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Overview of China-Russia freight cooperation


Overview of China-Russia freight cooperation


China and Russia are geographically adjacent to each other, withthe transportation network interconnection and the attention ofboth governments, china-Russia freight cooperation has formed a stable and efficient transportation channel, making important contributions to the trade logistics and regional economicdevelopment of both sides.

The importance of China-Russia freight cooperation

Promote trade

Promote regional


We will deepen

economic cooperation

China-Russia freight

cooperation is conducive to

Strengthening cross-border

China-Russia freight

enhancing the trade ties

transport will help to

cooperation has provided

between the two countries

improve the regional

support for our economic

and broadening the bilateral

transport infrastructure

cooperation in the fields

exchanges of goods and

and optimize the regional

of energy, agriculture,


logistics network.

products and industrial


Major areas of China-Russia freight transport cooperation

1.Railway bill of lading

The railway network between China and  Russia is connected, which facilitates the transportation of goods.

 2.Highway freight

The two sides have increased the

construction of highway infrastructure and promoted the cooperation on road freight transport.


China and Russia have opened a number of air cargo routes to meet the needs of bilateral trade.

4.Shipping freight

Maritime transport cooperation between the ports of the two countries has supported the two-way flow of goods.

Major challenges of Sino-Russian freight cooperation

Infrastructure gap the two countries have a similar level of infrastructure construction such as railway network and road to determine the gap, we need to further increase investment.

Cross-border coordination difficulty

The two countries have differences in customs, inspection and quarantine management systems.

Cross-border freight is not efficient.

High logistics cost, due to the geographical environment, the logistics cost of some freight routes is high.

It affects the competitiveness of goods.

Insufficient information sharing the two countries still need to make progress in freight information construction and data sharing step by step strengthening.

Policy support for China-Russia freight cooperation

Government coordination

The two governments set up a joint work to provide a mechanism for freight cooperation policy support.

Capital investment

The two countries have increased their investment in railways and public transport investment in infrastructure such as roads degree.

Convenience of customs clearance

Customs and other departments of the two countries continue to improve customs clearance process, improve freight efficiency rate.

Regulatory coordination

The two countries have strengthened the standard system certain, regulatory measures and other aspects 

coordination and mutual recognition.

The importance of China-Russia

freight cooperation

Promote trade exchanges, promote regional

integration, and deepen economic cooperation

Main areas

Railway freight, road freight, air freight, sea freight

Future development direction

Infrastructure upgrading, optimization of systems and mechanisms, information

construction, and innovation of

cooperation models

China and Russia should further strengthen policy coordination, continue to improve

infrastructure, improve freight efficiency and informatization level, and promote the high-quality development of China-Russia freight cooperation.

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