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Sea Transport From China To UAE


                                                                   Sea Transport From China To UAE                                                                          

Located between Europe and the Far East, the United Arab Emirates has played a vital role in helping it develop into a global business hub, with Dubai being the focal point for much of the region's economic activity and trade. Help is just around the corner if you want to ship your goods to the Middle East.


VIPUTRANS wants to make importing from China to the United Arab Emirates as simple and straightforward as possible for your company. For this reason, we have collected relevant information about shipping from China to UAE on this page, including cost, transit time, port information, etc., to give you a more detailed understanding of shipping from China to UAE.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

LCL shipping means that your cargo will be given space in a shared container that carries consignments of other shippers. The advantage is that you only have to pay for the space that your freight occupies, not the whole container. If you’re planning on moving small shipments from China to UAE, then LCL shipping might be the most affordable option.

Full Container Load (FCL)

FCL shipping means paying for the rental and transportation of a shipping container from China to the UAE for your exclusive use at a flat rate. This might be cheaper than LCL, especially if you are transporting large, heavy goods.

Cargo Ports of Origin in China  


Port Facts:

· Economic hotspot located on the Pearl River Delta.

· Main port serving the city that shares its name.

· Container cargo handling is one of the many freight services offered here.

· Popular with exporters due to its location at the intersection of the Xijiang, Beijiang, and Dongjiang Rivers.

Owned By: Guangzhou Port Group Company Ltd.

Annual Container Volume: >21.9 million TEUs.



Port Facts:

· Xiamen Island, a nearby estuary and a stretch of coastline form the expansive Port of Xiamen.

· Ranked among the world’s top-ten biggest cargo handling centers.

· Facilities include nine container terminals.

· Has the capacity to send consignments to over 50 destinations worldwide, including Dubai.

Owned By: Xiamen Port Authority.

Annual Container Volume: >10 million TEUs.




Port Facts:

· Welcomes container shipping vessels from over 700 destinations.

· Premier port, well capable of handling your shipment from China to the UAE.

· Likely to be your closest major port if your goods are manufactured in Shandong Province.

Owned By: Qingdao Port (Group)Ltd.

Annual Container Volume: >18 million TEUs.




Port Facts:

· World’s biggest port in 2019.

· Known as the best-connected port on the planet.

· High quality and quantity of road and rail links to the port.

· Uses the most advanced technology for processing and loading of the freight onto vessels.

Owned By: Shanghai International Port Company Ltd.

Annual Container Volume: >40 million TEUs.




Port Facts:

· Located in the Dawan District of Guangdong Province.

· Extensive container terminal.

· Good alternative to the nearby larger and busier port of Shenzhen.

Owned By: China Merchants Shekou Port Service Company Ltd.

Annual Container Volume: >46,000 TEUs.


Cargo Ports of Arrival in the UAE   


Port Facts:

· Located on the Persian Gulf, 35 km Southwest of Dubai.

· World’s largest man-made harbor.

· Easily the busiest and biggest port in the Middle East.

· Container yard spans over one million square meters and includes Dutch barns, covered sheds, and open storage space.

Owned By: Dubai Ports World.

Annual Container Volume: >13.6 million TEUs.




Port Facts:

· One of the world’s most modern seaports.

· Has a semi-automated container terminal among its many high-tech facilities.

· Further development is scheduled over the next decade to expand its freight handling capacity.

Owned By: Abu Dhabi Ports.

Annual Container Volume: >14.5 million TEUs.




Port Facts:

· Only port in the United Arab Emirates that sits outside the Strait of Hormuz.

· Key container hub in the region.

· Rapid transit routes enable swift delivery of your goods to other locations across the UAE.

· Boasts outstanding facilities that allow for ultra-efficient deconsolidation and discharge of goods shipped from China.

Owned By: Sharjah Ports Authority.

Annual Container Volume: >3 million TEUs.



How Long Does It Take to Ship Cargo by Sea From China to UAE?

As the examples below show, ocean shipping between China and the UAE takes between 18 and 38 days:

Shanghai to Jebel Ali – 30 days FCL, 33 days LCL

Guangzhou to Jebel Ali – 24 days LCL, 36 days FCL

Xiamen to Jebel Ali – 27 days FCL, 30 days LCL

Qingdao to Jebel Ali – 30 days

Shekou to Jebel Ali – 18 days FCL, 27 days LCL

Dalian to Abu Dhabi or Jebel Ali - 36 days FCL

Huangpu to Jebel Ali - 23 days FCL

Lianyungang to Jebel Ali - 32 days FCL

Ningbo or Tianjin to Jebel Ali - 28 days FCL

Shanghai to Abu Dhabi – 36 days FCL, 30 days LCL

Ningbo or Shanghai to Sharjah – 36 days FCL

Guangzhou to Sharjah– 25 days FCL, 38 days LCL

Huangpu to Sharjah - 25 days FCL

Nansha to Sharjah - 26 days FCL

Shekou to Sharjah - 18 days FCL

Xiamen to Sharjah - 36 days FCL


Ocean freight

Ocean freight has always been a big deal in the freight market. For shipments from China to UAE, with VIPUTRANS you can get competitive prices and reasonable shipping times.

 VIPUTRANS can provide all types of services for every volume! Our flexibility will allow us to fully adapt to your special needs and requirements.

Contact me now for your shipping service between China and UAE. Since the services and destinations required for each shipment are unique, we cite each requirement individually to guarantee the best-fit performance!

Lora Yang

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