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How to Import Cargo from China


How to Import Cargo from China

There are much good quality and cheap price products in China to meet people's daily lives use. More and more people like products made in China. It still has an interesting space for China sourcing agency to other countries, but the volume is very small for sourcing agency. So what are you waiting for? Let’s read how to import cargo from China as below:


l  Find a high-profit product from China to sell in the world.

There are two popular online E-shop in China, many people sell and buy in the two websites, you can compare the price and product



Attend trade shows like Guangzhou carton fare

l  Identify goods for import

When assign cargo transportation, please tell cargo character that general cargo or dangerous cargo, 

Whether with battery, liquid, Powder, oil, motor, engine, and other engine gear, whether is inflammable and explosive or include this component or material.


l  Ensure that there are no battery, liquid, powder to import

If these cargos include sensitive and dangerous parts, please ask your factories to offer MSDS, DGM, relatives’ documents, etc.


l  Calculate the landed cost of your goods, Understanding Product Costs, Shipping cost, and Profitability

It includes the price of goods, shipment costs, insurance fees, customs duties, and any other charges incurred along the way.

Not only is knowing how to calculate landed cost important, but it is also necessary to run a successful business.


l  Calculating Import Cost

Calculate your Import cost seriously and reasonably

Estimate too high and you may lose out on sales because of your pricing.

Estimate too low and your profits could suffer.

This is the basic equation that you will be calculating:
Product value +Shipping + Customs + Risk + Overhead = import Cost Shipping

More factors to shipping than boxing your goods and putting them on a boat (or plane, truck, train, etc.).

There are costs associated with every aspect of the process, including crating, packing, handling, and freight.

Details please free quote with us

You should always understand exactly what you are getting in your contract with a freight forwarder and factory, as there are many different options of varying seller responsibility and liability.


Every country has its own authority for monitoring the flow of goods into and out of its borders.

These agencies are also responsible for collecting any duties, tariffs, value-added tax (VAT), broker’s fees, harbor fees.


The costs of avoiding risk can add up, but not covering them can be even the most costly.

Insurance, compliance, quality, and safety stock inventory are all vital considerations.


Operating costs are the final part of the import cost equation.

Purchasing staff, due diligence cost, travel, and exchange rates are included in overhead.

Let’s Look at an Example

Suppose you are looking to import 1000 units of a product from Shanghai to the USA. The per-unit cost is $500. The freight cost for the shipment is $1500 for 200kgs/20cartons (0.4*0.4*0.4 cm )/1.28CBM. The duty charge is set at 5%.

Products Value + Freight Cost + Duty Charge = import cost

$500 + 1500+(1500+500)*5%= $2100

Details please free quote with us

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