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"One Belt, One Road" leads the export of new energy vehicles from China.


"One Belt, One Road" leads the export of new energy vehicles from China.

"One Belt, One Road" leads the export of new energy vehicles from China.

But in order to realize automobile export, these preparations must be made:

At present, the demand for Chinese new energy vehicles in overseas markets is growing. According to statistics, in the first quarter of this year, China's automobile exports to Central Asian countries amounted to US$500 million, a year-on-year increase of 121%. 

In particular, China's new energy vehicles are favored by the Central Asian people.

According to Horgos Customs statistics, 18,000 new energy vehicles were exported from Xinjiang’s Horgos Port from January to June 2023, a year-on-year increase of 3.9 times. The advantages of the new energy vehicle industry are highlighted and it has become a new highlight of Horgos’ foreign trade exports.

In recent years, under the influence of carbon emission pressure and energy crisis, policy support for new energy vehicles in various countries has continued to strengthen. Relying on the advantages of the industrial chain, China's new energy vehicle exports have shown explosive growth. 

At present, domestically produced cars of Great Wall, Chery, Changan, Yutong and other brands have been exported from the Horgos Railway Port to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries along the “Belt and Road”.

New energy vehicles can be exported by sea or land.

Sea Shipping:

There are two modes of shipping: ro-ro ships and containers. For transporting new energy vehicles and other vehicles, container transportation is convenient, is not restricted by countries and ports, and can reach a wide range of places. 

When only a small number of new energy vehicles need to be transported as samples, it is a good idea to choose the container transportation method. Generally speaking, a 20GP small cabinet can hold 2 vehicles, while a 40HQ can hold 3 vehicles. The specific quantity and size need to be determined according to the vehicle.

Land transportation:

For land transportation, the goods are generally transported by cage trucks, customs declaration at Horgos Port in Xinjiang, and then transfer to the destination.

Generally, only customs declaration documents, certificates of conformity, and export licenses are required for land transport by cage trucks.

Precautions for export of new energy vehicles by sea:

1. New energy vehicles are Category 9 dangerous goods. Dangerous goods cabins need to be booked for sea transportation: you need to prepare a power of attorney for booking, English version of MSDS, UN38.3 identification,

2. Maritime declaration: Chinese MSDS and special maritime supervisors are required to take pictures and supervise the loading when packing.

3. Transport team enters the port: Dangerous goods need to make an entry declaration when entering the port. Generally, the ship will be approved to enter the port 3-5 days in advance.

4. Export customs declaration: The export of second-hand cars requires an export license. Customs declaration documents. certificate, etc.

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