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Door-to-door service from China to Asia


Door-to-door service from China to Asia   

Singapore/Malaysia/India/Indonesia/South Korea/Nepal/Philippines/Sri Lanka


Door-to-door price of sea freight to Singapore

Notes on door-to-door service in Singapore:

1. If the consignee is a company and needs to apply for GST refund, our company will clear customs separately and charge SGD fee.

2. Door-to-door prices in Singapore do not include the Singapore GST 7% consumption tax.

3. The door-to-door fee in Singapore includes door-to-door delivery service. The details are as follows:

            A. The delivery address must have an elevator and the goods can be moved into the elevator manually, except for overweight goods that cannot be moved manually.

            B. Free parking is available in the apartment area or vehicles can enter the community.

            C. A place with enough passages for walking with a stroller.

4. Delivery time: If the waiting time for vehicle delivery to arrive at the consignee's address is too long, the goods will be returned to the warehouse, and additional delivery fees will be charged for secondary delivery.

5. Additional fees will be charged for the delivery of over-length and over-weight goods. The actual charges in Singapore shall prevail. Calculation method of overweight: actual weight/500KG=actual cubic number.

6. Commodity name restriction: Each consignment of goods cannot have more than 50 consignees. If more than 50 consignees are allowed, an additional fee of SGD$10 per product name will be charged.

7. The warehouse is free within three days after the goods arrive in Singapore. If it exceeds three days, it will cost S$10 per cubic meter per day (calculated from the fourth day).

8. If the customer conceals the goods or under-declares the value of the goods and is inspected by the customs, the resulting responsibilities and expenses must be borne by the consignee or consignor.

9. Goods that Singapore’s door-to-door service does not carry: car batteries (containing liquid/sulfuric acid/hydrochloric acid), gambling machines, game consoles, electric motorcycles, cars (entire units), fireworks and firecrackers, explosive and flammable goods, lighters, mobile phones , laptop computers, gold and silver jewelry, sexual medicine, tea, and all goods prohibited from export by national regulations.

10. China-Singapore shipping time

              Guangzhou Consolidation LCL time is 3~7 days.

              Sea shipping from Guangzhou to Singapore takes about 5 days

              Customs clearance in Singapore takes 1~2 days

              It takes 1 to 2 days to unpack and distribute the goods at the Singapore warehouse.

              The goods are shipped in fixed containers every week, and the whole process takes about 10 to 15 days. Except for customs inspection.

Door-to-door price of sea freight to Malaysia

Notes on door-to-door service in Malaysia:

1. If the consignee is a private person, a scan of the ID card is required.

2. If the length/width/height exceeds 5 meters per side or the single piece exceeds 1.5 tons, the fee needs to be confirmed separately.

3. There will be no compensation for damage to the goods. Please pack the goods yourself; if the goods are lost, compensation will be three times the freight of the lost goods.

4. Fragile goods must be packaged in wooden frames/boxes and must provide a fragile guarantee.

5. The Malaysian special line only delivers goods downstairs, not upstairs; if a delivery driver is needed to send goods upstairs or move them into a warehouse, the consignee must negotiate with the driver himself.

6. If the goods are inspected by customs due to the customer under-declaring or under-declaring the value of the goods, the resulting responsibilities and expenses must be borne by the consignor.

7. Guangzhou Consolidation's warehouse free period is 7 days, and if it exceeds 7 days, it will be charged $1 per cubic meter per day.

8. Products not accepted for shipping:

lCounterfeit brands: clothes, shoes, car accessories, bags, electronic products, glass products, large machinery

lCDs with content, refrigerants, air conditioners, electrical appliances, cosmetics,

lCeramic tiles, floor tiles, entire mobile phones, motorcycles, ATVs, electric bicycles, old machines, health care products, tires, wine, medicinal materials, canned abalone, pesticides, knives, game consoles.

lCigarettes Solid steel Hubs (car wheels) Turtle hats (hard hats)

lExplosive and toxic chemicals, oil-burning vehicles, lighters, pornographic or reactionary CDs, rice

9. China-Malaysia shipping time

             The Guangzhou warehouse loads containers every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The shipping time is 3 days after loading. The direct sailing from Huangpu Port to Port Klang takes about 6 days to arrive. The local customs clearance and delivery time in Malaysia is about 3 days.

