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China door to door shipping service


China door to door shipping service


Door-to-door transportation service refers to picking up the goods from the shipper's designated receiving location (warehouse/factory warehouse/residential/industrial and commercial address), and delivering the goods to the shipper's designated delivery location (warehouse/factory warehouse/residential address) / business address)


Viputrans Provide door-to-door services from China to Europe and Asia, the countries involved are Russia, Belarus, Germany, Poland, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Turkey, Mongolia, etc.


Door-to-door transportation offers a variety of options: sea, air, express, railtruck

Express door to door service transport time is about 5- 7 days

Air door to door service transport time is about 5- 7 days

Sea door to door service transport time is about 35-45 days

Rail door to door service transport time is about 30-35 days

Truck door to door service transport time is about 25-30 days


Why choose door to door service?

Save time and energy:

You only need to pay the fee to the supplier, provide the supplier's information to Viputrans, and we will communicate all the details with the supplier. You don't need to worry about delivery, transportation, delivery and other issues.

No need to think about customs clearance:

The import and export of goods requires many documents and customs approval. With the help of Viputrans, your goods can pass through Chinese customs and the customs of your country smoothly.

The risk of loss of goods in transit is guaranteed:

There is a risk of loss during the transportation of goods. Viputrans will purchase insurance for you during transportation and ensure that your goods will be delivered to you in good condition.

Door-to-door shipping process:


Viputrans will pick up the shipment from the address you specify.


If necessary, Viputrans can change the packaging or label according to your needs

Customs clearance

Complete the export declaration of your goods in China


Ship your goods by air/rail/sea/truck

Customs clearance

Complete customs clearance of goods in the destination country


Ship the goods to the specified destination address, such as your home or business address

Which goods are recommended to use air door-to-door service?

High value goods, where transport costs are low compared to the value of the product.

Time-critical shipments where alternative transport methods cannot guarantee the appropriate delivery time, such as spare parts for the automotive industry.

Transport of valuable items where sea or land transport is riskier.

Medical supplies 

Other relatively large goods or goods in no hurry can choose rail/sea or truck door-to-door service to transport, although the transport time is longer, but the transport cost is low.

If you are not sure which door to door service you should choose for your goods, please contact us and we will give you the most suitable plan according to your goods.

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