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International trucking precautions and disclaimers


 International trucking precautions and disclaimers         


1.  Cargo applicable: General Cargo.

Refuse cargo related to copy licensing, drugs, military materials, dangerous goods and other goods ban by customs along the way. The goods are required to be fully consistent with the documents, and the value of the goods is truthfully declared. Any related expenses for the penalty, demurrage , loading and unloading fee during the inspection period shall be borne by the customer.


2.  Charges: (including but not limited to the following expenses)                 

                      2.1  Customs inspection cost, Demurrage and customs unloading/loading during inspection, and fine caused by customs inspection along the way shall be bear by the customer.

     2.2   China Domestic demurrage : free of charge at 12 hours before loading and unloading, and charged at 1500 CNY/ 12 hours after more than 12 hours. Less than 12hours according to 12hours.

If the customer arranges Europe truck by himself, the customer shall bear the relevant expenses himself.

     2.3 China customs declaration fee standard-Normal cargo: 1 main waybills and customs fee is 1200 CNY(included), for additional customs request will charge 500 CNY per customs documents.

     2.4   Foreign currencies involved in the reported expenses shall be settled at the exchange rate of the billing date.                                                                                                   

     2.5   Destination change cost: 200 euros charged if change route 3 days before domestic pick up, 400 euros, before arriving at the border warehouse, and 600 euros after departure CN. Actual transport rate after change destination should be check with our Sales.

     2.6   Foreign Truck demurrage: free in 24 hours, before loading or unloading, more than 24 hours, 200 euros per truck in the first 2 days, and 300 euros per truck from the third day. Less than one day according to one day.  Demurrage during inspection: 250 euros per day.


3.  Order Acceptance  6 days before estimate loading date.         


4.  Documents  Closing  1 day after truck departure from loading place.

5.  The accompanying documents cannot be modified after leaving China, but if the customer finds any error, he must provide the correct packing list and invoice in time.


6.  Cargo Packaging::

Customer responsible for properly cargo packing to ensure that the goods suitable for loading / unloading, and for the requirements along international road transport and weather changes. Any damage or cost caused by poor packing, including vehicle, personnel, goods, property, and liability to the forwarder and any third party, shall be bear by the customer.


7.  Insurance

Customer shall purchase goods transportation insurance, property insurance and personal insurance, etc. According to the characteristics of the goods, value and mode of transportation. The insurance amount shall be determined by the customer according to the actual situation of the goods. However, the starting date of the insurance period shall not be later than the delivery date.

 The customer shall buy full insurance for the goods and deliver the relevant insurance certification to Eurotrans before the commencement of the goods. Customer can entrust Eurotrans to buy insurance for the cargo, then the customer should pay the cost of buying insurance.

 If the customer neither purchase the goods transportation insurance by himself nor entrust Eurotrans to buy for them, and suffers any damage, loss, or stolen during the transportation, all liability and losses shall be borne by the customer unless otherwise agreed by this Agreement.  


8.  Cancellation:

The customer are free to cancel the order 2 days before loading.

If cancellation less than 48 hours before the loading date,  20% of the freight of quotation should be paid by customs as fine of cancellation.

Postpone reloading will be charged EU truck demurrage.


9.  Payment:                                                                                  

 10.1 Advance payment for order: the amount is 100% of the total freight, which should be paid once the order confirmed and before loading.

 10.2 Freight payment: freight charge should be paid 100% before customs release and before leaving China. (Advance payment amount will converted to apart of freight) If customer not pay the freight on time, We have the right to temporary suspension the goods, and all expenses resulting from the customer.  


10. Withdrawal:

The expenses incurred by force majeure, epidemic cases, inconsistent goods declaration, sudden reasons, customs inspection and other circumstances shall be actually by the customer.


11. Disclaimer:

 Viputrans shall not bear the corresponding losses and expenses caused by extreme bad weather, special events, public events, epidemic prevention and control events or other force majeure in domestic and national countries along the way.


    Description of common truck models

l   MEGA : 13.6 X 2.48 X 2.94 (Actual inner size is about 13.5 x 2.42 x 2.89m ), within 22T, 92CBM

l   Standard Titl : 13.6 X 2.48 X 2.69 (Actual inner size is about 13.5 x 2.42 x 2.6m ), within 21T, 82CBM

l   BOX: 13.2m X 2.45m X 2.55m (Actual inner size is about 13.1 x 2.39 x 2.49m ), within 20T, 76CBM


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