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Air cargo from China to UK


Air Cargo Shipping Agent From China to the UK

We provide professional air freight forwarding services from China to the UK. If you have a shipping challenge, we have a solution.


We offer a variety of affordable air cargo options that can be personalized to your shipping needs. Our proactive, dedicated global teams monitor air shipments 24/7 to sure your time-sensitive cargo arrives at its final destination as planned. We offer the following options:


  • *Urgent Air Freight (1-3 days)

  • *Fast & Affordable Air Freight (5-10 days)

  • *Economical Air Freight (10+ days)

  • *Airport to Airport, Door to Door, Door to Airport, Airport to Door

  • *DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) & DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid)

  • *Inland transportation arrangements;

  • *Tracking and tracing

Why China VIPUTRANS Air Shipping

Hassle-Free Service

As your trusted partner, we always submit hassle-free service by seamlessly managing the entire shipping process, from booking, to pick up and delivery, to customs and documentation, and beyond.


On-Time Delivery

Deadlines matter in this business world. Therefore, we only work with the credible and reliable carriers to ensure that your goods are safely delivered on time, in time and every time.


Competitive Prices

Spending years in logistics industry to create long-term contracts with highly reputed carriers; with a large quantity of goods delivered every year… all of these contribute to our competitive prices.

China VIPUTRANS Air Freight is a good option for shipments that you need quickly or are sensitive, and is most economical when shipment loads are between 300 and 500 kilograms.


Unless the air freight quote you request is “all-included”, air freight does not typically include:

  1. *logistics from your factory in China to the airport,

  2. *from your destination airport in the UK to the final shipping point,

  3. *Customs clearance on arrival to the UK


The benefits of air freight  :

  • *speed relative to sea freight

  • *the ability to send sensitive or valuable cargo, with fewer chances of damage

  • *cargo can be delivered anywhere, consolidated, unloaded, and transshipped in ways that air express does not offer


The disadvantages of air freight include:

*Typically has added costs (logistics to/from the airport) and customs fees

*More expensive than sea freight



The airports we can offer direct flights to the United Kingdom include Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Xiamen, Qingdao, Tianjin, and Dalian. For other regional airports, there may only be indirect flights but we would always suggest speaking to our imports team directly as schedules are often changing with new routes coming online.


Depending on the arrangements you have made with your seller/manufacturer in China, it may be the case that your goods need to be collected from their premises (known as an EX-WORKS shipment). Our local partner can arrange collection from anywhere in China and transport it by road to the airport of departure. They will arrange an X-Ray screening prior to loading at the airline and issue the correct export documentation.


Below is a list of example transit times for air delivery from China's main cities to The United Kingdom:

  • *Shenzhen – London Heathrow: 4 days

  • *Shanghai – London Heathrow: 5 days

  • *Xiamen – London Heathrow: 6 days

  • *Zhengzhou – London Heathrow: 7 days

  • *Guangzhou – Glasgow: 7 days

  • *Shanghai – Glasgow or Birmingham: 4 days

  • *Shenzhen – Birmingham: 7 days

  • *Beijing – Manchester: 4 days

  • *Shanghai – Manchester: 5 days

  • *Shenzhen – Manchester: 7 days


Cost of Air Freight from China

Air freight cargo rates from China are subject to constant fluctuation. The key driving factors are space availability, fuel costs, and currency exchange rates. Of these, space availability is by far the most influential factor. During peak season (just before Christmas and just before Chinese New Year) there is more cargo flying from China than the airlines can handle. When demand exceeds supply the airlines can and do increase their rates accordingly. This is where our knowledge of the market comes into play. By holding accounts with every major airline we can continuously monitor rates and space availability in order to provide an option that works for your specific business case.


An example of this was a recent shipment for a customer who urgently required spare parts from a Chinese factory before the Christmas shutdown. The airlines we used for this specific route were demanding a rate that was nearly three times the usual charge and an indirect flight would not have arrived in time. We were able to arrange a direct flight to Paris and then delivery to the southeast of the UK by road – delivering the goods just in time and with a significant cost saving.



Away from peak season, fluctuations are generally less severe, and for most routes, we can offer rates that are valid for up to a month in advance. By constantly monitoring market conditions we can also take advantage of one-off special rates. For example, an airline may plan an extra-large aircraft to carry a particular shipment only to have it canceled leaving an urgent need to sell off the empty space now left on the plane.

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us. 



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