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Railway Freight from China to ASIA


Railway Freight from China to ASIA

  Central Asian trains are the container international rail trains traveling between China and Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries, from China’s Tianjin, Xi’an, Jinan, Hefei, Lianyungang, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Jiaozhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Lanzhou. Waiting to go to the main cities of the five Central Asian countries. Since April 2018, 33 dedicated lines for Central Asia trains have been laid out, of which 27 are for the outbound journey and 6 are for the return journey.

  At present, there are 5 ports in Central Asia, namely the Alashankou and Horgos ports connecting Central Asia and West Asia, the Erlianhot port connecting Mongolia, and the mountainside and Pingxiang ports connecting South Asia. The cargo of the Central Asia Express is divided into two categories: one is China's import and export cargo, and the other is transit cargo that transits through Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries.

  In order to fully release the potential of the logistics channel in the new Silk Road Economic Belt, China Railway Corporation, based on the principle of being close to the market, strengthens the operation organization of the Central Asia Express, and creates a "fast, punctual, safe and stable, green and environmentally friendly" railway international combined transportation of goods The transportation brand, in accordance with the "six unifications", namely: unified brand logo, unified transportation organization, unified full price, unified service standards, unified management team, unified coordination platform, strengthened mechanism and equipment guarantee, and strived to improve the operation of Central Asia trains Quality, to ensure punctual operation according to the map, optimize and improve the work process and system methods of the customer service center of Central Asia Express, provide customers with good information inquiry, information customization and push, complaints and suggestions acceptance and other services; fully open to domestic governments and enterprises Service, serving the countries along the Belt and Road, and gradually expanding the Central Asian train market.

The main routes of the Central Asia train:


l  The Central Asian train (Lianyungang to Tashkent) departs from Lianyungang Port Station, exits from Khorgos, passes through Kazakhstan, and ends in 3 stations including Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The total distance is about kilometers and the running time is about 7 days.

l   Central Asia Express Qingdao (Qingdao~Almaty~Tashkent) This train departs from Qingdao Jiaozhou Railway Station and passes through Alashankou to Dostyk and Horgos to Atenkoli. , Sent to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries in Central Asia. The running time is about 8 days.

l  The Hefei New Eurasian Continental Bridge freight train (Hefei~Almaty) departs from Hefei for 4,954 kilometers and goes directly to Hefei, Ningxi-Longhai-Lanxin line, Xi'an, Urumqi, Alashankou, and Dostyk. Almaty, Kazakhstan, with a total of 4,954 kilometers and an estimated operating time of about 9 days.

l  Central Asia train (Xi'an ~ Almaty). Departing from Xi’an Xinzhu Station, exiting from Alashankou, to Almaty Station in Kazakhstan, the total distance is kilometers, and the running time is about 8 days.

l  The Hunan-Europe Express Line (Changsha ~ Tashkent) departs from Changsha via Khorgos Port to Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The total distance is 6,146 kilometers and the running time is about 11 days.

With the opening of the Central Asia international train, the cooperation between Southeast Asian companies has gradually deepened, and the radiation role of the Central Asia international freight train is also being used to continuously deepen the cooperation in trade, finance, investment and cultural exchanges between China and Southeast Asian countries and regions. .

At the same time, the Central Asia international freight train adopts a two-way split method to help international enterprises to transform from one-way import of Chinese goods to a combination of import and export, and accelerate the integration of domestic and foreign trade, thereby providing continuous development for the Central Asia international freight train. It provides the possibility to extend the life, and closely links the economic development of China and Southeast Asia.

Nowadays, through the continuous injection of new vitality into the international railway freight logistics channel, Southeast Asia relations will definitely take on a new look, cooperation between countries will develop towards a larger scale and higher level, and the Southeast Asian Economic Belt will move towards a higher goal.

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