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China International Air Freight Services


China International Air Freight Services


International air freight is from China to the world. As an overseas buyer or consignee, how can you get a rough international air freight quote? How to choose the China International Air Freight Forwarding Company to use? Which international airline service should I choose? The following is a detailed introduction to the detailed process of international air cargo export. Through this detailed introduction, you can fully understand the detailed work/documents and precautions for each link of international air transport from China, avoid cooperation with dishonest companies, and be able to Get cheap air freight prices and punctual and efficient flights.


1. Goods details: product name, number of pieces, volume, weight;

2. Which country (which airport) does China transport to?

3. Trade terms: FOB EXW CIF FCA

4. Service requirements: airport to airport, airport to door,

5. The routes served by the air freight forwarding company, the ability to cooperate with airlines, and other additional services (air freight forwarding personal business capabilities, integrity, and timeliness);

6. Air freight quotation;

7. Air freight; billing method, how to calculate, including those fees,

8. Booking;

9. Freight forwarder arranges shipment

9. Air freight tracking inquiry;

10. Customs clearance, tax payment and delivery


Air cargo details

To transport air cargo from China, you must first understand and master the detailed information of the cargo, including the product name/size/weight/number of pieces. Only with this detailed information provided to the airline can you confirm the corresponding air freight quotation. Another important reason is to confirm Whether the airline can accept the carriage of this cargo. This is the first step from China International Air Transport to your local airport. For detailed information, you can ask your supplier in China to provide you with a "packing list". The packing list contains detailed information, including the customs code of the goods.

Product Name of the Goods Goods exported by air cargo from China are divided into the following categories:

1. General cargo air transportation: furniture/home appliances/mobile phones and their accessories/clothes, bags and shoes/computers/office supplies/outdoor supplies/auto accessories/books/toys and musical instruments, etc.;

2. Goods prohibited to be transported by air: International air cargo must be transported by air in accordance with the "Civil Aviation Cargo Transport Regulations". Generally, it refers to goods that pose a safety threat to the aircraft or are harmful to the human body during flight, such as flammable and explosive goods. Products; the other is goods prohibited from transportation by international laws and regulations;

3. Restricted air transport goods: Most of these goods pose potential risks to the aircraft and require some inspections and certificates from corresponding professional institutions before they can be airlifted from China. The most common ones in daily import and export air transportation are: pure battery products: mobile phone batteries/power banks/power banks; products with batteries: solar street lights/electric bicycles; cosmetics: facial masks; chemicals: thermos cups (including gel); fruits Vegetables: apple/grapefruit, etc.


Which countries have air freight services from China?

Basically, international air transport services can be provided from China to all countries and regions in the world. Judging from China's official statistics on air freight exports, international air freight routes from China to various countries around the world are mainly divided into:

1. Air freight from China to the United States

2. Air freight from China to Central and South America

3. Air freight from China to Europe

4. Air freight from China to Australia

5. Air freight from China to Southeast Asian countries

6. Air freight from China to the Middle East

7. Air freight from China to Africa

8. Air freight from China to Russia

9. Air freight from China to five Central Asian countries

1.Air freight from China to the United States

Air freight from Shanghai/Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Hong Kong/Chongqing to Los Angeles Airport. Los Angeles Airport, located in the western United States, is one of the most important cargo airports in the United States. The logistics truck distribution services around it are developed. After the goods arrive at this airport, they can be delivered by local trucks at a low cost. To anywhere in the United States.

The main air cargo airports in the eastern United States are New York/Houston/Washington/Newark/Hawaii/Chicago/Miami. Compared with China, there are far fewer flights to Los Angeles in the western United States, and there are also fewer air cargo planes. Most of them are passenger and cargo planes. some goods passed.

Although New York and Miami are the largest ports in the eastern United States, the largest airport in the eastern United States is Chicago (O'Hare Airport). Many goods transported by air from China to the United States fly directly to Chicago (O'Hare Airport) first. The airport then transfers it to other eastern airports through local customs supervision trucks, which generally only takes 1 to 3 days, and the timeliness can be guaranteed.

2. Air freight from China to Central and South America

Air freight from China to Central and South American countries including Mexico; Central America: Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama;

South America: Countries include Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Guyana, French Guiana, and the Falkland Islands. 

