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US Amazon FBA Transport Service


US Amazon FBA Transport Service  

US Amazon FBA

There are more than 200 Amazon warehouses in the United States, which is the largest Amazon in the global market. There are many channels in the service market for FBA first-leg transportation from Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Dalian, China to the United States. Different companies provide FBA first-leg international logistics and warehousing timeliness, channel stability, and freight rates are different. Whether it is goods shipped from factories in Shandong/Qingdao/Hunan/Hubei/Jiangsu/Guangdong Province/Fujian to Amazon, or foreign Amazon sellers who purchase in China are using our services.

US FBA air freight (including customs clearance price) 

Shipping Notes

Due to the US trade protection against China, there are different customs clearance requirements for various products. So for the first delivery, please carefully read the following precautions for the FBA U.S. air freight line:

Double-clearance tax package, including US import duties, consumption tax, etc.

Delivery address: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

Formal customs declaration can be accepted, but the weight of the goods must exceed 300KG, and the customs declaration fee is 500RMB/ticket

The billing starts from 10KG for a single box of goods, and the charge is 10KG for less than 10KG

The above quotations with oil, head-to-door local door-to-door UPS delivery service. But not including high-value products, such as mobile phones, tablets, watches, instrument products, etc.; (separate consultation)

The calculation method of the weight of the goods: length cm X width cm X height cm /6000, actual weight and volume weight whichever is greater.

The FBA head-to-head U.S. air freight double-clearance and tax-included line service is limited to the 48 continental states of the United States, mailbox BOX, military addresses, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and islands are not accepted.

Possible costs of FBA air freight

The remote fee is $0.29/kg, the minimum consumption is $28.6, and the notice is valid within three months. Remote areas are subject to postcode inquiries on the UPS official website, please inquire by yourself. Some Amazon FBA warehouses may have remote charges, but most do not.

The actual weight of a single piece exceeds 30KG and is less than 68KG; the longest side exceeds 120CM or the second longest side exceeds 75CM (but the longest side cannot exceed 170cm); irregular goods or goods packed in non-carton boxes. If any of the above conditions are met, an additional $11.5/piece will be charged, and this fee will not be superimposed.

If the girth exceeds 330CM and is less than 419CM, the minimum billable weight is 40KG/piece, and an additional $70/piece is required.

An additional $0.15/KG is charged for non-Amazon addresses; an additional $3.6/piece is charged for residential addresses.

Correcting the address or detaining the package requires $14.29/piece, and we do not promise 100% success. If there is such a problem, our company will not be responsible for any compensation.

All textiles, leather products, luggage products, footwear, car interior decorations, household props (excluding controlled knives), glass products, an additional $0.29/KG; magnetic products (including packaging containing magnetism), an additional $0.29/KG KG (minimum consumption $70); first jewelry is subject to an additional $0.43/KG. (There are two additional products that need to be charged in one shipment, and the fees need to be superimposed)

US FBA air packaging requirements

The FBA US air freight line needs to have a "MADE IN CHINA" label on the outside of each box. If it is not posted, the US customs may hold it, resulting in additional costs and delays in delivery.

For goods sent to Amazon, please affix the warehousing FBA label stickers by yourself. Each outer box must be pasted with more than 2 qualified FBA label stickers (must meet the barcode font clear, moisture-proof and wear-resistant), if the FBA label cannot be used The consequences of failure to deliver to the Amazon warehouse due to identification will be borne by the sender!

In order to facilitate customs clearance, please affix the label "made in china" on each product and the outer box.

Refuse to accept irregular, too soft and easily deformed packages, because there are many transit links, please try to use good quality cartons!

For fragile products, only the original packaging is accepted for shipment, and if any packaging is found to be changed, we will not accept it!!!


Rejected Product Catalog

Imitation brands, liquids, powders, food, medicines, flammable and explosive materials, antiques, currency, and items prohibited by the state for export and airlines.

