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International Shipping from China to UK


International Shipping from China to UK

China to UK shipping time

There are currently three best shipping modes from China to the UK: air, sea, and rail. Air express is the fastest and the most expensive, and it will arrive in about 3-5 days. Ocean Shipping is the cheapest, and it takes about 30-45 days to arrive at the port from the start of the ship. The railway to the UK shipping price and timeliness is between air and sea freight.

Three ways to Shipping from China to UK

  • Air transport from China to UK.

International air freight shipping from China to UK includes international special lines, international parcels, Amazon FBA freight, overseas warehouses freight and other air freight logistics. The advantage of air freight: the timeliness is relatively fastBut the air freight is more expensive. If it is urgent, it is recommended to choose air freight.

  • Sea transport from China to UK

Two ocean freight shipping from China to UK: expedited ships and slow ships. The expedited ships have faster time but are expensive shipping rates, and slow ships have slower timeliness but lower rates. You can choose the corresponding shipping way to ship from China to the UK according to your needs. But in the current market plan, there are very few expedited ships.

Advantages of international Shipping: International sea shipping is a type of transportation with the lowest price in the entire transportation mode. It has low transportation costs, low maintenance costs, and a large carrying capacity. Therefore, the freight rate is very low.

But The disadvantages of sea transport are also very obvious. The logistics timeliness is extremely slow. The timeliness for arrival in the UK is between 30 and 50 days. and there are too many uncontrollable factors at sea.

Therefore, if you choose to ship by sea, we will recommend purchasing insurance.


  • Rail transport from China to UK

Using the logistics channels created by the China-Europe Interrail, international rail transport can be used to reach to many European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain

Advantages of international rail transportation: stable timeliness and low freight rates.

Disadvantages of international rail transportation: slow logistics timeliness, unable to deliver goods to the destination quickly. But the advantage of rail transportation is its good stability, sufficient capacity, and good performance in the peak season of logistics. If you need rail transportation in peak season, it is best to book shipping space half a month in advance. 

Because according to our years of experience in railway transportation, the China-Europe trains are very popular in the peak season. Shipping space is hard to find..



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