Door-to-door price of air freight to India

Notes on door-to-door service in India:

1. The weight limit for a single piece is 32KG, the size of one side does not exceed 150cm, and the three sides do not exceed 200cm. Please confirm if it exceeds the limit.

2. Frozen products, medicines, flammable and explosive items, and other contraband items are not accepted

3. The above quotation does not include Indian customs taxes, warehousing fees, etc. For taxed goods, the corresponding service fee in lieu of advance tax will be charged to the recipient;

4. If the goods are required by the customs to be transferred to formal customs clearance, additional customs clearance fees will be incurred. (Formal customs clearance CHA Clearance reference is Rs.4500 and customs warehousing fees will be levied according to the actual situation)

5. China-India shipping time

             Normal delivery time is 3-4 working days in New Delhi and 4-5 working days in other cities, except remote cities.

Door-to-door price of air freight to Indonesia

Notes on door-to-door service in Indonesia:

1. The above quotation includes fuel surcharge; our company will make irregular adjustments according to market conditions; freight is prepaid.

2. The sender shall provide a commercial invoice in triplicate at the time of delivery, otherwise it will be deemed as our agency. Any losses caused by declaration will be borne by the sender.

3. The maximum compensation is 3 times the standard freight. If you have additional requirements, please purchase insurance by yourself or have Ping An Cargo Insurance purchased through our agent. The fee is 6% of the insured amount, with a minimum consumption of $25/ticket.

4. If less than 10KG is less than 0.5KG, the fee will be 0.5KG. If more than 10KG is less than 1KG, the fee will be 1KG. The weight, volume, or actual weight will be charged, whichever is greater. Volume calculation method: length x width x height/6000

5. This quotation does not include remote surcharges, fines, warehousing and return fees and destruction fees caused by the recipient. If the recipient refuses to pay the above fees, they will automatically be paid by the sender (company), and the sender may not use Refusal of payment for any reason.

6. For fragile and easily compressed goods, please pack them yourself. The consignor shall be responsible for any damage.

7. Items that cannot be transported in Indonesia are: mobile phones, liquids, powders, food, fresh food, medicines/health products, flammable and explosive products, corrosive products, optical discs, frozen goods, cross-border e-commerce products, etc. restricted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) items.

Door-to-door price of air freight to South Korea

Notes on door-to-door service in South Korea:

1. For goods within 50KGS, if the recipient is an individual and the product itself does not require certification, it can be cleared through customs normally (with many product names and quantities). Please declare the goods according to the original value. Otherwise, customs inspection and assessment will result in fines and other expenses incurred by the recipient. Pay.

          (1) Electronic and electrical products: products with plugs or that need to use plug cables to work, must provide KC compulsory safety certification during customs clearance. If there are wireless devices such as Bluetooth or infrared, they must provide (radio light wave safety certification) during customs clearance.

          (2) Products that come into direct contact with infants and human bodies must provide safety certification when clearing customs, and samples can be cleared directly. (Such as children's toys, strollers, etc., tableware, kitchen utensils, cooking utensils, etc.)

          (3) The product must have Made in China (you can affix it by yourself). Textile products must be sewn, such as clothing, shoes, etc.; if not, the customs fines incurred will be borne by the recipient or sender. bear;

          (4) Liquids and powders must provide H.S. to confirm export supervision conditions. At the same time, during customs clearance, you must confirm with the recipient whether you are qualified to import this product.

          (5) Korean regulations stipulate that mobile power supplies and pure batteries above 1000 mAh require KC compulsory safety certification when clearing customs in South Korea.

2. Korean door-to-door service accepts dry batteries, lithium batteries, pure batteries, built-in battery products, etc., with no requirements on packaging. Rejected: imitation brands, liquids, food, medicines and other items restricted by international air transport.

