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Freight forwarder from China to Uzbekistan


Freight forwarder from China to Uzbekistan

Viputrans provides air, rail, truck, sea, multimodal transport and other services from China to Uzbekistan.

 I will take Shanghai as the starting point and Tashkent as the end point to explain the routes of these four modes of transportation, and I will also expand on the characteristics of these four types of transportation.

China to Uzbekistan air shipping   

Transit time estimate: 1 days

Air freight is a popular and efficient way to transport goods from China to Uzbekistan. There are several airports in China that offer air freight services to Uzbekistan, with the most common routes being from Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to Tashkent International Airport in Uzbekistan.

The cost of air freight from China to Uzbekistan can vary depending on the weight, size, and type of goods being transported, as well as the distance and any additional services required. However, generally speaking, air freight is more expensive than sea or land transportation, but it is faster and more reliable.

Actual and volumetric weight  

The cost of air freight from China is calculated by first determining the actual and volumetric weight of the goods. The airline will take the greater of the two weights to calculate the billable weight.

Actual weight   

Actual weight is calculated in the same way as air express. Actual weight, also known as gross weight, is the total weight of the cargo.

 Volumetric weight  

1)LWH/6000: Volumetric weight formula:Multiply the first by the carton size and divide by 6,000

2)CBM*167: Volumetric weight formula:Another way to calculate is to multiply the total cubic volume by 167

Some airlines and routes from China to Uzbekistan

Destination Airport





Transit Time




SZX (Shenzhen)




3 - 7 days

CAN (Chengdu)





PEK (Beijing)





PVG (Shanghai)




3 - 5 days











4 - 7 days


China to Uzbekistan rail shipping   

Transit time estimate: 18-22 days

Railway freight is another popular way to transport goods from China to Uzbekistan. There are several rail routes that connect China and Uzbekistan, with the most common routes passing through the Alashankou/Dostyk or Khorgos/Altynkol border crossings.


Railway freight is generally cheaper than air freight, but it takes longer and is less flexible in terms of delivery times and destinations. However, railway freight is a good option for transporting large quantities of goods, as well as heavy or bulky items that may not be suitable for air transportation.


FCL Rail Shipment  

An FCL shipment, or full container shipment, as its name suggests, is a shipment that occupies the entire space of a container without having to share it with other merchandise. 

The benefits of FCL cargo are reduced risk of damage or loss and a quicker transit time.


LCL Rail Shipment  

LCL, or groupage, as it is otherwise known, refers to shipments that take up only a portion of the entire container, and is shipped alongside other merchandise from other shippers in the same container. 

The benefits of LCL cargo is a flexible and cost-effective option for transporting smaller, less time-critical shipments.

LCL Cargo loading volume minimum 1cbm upto 20cbm, no ceiling.


Railway shipping China to Uzbekistan





Transport Time

18-25 days

FCL Rail Price

USD7*00~USD8*00/40ft  (Please consult for the specific price)

LCL Rail Price

USD1**~USD2**/CBM (1CBM:500KG)

Shipping term

 Door to Door, Port to Port, Port to Door, Door to Port


Cheap price, fast shipping timeliness, stable train schedule

Trading Term


Value-added service

Goods collection, Insurance, Labeling, Warehousing, tax paying, and so on.

China to Uzbekistan truck shipping   

Transit time estimate: 25-30 days

Various types of trucks are used for international freight transportation, depending on the nature of the cargo, distance, and specific requirements. Here are some common types of trucks used for international freight:

Dry van type:

53-Foot Trailers(53'x8'6"x8'6")

can store up to 43,000 pounds and 24 pallets

48-Foot Trailers(48'x8'6"x8'6")

can store up to 43,000 pounds and 24 pallets

28-Foot Trailers(48'x8'6"x8'6")

can store up to 22,500 pounds and 14 pallets

Dry van trailers can be used for almost all types of freight. Therefore, if you are not shipping hazardous, oversized or perishable goods, a dry van trailer is a good option.

Refrigerated Truck type:

28-53-Foot reefer trailers

The load on a reefer truck should never exceed 44,000 pounds.

Refrigerated trucks are a perfect fit for food and beverage shippers, as well as for moving flowers and art pieces.Refrigerated trucks can move both temperature-sensitive and “dry” freight, so you can combine different cargo types in one load if needed.You can monitor the temperature inside.Freight is protected from weather conditions, theft, spoilage, and damage.When trailer damage occurs or the cooling system breaks down, your products can be spoiled.It is flexible for the loading and unloading process.

Flatbed type:

17m : length 17.5m width 2.6m/2.8m/3m, etc.

The volume does not exceed 100CBM, and the weight does not exceed 30T.

13m: length 13m width 2.35m/2.45m/2.6,m etc.

The volume does not exceed 80CBM, and the weight does not exceed 30T

Flatbed trailers are easy to load, and the shipper is not responsible for fixing and securing the load to a platform.If you deliver bulky loads or freight of irregular shapes, the flatbed is the best option for you.There are different types of flatbeds, so you can find the right trailer adjusted to your shipping needs.

There are three common truck transportation routes from China to Uzbekistan: 

1.Alashankou/Dostyk Border Crossing (Western Route): This route starts from Alashankou, a city in Xinjiang province, China, and crosses the border into Dostyk, Kazakhstan. From there, the trucks travel through Kazakhstan to reach the various destinations in Uzbekistan.


2.Khorgos Border Crossing (Eastern Route): Another popular route starts from Khorgos, a city in Xinjiang province, China. It crosses the Khorgos border into Kazakhstan and then continues through Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan.


3. Horgos/Chernyaevka Border Crossing (Southern Route): This route begins at Horgos, Xinjiang province, China, and crosses the border into Chernyaevka, Kazakhstan. From there, the trucks travel through Kazakhstan, passing through cities such as Shymkent, Taraz, and Turkistan, before reaching Uzbekistan.

China to Uzbekistan sea shipping   

Transit time estimate: 45-55 days

Since Uzbekistan is a landlocked country, sea transportation is not the best and most convenient option, but multimodal transportation can be used to transport goods from China to Uzbekistan.

The common transportation is to transport the goods from various ports in China to Dubai or Iranian ports, and then transport the goods to Uzbekistan by truck. This transportation method takes a long time, usually takes about 45-55 days, but it is A mode of transportation with the lowest transportation cost, if your goods are not in a hurry, you can consider multimodal transportation.

If you have shipping need from China to Uzbekistan please contact us,we can provide you with the most suitable solution according to your cargo information and price requirements.

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