The trade volume between Central and South America and China is much smaller than that of the United States. Most of the air cargo airports in Central and South American countries are mainly used to transport customers, supplemented by transporting goods. Moreover, most of the trade between Central and South America is related to the United States, and international air cargo is transported from China. Flights to Central and South America basically need to fly to the United States, and then transfer from the United States to other countries in Central and South America.

Which airline has the cheapest air freight to Central and South America? It is undoubtedly UPS Airlines of the United States. UPS Airlines’ air freight from mainland airports such as Shanghai Pudong International Airport or from China’s Hong Kong Airport to South America is the cheapest among all airlines. of.

The most expensive airlines from China to Central and South America are Air France and Lufthansa. These two airlines fly from European countries to Central and South America and are high-end air transport services.

3. Air freight from China to Europe

Air freight from China accounts for a relatively large proportion of cargo transportation to Europe. Air freight services to Europe include services to the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Monaco, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Iceland. , Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain, Portugal.

Both small and large airports in China provide direct air transport services to Europe. For example, Chengdu Shuangqing International Airport Air China provides direct flights to: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Moscow, Prague, Flights from 9 airports: Madrid, Vienna and Sochi.

4. Air freight from China to Australia

Air freight from China to Australia includes Australia, New Zealand and some island countries in the Pacific. Australia’s main international airports are: Adelaide/Brisbane/Canberra/Cairns/Gold Coast/Melbourne/Sydney.

Most of the products shipped from China to Australia by air are high-tech electronic products, such as power bank vending machines, mobile phone accessories, etc.

Air freight from China to New Zealand mainly includes air freight from Guangzhou to Auckland; air freight from Shanghai to Auckland. Christchurch is an important city in New Zealand. There is currently no direct service for flights from China. Most of them are transported by truck from Auckland.

5. Air freight from China to Southeast Asian countries

Air freight from China to Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam/Singapore/Malaysia/Cambodia/Laos/Indonesia/Philippines/Thailand.

The economy in Southeast Asia has developed very rapidly in recent years. For example, Vietnam and Cambodia, two countries that have been relocated by China's low-end manufacturing industry, have experienced annual economic growth of more than 10%. Based on market demand, China Southern Airlines has increased air freight services from Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport to Ho Chi Minh International Airport to meet the growing demand for air freight between the two countries.

6. Air freight from China to the Middle East

Middle Eastern countries Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen and Cyprus, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco have good relations with China. It is rich in oil and mainly exports oil to the United States/Europe/China. Most of the goods shipped from China to China are daily necessities "Made in China".

China’s air cargo to the Middle East is worth mentioning that Emirates/Turkish Airlines, two cargo airlines, occupy a pivotal position in international air cargo transportation. The international air cargo from China to the Middle East, Africa, and Central and South America exceeds 50% of the cargo is flown out through the services of these two airlines.

7. Air freight from China to Africa

The goods shipped by air from China to Africa are mainly electromechanical equipment. There are many African countries, and many of them are very far away from shipping ports. For example, Zimbabwe/Zambia shipping needs to be shipped from Durban Port in South Africa, and the shipping time takes 2 to 3 months. Or even longer. Generally, the total sea freight cost for a small amount of goods is not much cheaper than air freight, so many goods exported from China to African landlocked countries prefer international air freight.

Using Brussels Airlines from China to West Africa, you can fly directly from Hong Kong International Airport to Abidjan in Côte d'Ivoire/Banjul in the Gambia/Bujumbura in Burundi/Cotonou in Benin/Conakry/Dakar/ Douala/Entebe/Kinshasa/Freetown/Kigali/Luanda/Lome/Monrovia/Nairobi/Ouagadougou, you can get the cheapest air freight price and the best air freight service 

8. Air freight from China to Russia

The proportion of Russians shopping online in China is increasing year by year. Basically, many items in Russia are imported, so the purchase volume from China is very large. Many cities in China have opened air transport routes to Russia, mainly Shenzhen/Zhengzhou. /Xi'an/Shanghai/Beijing/Chengdu/Guangzhou/Harbin, etc. The goods are mainly transported to Sheremetyevo International Airport in Russia.

9. Air freight from China to five Central Asian countries

The five Central Asian countries include Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. They are important countries on China’s “New Silk Road.” In recent years, China has successively opened international air routes to these countries, which has greatly It supports the development of the country’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative.


