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Freight forwarder service from China to Europe/Asia


Freight forwarder service from China to Europe/Asia

•     VIPUTRANS Founded in Zhuhai, China, 2002, with 20-years experience in cargo forwarding

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Shipping from China to Turkey

Air shipping

The other option for shipping from China to Turkey is airfreight. This method is not as often used as sea freight, primarily due to its high price. After all, it’s the most expensive option out of all the means of transport.


If your articles have a short expiry date (e.g., food, flowers) or need to reach their destination as fast as possible, then airfreight is your best choice. Due to its safety, it’s also often used for transporting luxurious products. To sum up, factor the product’s specification, price, and safety in, and decide if airfreight is a suitable way to transport your cargo.


Main cargo airports in China

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport


Main cargo airports in Turkey

Istanbul Atatürk Airport (ISL)

Ankara Esenboğa Airport (ESB)


Railway shipping

There’s one more method of shipping from China to Turkey worth considering, which is rail freight. Owing to its strategically beneficial location, Turkey has a significant role in the Belt and Road Initiative. It’s become an alternative gateway between Asia and Europe. Its position contributed to prospering of rail freight between this country and China.

Carriage of goods by rail may be a good substitute for the slow sea freight and the costly air transport. Although rail freight’s transit time is longer than by air, it’s also shorter than in the sea transport’s case. In terms of price, this means of transit also ranks second among those discussed. It may be both time-saving and money-saving. Furthermore, like sea freight, it also allows transporting cargo in containers. The last worth taking into account factor is its low impact on environmental degradation.

What are the available rail freight routes between China and Turkey?

· Chengdu – Istanbul

· Lianyungang – Istanbul

· Xi’an – Istanbul

· Xi’an – Izmit

Sea shipping


Sea freight is the most common way to transport goods in international trade. It’s not only the cheapest available option, but it also allows shipping cargo in containers. One of its main advantages is the possibility of delivering nearly every type of product, and therefore, it’s convenient for transporting larger loads or bulk shipments. However, sea freight is the slowest shipping method, so one must consider that when deciding on transport.


When using sea freight, you must choose between FCL and LCL transport. What’s the difference? FCL (Full Container Load) means taking advantage of the total capacity of one container. In such a case, one container is used by only one exporter/importer. This option is usually chosen for larger loads. LCL (Less Container Load) stands for sharing a container with other senders/recipients. It’s used for general cargo, which is more miniature goods. LCL is the right choice for those who organize smaller imports.


Main cargo seaports in China



Main cargo seaports in Turkey


Transporation shipment from China to Russia

Air freight from China to Russia

From China to Russia Shipments sent by air freight, Russia can be handled through 3 main airports. The airports are the 3 busiest airports in Russia for cargo;

Sheremetyevo (SVO) being the largest, then Domodedovo (DME) and then Vnukovo (VKO).


Moscow is also a transit hub for the rest of Russia with dedicated trucking services to most of the country.

Deliver, transit time of cargo can vary from 4 - 8 working days subject to cargo flight departure from the China to Russia airport; if direct flight by air, the transit time is about 1-2 days.

Railway shipping from China to Russia

1. Changsha-Volsino, Moscow: 15 days from station to station, 2-3 shifts per week, stable trains, fast timeliness, and normal operation. It is one of the trains with a longer operating time.


2. Nanjing-Moscow Vorsino/Khorino: direct travel for about 14 days, newly opened trains, departures every Tuesday, the time is very fast, you can go to Hovlino station.


3. Suzhou-Moscow Vorsino: Depart from Suzhou West Railway Station and leave from Erenhot. It will take about 17 days to reach the station.


4. Guangzhou---Moscow Vorsino: about 16 days, from Guangzhou Dalang, mainly to undertake cargo transportation in coastal cities such as Shenzhen, South China, and the timeliness is stable and fast.


5. Chengdu-Moscow Vorsino: 14-16 days after the station arrives, leaving the country by Manzhouli or Alashankou Express Line.


6. Yiwu-Moscow Vorsino/Khorino: 15 days direct, which is more suitable for the transportation of multi-brand and small commodities in East China.


7.Shijiazhuang-Moscow Vorsino: It takes about 16 days to arrive at the station. The train service time is short and the stability is not high. However, the price is relatively favorable, and the export of goods in North China is convenient.

Truck shipping from China to Russia

Any city in China to any city in Russia

Every day truck goes to Russia

Get the goods within 20 days


Ocean freight from China to Russia

At present, most of the routes to Russia by sea can only go to Vladivostok.

Shipping routes are:


Shipping company from China to Uzbekistan

Air Shipping from china to Uzbekistan

The airports in China are as follows:

Shenzhen/Guangzhou /Hong Kong /Shanghai /Beijing /Xiamen 

The airports in Uzbekistan are as follows:



Railway Shipping from china to Uzbekistan

The train will pass through Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Zhongwei, Yinchuan, Urumqi, exit from Horgos via Kazakhstan and finally arrive in Uzbekistan (Andijan), with a total distance of about 7,300 km and a running time of about 13 days, which is about 5 days shorter than before.


Delivery of cargo from China to Uzbekistan by truck

The truck departs regardless of the loading every week

· Warehousing services in major cities of China

· Delivery from door to door

· Loading-unloading services

· Document processing services

· Oversized cargo delivery

· Terms of delivery are given as per transportation

Due to congestions at border pass stations between Kazakhstan and China, delivery of goods are being delayed and transit time in shipments is becoming longer.

Freight forwarder from China to Kazakhstan

Air shipping

Main airlines from China to ALA,GUW,SCO,KGF,etc.

Directly and transit service both included

Railway shipping

Main railway station in China to Almaty,Aktau,Atyrau,Taraz,etc.

Steady schedule and short shipping time   

Truck shipping

Any city in China to any city in Kazakhstan


Departure every day



Shipping service to ashgabat Turkmenistan from China

Air shipping

Main airlines from China to ashgabat(ASB)

Directly and transit service both included

Railway shipping

Route:Yiwu-Gypjak transport time about 17-22 days

Truck shipping

Sea+truck Qingdao-Bandar Abbas-ashgabat

Truck:Any city in China- any city in turkmenistan like ashgabat


Shipping to dushanbe tajikistan

Air shipping

Main airlines from China to tajikistan(DYU,LBD,KQT,TJU)

Directly and transit service both included

Railway shipping

Route:Ningbo-Dushanbe transport time about 17-22 days

Truck shipping

Truck:Any city in China- any city in  tajikistan like dushanbe



We also have air, rail, sea, truck, door-to-door and other transportation services from China to Europe

Air shipping

Main airlines from China to Customs airport in any country in Europe(Like LHR,BRU,LUX,SVO,TXL,FRA,BRN,MAD,FCO etc.)

Directly and transit service both included

Railway shipping

Some shipping routes from China Europe block train:

l China – Lyon (France): 14- 17 days

l China – Brussels (Belgium): 1- 18 days

l China – London (UK): 18-20 days

l China – Warsaw (Poland): 15-17  days

l China – Hamburg (Germany): 15-17 days

l China – Duisburg (Germany): 15-17 days

l China – Moscow (Russia): 16-18 days

l China – Czech (Czech Republic): 15-18 days

l China – Madrid (Spain): 21-24 days

Truck shipping

Truck:Any city in China- any city in Europe

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