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The matters needing attention of international logistics to Denmark

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
Denmark is located in northern Europe, here has a very ancient European construction group, humanities and natural scenery is very beautiful. Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales are born in this, here with every one of us is eager for a world of fairy tales as a child. In our country every year there are many international students study and life here. Denmark's social welfare is perfect, the price is very low here and per capita income level is very high. The Danish group has become the world's most happiness, so also is the first choice for many immigrants. To prepare to Denmark permanent friends, Danish customs of international logistics to Denmark's personal belongings have what kind of regulation? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of small make up for everyone to do a rough analysis. Customs clearance required documents passport visa copy of the bill of lading detailed list (English If there is need to take drinks is words, detailed list of brands, alcohol percentage, number, volume) Tax clearance requirements before the goods to the port, the shipper must be registered for the residents in the shipper within 12 month after registration, can undertake private logistics tax-free items must be the owner for personal use and have been used for at least six months living in Denmark or outside the eu countries Denmark at least a year if you want to immigration, understand customs policies are necessary. Held 28 member states immigrant visa, green card or long-term visa issued by the customer, can be in the original residence have and use more than 1 year, personal belongings and personal property from any eu member states duty-free entry port, after the customs clearance can be delivered throughout all the territory of the eu member states. If you can meet the requirements of tax clearance, must take some more commonly used items. Denmark is most suited to logistics to bring items: clothing, shoes, books, furniture, electric cars, upright piano, acoustics, bed is tasted, their own car, bed and mattress, take these you can enjoy the Danish meimei's life logistics process: 1, consultation about your personal belongings to transport any doubts will fully answer here. You only need to tell us the roughly the volume to check items, such as the port of destination, estimated time of shipment information, you can get a detailed quotation. If yes & other; Door to door & throughout; Transportation, but also need to offer the exact destination address in English. In addition, if you can't judge your goods volume, we can arrange free professional on-site assessment, to estimate the volume for you, transportation planning, and the site in question. 2, entrust to site and inform us the pickup time, the various files needed to fill out a power of attorney and provide customs declaration. According to your situation and needs, we will assign a customer service commissioner, responsible to follow up and handle all matters about the packing, shipping and customs clearance on the arrangement. 3, professional packing: has the rich experience in the packaging of employees will arrive on time you specify packaging location, and pack the goods according to your request. Packing staff will according to all kinds of shape and volume of the object, using the appropriate packaging materials and methods, to provide the most proper and safe packing. After being finished packing, service commissioner will be drawn up a list of packaging, stating the number and the names of the objects contained in the box. 4. Business operations, Customs declaration, inspection declaration, tank, arranging shipment, etc. ) Port of shipment usually takes 3 - operation Five working days, such as goods for wooden packaging must do fumigation processing, operating time will increase accordingly, please according to the actual circumstances of the checked items in advance consultation and shall execute the entrusted transport matters. We will according to your business operations and the corresponding specification and process in time for you to handle the customs declaration, inspection declaration, the way the sea/air port operations, arrange the shipping or air, the issuance of the transport documents and other related work. 5, the destination port customs clearance delivery: the goods to the port of destination, we have a small local branch or agent will contact you, and help you to customs clearance, door to door delivery. VIPU international Supply Chain based on its business in international shipping, air transport industry advantage, to develop international import and export of private goods into a tailored professional service for the customer, we will based on the characteristics of your personal belongings, to develop the best transportation operation process for you. We can provide customized packaging transportation, door to door pickup, inland transportation, warehousing, customs clearance, make out documents, foreign to door delivery. No matter where you are, can feel VIPU Supply Chain international intimate service!
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