweight handling fee of $52.14/ticket will be charged, and DHL fuel surcharges will be calculated separately

For shipments under the following circumstances, a special handling fee of $104.28/ticket will be charged, plus a fuel surcharge for the current month:

1: Except for the special instructions of the consignor, the goods marked on the outer box with signs/text prompts that cannot be stacked ("Do not stack", "Do not stack / No Stack")

2: The outer packaging (or bare package, etc.) cannot withstand the stacking of other goods, and the shape or shipment on the pallet hinders the safe stacking of the second pallet or other non-pallet shipments.

Address change fee is $12.85/ticket, no need to add fuel fee for the current month

Surcharges for high-risk areas: (applicable to documents + packages) Charge standard: $23.57/ticket, plus fuel for the current month, (country list: Afghanistan, Burundi, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Niger, Syria, South Sudan, Yemen)

Restricted destination surcharge: (only applicable to parcels, documents do not need to be added) Charge standard: $35/ticket, (country list: Central African Republic, Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Liberia, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen)

Note: For countries and regions that are both high-risk and in the list of restricted destinations, such as Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc., the following charges will be adopted: $23.57+fuel surcharge+$35

Billing method

The weight charge is calculated according to the actual weight and the volume weight, whichever is heavier (the calculation method of volume weight is: length X width X height CM/5000=KG).

DHL Express Export Documentation

"Commercial Invoice" in triplicate.

DHL Express does not accept goods and countries for transportation

Hong Kong DHL International Express does not accept the following conditions for shipment: 

1. The billable weight of a single ticket is greater than or equal to 1000KG; 

2. The size of a single piece exceeds 300CM

Iran North Korea Syria Sudan Cuba Tajikistan No service

Hong Kong DHL stops accepting shipments of goods with a chargeable weight of more than 300Kg to the United States: 

1), one ticket for one piece: the chargeable weight exceeds 300Kg; 

2), one ticket for multiple pieces: one or more pieces of chargeable weight exceed 300KG, The whole ticket does not accept shipping

Fedex International Express Export Price List 

Precautions for Fedex

  • Not all regions in all countries have IEF or IPF services, please check with the Hong Kong Federation or our colleagues before shipment.

  • The Hong Kong delivery fee standard is adjusted to 68-200KG, $50/ticket, above 200KG, $0.36/KG, the maximum charge is $214.2/ticket

  • Maximum size limit requirements: the girth cannot exceed 762CM, and the length of a single piece cannot exceed 302CM

  • This quotation is only applicable to oversized pieces that exceed 68KG per piece or over 274CM in length on one side or over 330CM in girth; if you have large items, you can inquire with our salesperson separately;

  • The goods in this channel need to be palletized separately, and the pallet must be at least 10cm (4 inches) above the ground for easy loading and unloading.

  • Delivery to private residences in the US and Canada is $117 plus fuel

Hong kong UPS International Express Export Price List 

Precautions for UPS Express Export in Hong Kong

·Delivery to Shenzhen warehouse

· Additional costs that may be incurred

·Damage, delay, no compensation for partial loss, all loss will be compensated at the declared price of the invoice, and the maximum compensation is 100USD, no freight will be paid, and the claim period will be feedback within 14 days from the date of receipt, and no application will be accepted if it is overdue

·The name of all goods must provide HS CODE

·If any one of the following conditions is exceeded, UPS will refuse to accept

·1.The longest side (length) of any parcel exceeds 270cm.

·2.The sum of the measurements of any package (ie: (width + height) * 2 + length) exceeds 419 cm

·3.The billable weight of any package exceeds 70kg.


Special Note:

1. UPS International Express does not carry packages that exceed the above three conditions, and will be rejected by UPS operators once found. Sending customers are charged this surcharge.

2. If the consigned package exceeds the length and weight limits at the same time, UPS will only charge a surcharge of $50.71 for the package, and will not double-calculate this fee.

Middle East Armex Express Export Price List  

Precautions for ARMX Middle East special line in Hong Kong

·The above is the delivery price in Shenzhen. For delivery in other domestic cities, the goods need to be delivered to our Shenzhen consolidation and transshipment warehouse, and then uniformly delivered to Hong Kong ARAMEX company.

·The chargeable weight is charged according to the actual weight of a single piece compared with the volume weight, and the heavier one is used for calculation. Width X height CM/5000=KG);

·Please note "ARMX special line" for the delivery list and express waybill;

· Hong Kong ARMX Middle East special line does not accept batteries, imitation brand and imitation origin items and contraband; if it is found in HK that there are batteries or no declared value or dangerous goods, the fine is $142.85/ticket

·The weight of a single piece shall not exceed 30KG, the single side length of AE shall not exceed 150*80*80cm, and the single side length of other countries shall not exceed 60*60*60cm; the declared value shall not exceed USD2500;

· Middle East express ARAMEX query and tracking website: https://www.aramex.com/

·Delay, damage, and partial loss will not be compensated, and all losses will be compensated with the declared value of the invoice, and the maximum compensation will be USD 100, and no freight will be paid

·Remote fee $0.57/KG, minimum charge $28.57/ticket

Shenzhen EMS international express export price list 

Precautions for Shenzhen EMS international express delivery

1. Shenzhen EMS tracking query: you can view the tracking through the EMS website (www.11183.com.cn, or www.ems.com.cn)

2. Compensation standard for EMS international express delivery in Shenzhen, China: When the mail is lost or the contents are completely damaged, compensation will be made according to the actual loss ratio, but the maximum per ticket will not exceed 100 USD, and the postage paid by the sender will be refunded. After paying the compensation, if the lost mail is found again, the sender should be notified to return the compensation and collect his mail.

3. Notice on the sign of dangerous goods on the outer packaging of the mail: the outer packaging is marked with flammable liquid (flammable in English), and the word "WD-40" is on the carton. Packaged in gas tanks, it is highly dangerous and is prohibited for delivery. All postal operators are requested to do a good job of gatekeeping to prevent the acceptance and delivery of such mail.

Why use our international express service?

Why use our international express channel instead of directly contacting the international express company to place an order? Many foreign trade export enterprises will have such problems. International express companies are easy to contact, and you can also register an account to ship directly. Why do you have to use an international freight forwarder to send international express? Isn't the price of one more channel higher? Less efficient?

Here are some pros and cons of using our channels versus working directly with international couriers for you:

1. Cost, our international express freight will be much lower than the freight you directly cooperate with international express.

2. Documents, we will assist or do the documents required for international express customs clearance. International courier companies will not provide such services to you, you need a professional document person to prepare these materials.

3. Additional services, we will provide repackaging; resend goods from different places together, or split goods; take photos of goods; check quantity; check quality; label; remove unnecessary information; storage; international express companies do not have such services Serve.

4. Settlement, international express company, you need to pay deposit or cash in advance to arrange delivery for you. Our approach is more flexible and diverse.

5. Channels: Different international express companies have different services and advantages around the world, and the services provided by their branches in different cities in China are also different. For example, there is a big difference between Hong Kong FedEx and Shenzhen FedEx. If you choose to cooperate with an international express company, generally you can only cooperate with your local international express branch, and you are unlikely to cooperate with multiple international express companies, you can only choose one. But we are different, we can provide more than a dozen channels of multiple international express companies for you to choose from. In this way, when you have different needs from different customers, you can provide customers with high-quality services and freight.

6. Timeliness, using our account will take 1-2 days longer to deliver the goods to the international express company, which means that using our channel will be 1-2 days slower than placing an order directly with the international express company.


If you have any needs, please feel free to consult Viputrans Lora Yang E-mail: sales02@viputrans.com




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