3. We accept packaging in wooden boxes and wooden frames (not logs), but do not accept unpackaged goods; there is no limit on the size and weight of a single piece of goods. If the weight of a single piece exceeds 100KGS and the single side size exceeds 200CM, the delivery fee will be $0.5/KG. Minimum purchase $10/ticket.

4. Delivery to areas outside Incheon requires an additional working day. Delivery to remote areas: Jeju-do address must be confirmed separately.

5. If you have additional requirements, please purchase insurance by yourself or have Ping An Cargo Insurance purchased through our agent. The fee is 6% of the insured amount, with a minimum consumption of $25/ticket.

Door-to-door price of air/truck freight to Nepal

Notes on door-to-door service in Nepal:

1. The consignment must be well packaged and insured. If not insured, you will be solely responsible for it.

2. It is not allowed to falsely declare the name of the goods, and it is not allowed to carry dangerous goods or prohibited items in the consignment, otherwise the shipper will be responsible for all losses.

3. For fragile and easily compressed goods, please pack them yourself. The consignor shall be responsible for any damage.

4. Air door-to-door shipping time: 4-5 working days

5. Volumetric weight is length x width x height divided by 6000/CM

6. Transportable products with built-in batteries

7. Compensation: Please package the goods in cartons by yourself. The maximum loss of goods during transportation shall not exceed 2 times the freight. No compensation will be made for other reasons such as delay and damage to the goods.

8. Personal import tariff: If the value of the goods exceeds 1,000$, a 30% customs duty and consumption tax will be charged; if the value of the goods is less than 1,000$, the goods will be imported tax-free. Individuals who use international express delivery such as FedEx should pay attention to filling in the value of the goods when preparing the "commercial invoice" before shipping.

Door-to-door price of sea freight to Philippines

Notes on door-to-door service in Philippines:

1. Cargo specific gravity 1:400kg

2. Flammable, explosive, and toxin items will be rejected. It is strictly prohibited to carry flammable, explosive, toxic, illegal and prohibited items. Otherwise, all consequences will be borne by the owner of the cargo. Some special items are priced separately.

3. Liquids, cosmetics, shower gels, etc. must be placed in trays and treated to prevent leakage

4. Fragile items are specially marked and a fragile sign is posted. The company will not compensate for fragile and perishable items that are damaged or rotted in transit.

5. If the goods transported with insured value are accidentally lost or damaged, our company will compensate according to the insured amount (insurance fee is: goods value * 0.6%). Goods transported without insurance will be compensated at twice the consignment fee.

6. China-Philippines air freight delivery time is 2 days

Door-to-door price of air freight to Sri Lanka

Notes on door-to-door service in Sri Lanka:

1. Volumetric weight calculation: length*width*height/6000

2. The maximum length of the shipment and the weight limit of the single piece: if the length of one side exceeds 120cm or the single piece of goods exceeds 32kg, additional charges will be levied.

3. For example, various expenses (such as the recipient not wanting or refusing to pay customs duties and refusing to cooperate with customs clearance, or the import restrictions of the goods themselves, incomplete customs clearance document procedures, etc.) due to various uncertain factors abroad (such as not limited to this) Return freight, duties, fines, warehousing, handling fees, and other unknown costs not limited to these) will be borne by the sender unconditionally.

4. Lost: Free shipping, and compensation will be based on the declared value of the goods, up to USD100. For valuable goods, it is recommended to purchase insurance.

5. In order to facilitate the smooth customs clearance of goods, a commercial invoice must be provided in triplicate when shipping (fill in the detailed name of the goods in English, not the goods code)

6. Do not accept sensitive goods such as battery products, infringing products, liquids, powders, medicines, etc. Our company will not be responsible if the goods are confiscated by mainland customs or lost due to concealment of export declaration.

7. Since there are many transportation links, please ensure the firmness of the goods themselves and the packaging. Damage to fragile items will be the responsibility of the sender.



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