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In 2021, China's exports to Germany will total nearly $80 billion, making it the sixth largest market for Chinese exports and a major importer in Europe. 

VIPUTRANS will provide you and your company with the way to import goods from China to Germany by air, sea and rail. If you want to make your logistics more worry-free, then VIPUTRANS is your trusted partner.

The services that VIPUTRANS can provide you include

Door to door delivery (Air/Sea/Railway/Truck ddp service)

China to Germany by air(5-9 days

China to Germany by sea35-45 days

China to Germany by Rail17-22 days))

China to Germany by Truck27-33 days

Door to door service from China to Germany

Mode of transport

Transport time

Minimum chargeable weight



10-15 days


Business and private addresses, or Amazon FBA warehouses.


35-40 days



30-35 days



20-25 days



Item Rules

We don’t accept items that break IP rights. 

We don’t accept illegal and controlled substances and items such as drugs, cigaretes, alcohol and arms.

Packaging and SCU labels must have “Made in China” marks and on the outer carton. 

Outer packaging/cartons must be sturdy and new and not have misleading labels or info.

Outer cartons should be sealed with clear tape, not coloured tapes.

The maximum length should be 120cm at the longest side and 75cm at the second longest side. Maximum size in CM: (Width + Height)*2 + Length<300.


Amazon FBA Items Requirements

Each item needs to have a unique FNSKU label.

Two Amazon shipment labels must be attached to each outer carton, one on the front and one on the back.using clear tape or stickers.

Final Delivery

Door to door delivery.

By UPS or DHL.

Air Freight from China to Germany

If time is of the essence, then air freight is the fastest option for your shipment. But note that it's also the most expensive for shipping costs.


Actual and volumetric weight

The cost of air freight from China is calculated by first determining the actual and volumetric weight of the goods. The airline will take the greater of the two weights to calculate the billable weight.


Actual weight  

Actual weight is calculated in the same way as air express. Actual weight, also known as gross weight, is the total weight of the cargo.


Volume and weight  

1)LWH/6000: Volumetric weight formula:Multiply the first by the carton size and divide by 6,000


2)CBM*167: Volumetric weight formula:Another way to calculate is to multiply the total cubic volume by 167

Ocean Freight From China to Germany

Ocean freight involves container transportation, and importers can choose to import in containers leased (FCL) or shared container space (LCL) with others.

Here are a few things to consider when you're choosing between LCL and FCL:


Do you agree that your shipment will share a container with other shipments from other companies?

If your order is more than 6 pallets, you should compare the price of FCL and LCL as it may be more cost effective to get a full container even if it cannot be fully filled.

FCL shipping time will be a bit faster.

LCL is suitable for small quantities of goods and when air freight is too expensive.

Rail Freight from China to Germany

Departure train station

Hefei / Yiwu West Railway Station / Xi'an / Chengdu / Changsha / Wuhan / Chongqing / Suzhou / Zhengzhou / Guangxi / Harbin

A total of more than 10 trains provide services to Germany, all over China


Destination train station

Hamburg / Duisburg / Nuremberg.


Railway routes from China to Germany 

Zhengzhou -- Almaty -- Maravich -- Munich -- Hamburg TT: 17 days

Wuhan -- Hamburg -- Duisburg TT: 15 days

Chongqing -- Duisburg TT: 13 days

Chengdu -- Urumqi -- Alashankou -- Moscow -- Lodz -- Hamburg. TT: 18 days

Truck Freight from China to Germany

The following will introduce 3 auto routes from China to Germany


Distance/Lead Time (Alashankou-Germany):6400KM / 10 Days

Route Features:

1. Alashankou has strong export ability and shortest transportation time

2. This is the most commonly used route. There are only 5 transit countries along the route, and it takes about 2 days to leave the country at the port.

3. Trucks in Kazakhstan can drive directly into the EU, avoiding reloading

4. The whole process of loading and unloading is at least about 4 times, but due to political influence, it is necessary to change to a European car in Belarus.



Distance/Lead Time (Alashankou-Germany):8600KM / 18-23 Days

Route Features:

1. Azerbaijan has fewer transit permits, only a few Belarusian and Russian carriers are willing to try

2. The transportation distance is the longest, there are 10 transit countries along the route, and it takes about 2 days for the port to exit the country

3. The freight rate is high. At least 6 times of loading and unloading in the whole process

4. Belarusian/Russian vehicles entering the EU face sanctions and need to be replaced with European trucks in Turkey



Distance/Lead Time (Kashgar-Germany):7500KM / 18-20 Days

Route Features:

1. Containers must be used when leaving the country at the Irkstani port

2. There are 11 transit countries along the route, and it takes about 3 days to leave the country at the port

3. At least 8 times of loading and unloading in the whole process

4. Affected by political factors, it is necessary to flip European cars in Turkey

If you have any doubts about shipping from China to Germany, please contact:

Lora Yang

E-mail: sales02@viputrans.com


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