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What has to be cared for mixing container


             What has to be cared for mixing container

A large order is desired for each salesman but mixing containers is inevitable. Today, I would like to share notice for mixing container: As to an order of mixing container, I don’t mean mix models but mix products from several suppliers.

What has to be cared for mixing container


Notice for quotation: pay attention to cost

When quoting, not only the quantity but also the shipment requirement should be known especially for those customers with less order quantity which is inevitable. That is the reason why the less quantity is, the higher the price will be. The cost will become higher when mixing with other suppliers. Furthermore, please pay attention to the terms of payment like FOB or CIF.


Date of delivery: communicate with customer well after signing the contract

You must know that the date of delivery is indeed a big problem if you had such an experience.

You can only control the production schedule but not others. What we should take into consideration is warehouse blocking due to the delay in the delivery of other suppliers.

If possible, you’d better have much the same date of delivery as other suppliers.


Gain the initiative when shipment:

Why do I say so?

To save cost, customers must make full use of space in the mixed container, hence, the calculation error or other problems sometimes may cause inefficient space.

To avoid it, to get to know the exact suppliers of customers and their CBM which with accessories, otherwise, the error still may occur. One of my customers had this problem, in calculations, all products can be shipped.

However, accessories of one of his suppliers failed to be taken into consideration which took a large space, so some products couldn’t be shipped.


Before shipment, you should know whether each supplier can get a B/L, if just one, which supplier’s name should be in the B/L shipper.

It is quite important. Get to know it clearly in mixing container because it affects our terms of payment directly.

That’s OK for most companies to get the balance when seeing the copy of B/L because their name is in the blank of shipper which can demonstrate that you are the owner. Customers cannot get the products without our permission before getting the balance, this is a guarantee; if the shipper is required to change, you should ask them to pay the balance and then arrange shipment.

Complicated as the mixed container is, it is not difficult if you notice the above aspects.

Getting an order is not quite easy, please follow it up seriously. Accumulation brings progress!

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