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China Shipping to Asia/Europe Road Transport


International Road Transport Freight From China Shipping to Asia and Europe

When importing & exporting cargo from China, international road truck transport is a popular mode of transportation for goods moving between China and destinations in Europe and Asia including Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Mongolia, Turkey, and Uzbekistan. it is important to work with a logistics company provider with rich experience in cross-border trucking to ensure the smooth and timely delivery of road transport of your goods.

With 15 years of experience in road transport freight from China to Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Mongolia, Turkey, and Uzbekistan, VIPUTRANS quickly gained wide influence and became the leading road transport logistics company in the market after China joins IRU (International Road Transport Union).VIPUTRANS set up partner offices and exclusive agent offices in China, Russia, Belarus, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan  Mongolia Kazakhstan, etc.

Take International road transport with VIPUTRANS Logistics, your source for all types of truck freight services. When you have shipping needs and need to find a reputable logistics company, we can help. Our powerful logistics database makes trucking easy and safe.

‍We all want to save time and money, but when it comes to logistics, it takes someone with experience to make it happen. At VIPUTRANS Logistics, we have 15 years of logistics experience and our diverse network enables us to tailor a dedicated logistics plan for each client.

Advantages of road transportation China shipping
It is flexible, concise, and convenient, with strong emergency response, fast transportation time, door-to-door road transport of goods, and less strict control over the types of goods.
Disadvantages of road transportation China shipping

High transportation costs, easy to cause cargo damage accidents.

  •   Refrigerate and Temperature Control

  • Flexible full truckload and partial load

  •   Dangerous and hazardous materials Road transportation

  •   Oversize cargo and heavy-lift cargo road transportation

  • ◪   Road transport reduces risks of delay and missing cargo with GPS 24 x 7 tracing system real Time status review.

  • We provide the following land transportation services

Dry van type

53-Foot Trailers(53'x8'6"x8'6")

can store up to 43,000 pounds and 24 pallets

48-Foot Trailers(48'x8'6"x8'6")

can store up to 43,000 pounds and 24 pallets

28-Foot Trailers(48'x8'6"x8'6")

can store up to 22,500 pounds and 14 pallets

  • Dry van trailers can be used for almost all types of freight. Therefore, if you are not shipping hazardous, oversized or perishable goods, a dry van trailer is a good option.

  • During the transit, your freight is secure and protected from bad weather, damage, and theft.

  • Many dry van trucking companies provide regional and short hauls in addition to long hauls, so you have flexibility in scheduling your shipments and choosing routes.

Refrigerated Truck type

28-53-Foot reefer trailers

The load on a reefer truck should never exceed 44,000 pounds.

  • Refrigerated trucks are a perfect fit for food and beverage shippers, as well as for moving flowers and art pieces.

  • Refrigerated trucks can move both temperature-sensitive and “dry” freight, so you can combine different cargo types in one load if needed.

  • You can monitor the temperature inside.

  • Freight is protected from weather conditions, theft, spoilage, and damage.

  • When trailer damage occurs or the cooling system breaks down, your products can be spoiled.

  • It is flexible for the loading and unloading process 

Flatbed type

17m : length 17.5m width 2.6m/2.8m/3m, etc.

The volume does not exceed 100CBM, and the weight does not exceed 30T.

13m: length 13m width 2.35m/2.45m/2.6,m etc.

The volume does not exceed 80CBM, and the weight does not exceed 30T

  • Flatbed trailers are easy to load, and the shipper is not responsible for fixing and securing the load to a platform.

  • If you deliver bulky loads or freight of irregular shapes, the flatbed is the best option for you.

  • There are different types of flatbeds, so you can find the right trailer adjusted to your shipping needs.

  • Transporting oversize cargo loads requires special hauling and maneuvering skills.

The main countries for VIPUTRANS logistics international road transportation 

China shipping Guangzhou Shenzhen Shanghai Yiwu Xiamen Qingdao Shenyang Tianjin cities road transport to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, France, Milan, Italy, etc.

VIPUTRANS takes China shipping to Germany by Truck Transport as an example to show our three different routes from China to Asia/Europe

Route 1:CN-KZ-RU-BY-PL-DE 

Distance/Lead Time (Alashankou-Germany):6400KM / 10 Days

Route Features:

1. Alashankou has a strong export ability and the shortest transit time

2. This is the most commonly used route. There are only 5 transit countries along the route, and it takes about 2 days to leave the country at the port.

3. Trucks in Kazakhstan can drive directly into the EU, avoiding reloading

4. The whole process of loading and unloading is at least about 4 times, but due to political influence, it is necessary to change to a European car in Belarus.



Distance/Lead Time (Alashankou-Germany):8600KM / 18-23 Days

Route Features:

1. Azerbaijan has fewer transit permits, only a few Belarusian and Russian carriers are willing to try

2. The transportation distance is the longest, there are 10 transit countries along the route, and it takes about 2 days for the port to exit the country

3. The freight rate is high. At least 6 times of loading and unloading in the whole process

4. Belarusian/Russian vehicles entering the EU face sanctions and need to be replaced with European trucks in Turkey



Distance/Lead Time (Kashgar-Germany):7500KM / 18-20 Days

Route Features:

1. Containers must be used when leaving the country at the Irkstani port

2. There are 11 transit countries along the route, and it takes about 3 days to leave the country at the port

3. At least 8 times of loading and unloading in the whole process

4. Affected by political factors, it is necessary to flip European cars in Turkey

China Shipping to Asia/Europe Truck Transport Cross-Border Route
The process of road trucking

The goods enter our designated warehouse / our company goes to the factory to pick up the goods
 Loading and transporting to the port
Declaration to China Customs and released by China Customs
Shipping to the importing country
Declaration to the customs of the importing country
Tax payment through the release
Delivery to the place specified by the customer

 It's important to choose a reliable and experienced logistics provider to ensure that your shipment is handled safely and efficiently. Make sure to obtain quotes from different providers and compare their rates and services before making a decision.

VIPUTRANS is not only the service of road freight to Asia/Russia/Europe but also the service of railway/air/sea transportation. 

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