Air freight trade terms

Trade terms are also the main factor that determines air freight. Air freight is not only the airline's freight, but also includes some local charges in China, such as delivery fees from the factory to the warehouse, warehousing fees, export customs declaration fees, document fees, Booking fees, fuel surcharges, commodity inspection fees, chemical product inspection fees, etc. It is necessary to confirm detailed trade terms with suppliers.

When purchasing goods from China, factories will generally give you prices in two of the following terms: FOB and EXW.

Under FOB terms, you only need to pay the China air freight to the freight forwarder;

Under the EXW terms, it refers to the ex-factory price. The supplier is generally only responsible for providing the goods. All the factory and costs from the factory to the destination airport have to be paid by you. A very critical thing under this trade terms is whether the factory Able to provide complete export declaration information. If you can provide complete export declaration information, you can export it by air from China normally; if the factory cannot provide it, you need to confirm with your own freight forwarding company whether to purchase the export declaration information and declare it to China Customs.

The difference between FOB and EXW is that the former only needs to pay air freight, while the latter needs to pay local fees in addition to air freight.

There is also a situation where foreign buyers shop online on Taobao and JD.com in China. This situation is also different from the two trade terms above. It is recommended to confirm the cost with your own Chinese air freight forwarder before placing an order.

Air freight service needs

Make it clear what kind of air freight service you need and tell the air freight forwarder to get an online air freight quote more quickly. Air freight needs can be summarized into the following types:

Airport to airport

Air express door to door

door to airport

Airport to door

Routes served by air freight forwarders

After you have the following air cargo information, you will start to choose which China international air freight forwarding company to consult about China air freight rates. This is very important for your long-term career. The role of China International Air Freight Forwarding is to help you choose the appropriate export airport, airline, and route, and provide you with the accurate China air freight services you need. Viputrans is your most trustworthy choice.

Air freight quotation

The forms of empty quotations for China international air freight forwarders generally include:

WeChat/Skype/QQ/Whatsapp online quotation for you;

Online self-service quote inquiry, some companies provide online China air freight inquiry system, register as their members to get online inquiry to this week's air freight prices and corresponding airlines;

You can get a formal air freight quotation through email. As the most traditional and formal communication tool for international trade, email is the most traditional and formal communication tool for international trade. After you get a verbal air freight quotation, you are ready to entrust a freight forwarder to transport the goods. The most important thing is to ask them to provide a formal email quotation.

Air freight charging method

The freight for international air freight is settled based on each kilogram of goods. For example, the air freight from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Sydney Airport in Australia is 30 yuan per kilogram. The total weight of the goods is 100 kg, then the total air freight is equal to: RMB 30/kg * 100 kg = RMB 3,000.

International aviation regulations stipulate the volumetric weight of air cargo: 1 cubic meter = 167 kilograms. Airlines charge air freight based on the volumetric weight and the actual gross weight. Whichever of the two weights is larger will be used to charge freight.

Air freight depends on different weights, different airlines, different cargo volume and weight ratios, cargo packaging conditions, etc. will all affect the level of air freight.

Air freight booking

After confirming the air freight quotation, the next step is to entrust the freight forwarding company to book space for air cargo transportation with the airline, and book the flight when it will take off. The order is to book space three days before the goods are completed, such as your goods. The time when factory production can be picked up is December 25, 2023, and you have to book flights after December 28, 2023. During the peak season, it is best to make a reservation one week in advance to ensure that there is space.

Air freight booking information includes: details of the consignor and consignee / departure airport / destination airport / product name / number of pieces / weight / volume / air freight price per kilogram / airline.

Freight forwarder arranges air shipment

After the air freight booking is completed, the next work is left to the professional air freight forwarding company. They will get in touch with your supplier and give them the airline's warehousing paper according to the trade notification with different terms, which is equivalent to the air ticket. , the supplier delivers the goods to the warehouse according to the air freight entry paper at the specified time. At the same time, the freight forwarder communicates and negotiates with the supplier to handle the export customs declaration procedures, and checks the air waybill information with the consignee. After all these tasks are completed, the next step is to wait for the airline to arrange the flight to the destination airport. After the goods arrive, the consignee will receive an arrival notification from the airport, and then go to customs to pick up the goods.


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