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Railway service from China to Tashkent Uzbekistan


Transport Service from China to Tashkent Uzbekistan

We can provide door-to-door railway transportation and a range of services, including LCL, FCL, and chartering, thanks to our team of professional railway transport personnel. Currently, we handle import and export products in 22 major categories, such as auto parts, machinery, electronics, instruments, textiles, transportation equipment, and animal/plant products.  

When is airfreight the best shipping from China to Uzbekistan?

There are various methods of freight forwarding, with one being airfreight. Despite the perception of it being expensive, airfreight offers several advantages such as flexible delivery times, easy tracking, high speed, and lower insurance costs. These benefits should be weighed against the initial cost.  

If you are considering using this method for shipping from China to Uzbekistan, it's important to be aware of the specific conditions that apply. These conditions include:  

  • Goods should not be more than 200 kg 

  • Goods should not be forbidden by air regulation

Airfreight is often a suitable option for small packages due to its cost-effectiveness and widespread recommendation by freight forwarders:

  • Classic (it usually takes 3 to 5 days)

  • Express (it usually takes 1 to 3 days)

If you are a businessman or businesswoman considering this route, it's important to be familiar with the Chinese gateways for shipping cargo to Uzbekistan.  

Rail Cargo:
The railway network plays a crucial role in transporting goods between China and Uzbekistan. The China Railway Express (also known as the “New Silk Road” or “Belt and Road” railway) connects several Chinese cities to Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan, which has significantly reduced transportation time and costs compared to traditional sea routes.

Rail cargo is an essential part of transporting goods between China and Uzbekistan. The China Railway Express, also known as the "New Silk Road" or "Belt and Road" railway, connects multiple Chinese cities to Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. This has greatly reduced transportation time and costs compared to traditional sea routes, making rail cargo an important aspect of trade between the two countries.

Land Transportation:
Land carriage is commonly used for transporting goods over shorter distances within Central Asia by land. From the border points between China and Uzbekistan, trucks and freight carriers transport cargo to various destinations within Uzbekistan.

Land transportation is an essential means of moving goods within Central Asia. In the case of transporting goods between China and Uzbekistan, trucks and freight carriers are often used to efficiently deliver cargo to its intended destinations within Uzbekistan. This mode of transportation is particularly well-suited for shorter distances and plays a critical role in the region's logistics and supply chain operations.

Air Freight:
This transport mode is a faster but costlier mode of transportation, and it is commonly used for time-sensitive and high-value shipments. Major airports in China, such as those in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, have direct air connections to Tashkent (TAS) and other Uzbek cities (Samarkand (SKD), Bukhara (BHK), Urgench (UGC), Termez (TMJ) and Navoi (NVI)).

Air freight is a popular choice for businesses looking to transport time-sensitive or high-value shipments. Major airports in China, like those in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, have direct air connections to Tashkent and other cities in Uzbekistan. While air freight is faster than other modes of transportation, it is also typically more expensive.

Sea Freight (via Third Countries):
While Uzbekistan is a landlocked country, some shipments from China to Uzbekistan might be transported via sea routes, using ports in neighboring countries such as Kazakhstan or Russia. From these ports, goods are then transported overland to Uzbekistan.

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VIPU Freight platform offers the best options for freight shipping from China to the UAE. You can find competitive freight rates for various shipping methods such as FCL, LCL, air, and intermodal. Additionally, you can compare different routings and instantly book your shipment. This platform provides a convenient and efficient way to manage your freight shipping needs.

The six major advantages of our services

- Space guarantee

Space guarantee refers to a commitment or assurance that a certain amount of space will be available for a specific purpose or use. This could apply to anything from event venues and rental properties to storage facilities and transportation services. It provides peace of mind for individuals or businesses who need to secure space for their needs.

- Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing refers to the practice of setting prices for products or services that are in line with or slightly lower than those of competitors. This strategy is used to attract customers and gain a larger market share. By offering competitive pricing, businesses can position themselves as a more attractive option for consumers who are looking for value for their money. It is essential for businesses to carefully consider their pricing strategy in order to remain competitive in the market.

- Full multimodal transport via sea, air, and rail

Full multimodal transport allows for the seamless movement of goods using a combination of sea, air, and rail transport. This integrated approach offers the flexibility to choose the most efficient and cost-effective modes of transport for each leg of the journey. By utilizing multiple modes of transport, businesses can optimize their supply chain and ensure timely delivery of their products to their intended destinations. This comprehensive approach to logistics is essential for global trade and allows for greater connectivity and accessibility to different markets around the world.

- Quick and convenient customs brokerage

Customs brokerage is a service that helps facilitate the import and export of goods by handling all the necessary documentation and clearance through customs. It provides quick and convenient clearance of goods, saving time and hassle for businesses involved in international trade. By outsourcing the customs clearance process to a brokerage firm, businesses can focus on their core operations while ensuring compliance with all regulations and requirements. This can be especially beneficial for companies that frequently import or export goods, as it streamlines the customs clearance process and ensures a smooth and efficient supply chain.

- Full-process visual cargo safety supervision

Full-process visual cargo safety supervision involves monitoring and inspecting the entire cargo handling process to ensure that all safety protocols are being followed. This includes visually inspecting the loading and unloading of cargo, checking for proper equipment usage, and ensuring that all safety measures are in place to prevent accidents or damage to the cargo. It's a comprehensive approach to ensuring the safe handling of goods throughout the entire transportation process.

- Owned networks and agencies throughout Europe (Central Asia, Russia, and Belarus)

Owned networks and agencies throughout Europe, Central Asia, Russia, and Belarus demonstrate a strong presence and influence in these regions. This level of ownership and control allows for a strategic and coordinated approach to operations and business activities in these areas. It also signifies a commitment to establishing and maintaining a significant presence in these markets.

Service points

- China

Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Yiwu, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an, Changsha, Nanjing, Suzhou, Tianjin, Ganzhou, Nanchang, Changchun, Shenyang and Harbin

- Overseas

Moscow (Russia), Novosibirsk (Russia), Yekaterinburg (Russia), Vladivostok (Russia) and St. Petersburg (Russia)

Minsk (Belarus) and Brest (Belarus)

Malaszewicze (Poland), Poznan (Poland), Warsaw (Poland) and Lodz (Poland)

Hamburg (Germany), Duisburg (Germany), Nuremberg (Germany) and Munich (Germany)

Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary), Tilburg (Netherlands), Ghent (Netherlands), Liège (Belgium), Milan (Italy), Lyon (France) and Paris (France); London (UK), Madrid (Spain), Gothenburg (Sweden) and Copenhagen (Denmark), etc.

Others: Baku (Azerbaijan), Almaty (Kazakhstan), and Tashkent (Uzbekistan)


VIPU offers full freight forwarding services upon the arrangement of railway transport.

The freight forwarding by rail offered by VIPU includes the following activities:

· Railway transport on the territories of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States, China and CIS countries

· Commercial lease of special-purpose railcars and railway containers

· Commercial lease of railway platforms for oversized shipments

· Loading operations in railway terminals and ports

· Terminal handling of cargoes

· Preparation of cargo documents

· Preparation and arrangement of the transportation of project and oversized shipments on special 80´and 60´ rail platforms


VIPU is mainly involved in the arrangement of transportation of the following products:

· oversize and project shipments (equipment and machinery)

· containers (20ft and 40ft shippers own and railway containers)

· timber products (sawlogs and pulpwood, saw timber, plywood, hard- and chipboard)

· liquid fuels (gasoline, petroleum, oil products, etc.)

· alcohol

· new and second-hand vehicles

· building materials

· pulp and paper products

· foodstuff

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