Personal items, mobile power, mobile phones, electronic cigarettes, SD card/SD interface related products/memory card/HDMI interface related products/Bluetooth related products/APPLE/ANDROID and other related products, health care products (male and female sex products), regulation Knives, watches, glasses (except swimming goggles), cosmetics, toner cartridges, ink cartridges, thermometers, thermometers, safety hammers, trolleys, steel nails, wood products, stationery paper (notepads, diaries), folding metal tables and chairs, car tires Products, trekking poles, pencils, woven electric blankets, baby products, beauty devices, phototherapy devices, alcohol cotton, desiccant, medical products/food/tableware/baby products

U.S. anti-dumping products

Compensation standard

If the goods are lost during the transportation of the FBA head-to-head U.S. air freight double-clearance tax-included line, the compensation will be $5.8/KG, and the freight will not be refunded. The non-refundable freight that is lost after being picked up by UPS will be compensated according to the declared value (up to 100USD/ticket). In particular, the following situations will not be accepted for compensation:

In case of infringement, our company does not assume any responsibility and reserves the right to pursue the sender for compensation for the loss of our company;

If the goods are not declared according to the actual value, infringement of intellectual property rights, local import prohibition and other reasons, the customs detains the goods, this situation is not within the scope of compensation, and our company only assists the sender to provide customs clearance documents;

Compensation will not be accepted due to quality problems of the customer's goods and specific certification issues involved;

In case of war, natural disasters and other force majeure factors, except for the damage or loss of the goods, no compensation will be accepted;

In the course of transportation, if there is a delay in the overall time limit caused by flight delays/customs clearance delays, no compensation will be accepted.

Compensation will not be accepted for lack of product quantity or damage.

Fragile products do not accept any damage compensation. Once the goods are delivered, the rules of this clause will be defaulted.

US FBA Sea freight (including customs clearance price)

US FBA sea LCL Remarks

This U.S. FBA LCL price is not applicable to goods with Chinese customs declaration documents or U.S. importers

Port of departure: Shenzhen, goods from all over the country need to be delivered to the Shenzhen container warehouse

The minimum charge is 2CBM, less than 2 cubic meters will be charged according to 2CBM. If the goods are less, you can choose our other FBA channels

The time limit on the price list is calculated based on the actual ship departure date (ETD). After the goods are delivered to our Shenzhen container warehouse, it is estimated that it will take 7 days for LCL, customs declaration, and space booking.

The proportion of freight shall not exceed 1:300, that is, 1cbm shall not exceed 300kgs, if it exceeds, the charging standard shall be 1CBM=300KG

Prices are for general merchandise only.


Additional fees that may arise from US FBA Sea LCL

Local pick-up fee in China, US port of destination tariff, insurance fee, commodity inspection fee, fumigation fee, customs inspection fee, warehouse value-added service fee, overdue fee and storage fee, etc.;

Excluding the certification declaration fee required for the product to be provided during local customs clearance in the United States, such as: FDA/FCC/Lacey Act. declaration fee USD50/SET;

l In case of inspection by the US customs, our company will show the inspection documents of the customs;

l During the transportation process, if the Amazon warehouse fails to receive the goods in time, which leads to the inability to deliver on time and the need for a second appointment for delivery, other additional expenses incurred due to reimbursement shall be borne by the customer;

l In order to ensure the timeliness, the US FBA head sea freight should be paid within 10 days after the goods leave the Shenzhen port. If the payment is not timely, the additional warehouse rent, container rent and other expenses at the destination port should be borne by the customer;

l There is a 7-day rent-free period for domestic warehouses in Shenzhen, China, and $0.8/DAY/CBM for more than 7 days. The standard charge for domestic warehouses is: $0.29/PCS for FBA labels, $4.29/BOX for box replacement, and "Made in China" labels $0.15/PCS, domestic unpalletization fee $14.5/pallet, if it is a wooden box $22/pc

l Standard charges for foreign warehouses: H/C $36/BILL, re-unloading and boarding fees: $22/PALLET, FBA labeling $0.8/PCS; foreign warehouses have no warehouse-free period, and warehouse rental fees are $26/WEEK/CBM (less than one week billed per week);

l For the goods that have entered our company's warehouse in China and need to be returned, the return fee is $20/RT.


United States FBA Sea LCL packaging requirements

The length, width and height of the outer box of the product shall not exceed 63.5CM at the same time or the size of one side shall not exceed 102CM; each order only accepts a corresponding shipment ID, and different shipment IDs need to be ordered separately;

FBA LABEL should be pasted on two adjacent sides. Note that the two adjacent sides cannot be pasted on the top/bottom of the box. Due to the non-standard label posted by the customer, the customer is responsible for the small number of items scanned into the warehouse by Amazon; the words "Made in China" must be posted on each product and the sales unit of each product, otherwise it will be Refused entry by US Customs.


Products Restricted to Shipping by Sea

A. Do not accept the following goods: imitation brands, liquids, powders, food, medicines, inflammable and explosive materials, antiques, currency and other items that are prohibited from export by countries and prohibited by airlines;

B. Non-receiving pens, controlled knives, adult products, auto parts, etc.


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