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China To Amazon FBA Fulfillment Center Shipping Service


China To Amazon FBA Fulfillment Center Shipping Service

Shipping goods to Amazon FBA from China can be a complicated process. At Viputrans, we have developed a dedicated Amazon Freight shipping service team to deliver your goods from China to the global Amazon FBA fulfillment center of your choice. Regardless of the size of your shipment or the distance between destinations, we will ensure that it arrives on time and in accordance with all relevant policies.

In this article, we will see how to ship products from China to Amazon. The process is divided into three main steps. The first step is to source the product, which can be done by finding a manufacturer in China and then obtaining product samples. The second step is to ship the product to the Amazon FBA warehouse and finally fulfill the order on Amazon.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA service was first introduced in the United States on December 15, 2013. Amazon FBA Express is one of the many services provided by Amazon to sellers. This service offers sellers two options for shipping from their warehouse:”Rapid” or “Standard”. It also offers a third option called “Flexible. Amazon FBA Rapid Express is a service by which Amazon ships seller’s products from its warehouse to an Amazon Fulfilment Center for final shipment. It offers sellers the ability to ship directly from their own warehouse and avoid going through the time-consuming process of packing, shipping and tracking orders. to a Fulfilment Center.

Amazon lets you ship products to your customers using a flexible, globally accessible shipping program called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). You, an individual or company that owns and handles their own fulfillment, then ship their product. When the sales happen on Amazon, they automatically move the item from your inventory to theirs. This means all you need to do is wait for the item to be sold.The other benefit is that you get a commission for the sale) This method is similar to an auction on eBay, with the difference being that there are no active bids or high-bidding users. Instead, Amazon will offer “Buy Now” and “. Other benefits of Amazon include the customer service you get as well as processing orders for your products.

Benefits of the FBA Product Selling Program

You can take advantage of Amazon’s integrated online services and unleash the power of automation! Many sellers these day are enjoying many benefits – saving time and effort and increasing profits 

· Amazon’s Branding | Be an Expert on Brands: If you are going for a global brand, having the Amazon name on your business will give your company an element of trust and familiarity which appeals to most buyers. It also offers quality services that are made accessible through their website infrastructure.

· Save a lot of money by signing up for Shipping fees subsidised by Amazon : Amazon provides competitive shipping options for its customers. The company also benefits from economies of scale as a result and offers some of the discounts to Amazon Prime members. The program is free to join and requires minimal effort to become enrolled in. This helps save you from having to apply for discounts separately at each retailer. Buyers who order 3 or more items from you will automatically be eligible for Free Amazon Prime shipping. That is a great way to offer convenience and quality on top of your website.

· accessed on a wide variety of platforms : Having your items and inventory in more than one platform is great for your business since Amazon can help collect, process and cross-sell them. It’s not as limited to just their platform.

· Reach millions in buyers network with an Amazon FBA listing: Qualified FBA listings help brands to reach new customers. They focus on the benefits of receiving free Prime shipping, which helps people out by opening up their day-to-day lives to even more convenience.

Disadvantages of the Amazon FBA

There are a few disadvantages of the program, but they’re not a big deal in the long run. They’ll affect you in the short term, but it’s worthwhile knowing what they are to mitigate them.

Items damaged/lost in transit: Some sellers might experience problems when their products get damaged or end up missing in transit. There’s usually no way to know exactly who to blame and it’s not uncommon that they hear the same complaint repeatedly. If a purchase goes bad, Amazon will reimburse; if it turns out to be nothing more than shoddy packaging or a careless delivery, the seller will usually take care of the issue.

· Expensive FBA Charge: FBA fees can really add up and cause more headaches if they’re not carefully monitored. FBA fees include storage & other costs, but when they’re taken care of, you can make more money without having to deal with too many complications. When a product can’t be sold, sellers pay a cost for removal and fees for the unsellable product. All of these can be added up to increase costs, with losses being possible.

· Amazon follows a strict list of items : Amazon is a company that takes great pride in the care of their packages. They have specific guidelines in order to make sure the items are delivered to them and arrive in prime condition. If your package arrives damaged, they will repackage it and charge you for this service & their reps will reshape the package with care.

· The same products are lumped in one segment of the market simply because they share similar functions.: Amazon’s vendors page is useful for shoppers but not for sellers. There is no individual place to list the products you sell so it’s hard to find the items in question. When searching through multiple entries from the same company, you’ll often find that they are being sold at a lower price or exclusive of some of their selling features. The potential to face product-related fraud accusations, account suspensions, and worse sanctions exists if you have a similar item in your warehouse but they provide less quality.

· Higher return rates: It is possible that some of your previous buyers may return items, which might disrupt your business forecast for a period. However, Amazon allows you to file an item return quickly and easily and their support team will help you with this process.

How To Ship Your Products From China Or Other Countries To Destination

The first step in shipping your products from China or other countries is to find a suitable freight forwarder in China, after that, you need to ensure that your products comply with all import regulations. Finally, you need to find an international freight forwarder like Viputrans, which can help you ship your products from China or other countries to all over the world.

Step 1: Find a Freight Forwarder in China

You should make sure they have experience shipping products. It is important that they are experienced to avoid customs clearance delays or additional charges for your shipment at customs.

Step 2: Ensure Your Products Meet Global Regulatory Requirements.

Product Compliance Ensure your company remains in compliance with global regulatory requirements. Ensuring your products comply with regulations can be challenging. There are many global and regional regulations that must be considered before launching a new product or updating an existing one.

How To Ship Cargo From China To Amazon FBA Fulfilment Center?

Finding express freight solution that in rapid, cost-effective and reliable are essential for any business shipping products overseas. With our Amazon FBA service, we are confident you will find exactly what you need for every shipment. From the beginning, collecting cargo till the end, scheduling with the Amazon for safe and rapid delivery. You are promised a timely, secure, professional consignment of your goods. we provide hassle free shipping solution in your e-commerce biz.

FBA sellers can send their products directly to Amazon’s FBA warehouses. This means that they don’t have to worry about storing their own stock or packing and shipping orders themselves. It might seem like this would be more expensive, but it isn’t if you consider all of the costs associated with running a business. For example, if you hire staff to help you pack and ship orders then Amazon will pay them wages plus benefits which may be upwards of $15 per hour (depending on where you live). Also, if you use a third party logistics company then they may charge you an additional fee for each item shipped by them which could add up quickly depending on how many products are sold each day and how many orders need to be packed and shipped out each week or month.

There are many ways you can find out where your Amazon warehouse is located. You can use the following methods:

1. Check your Amazon Seller Central reports to see if they provide a list of all known Amazon FBA warehouse locations

2. Use the Seller Central Search feature and type: “Report on Fulfilment Center Inventory.” This will give you a list of all known Amazon FBA warehouse locations and their address.

3. Use the Amazon FBA Warehouse Finder tool to find out where a specific item is being stored at an Amazon FBA warehouse location and other information about that location (such as hours of operation).

How To Create Shipment In Amazon ?

You can create your shipping plan on the Send/Replenish Inventory page. To get there:

1. Go to the Inventory menu, and then click the Manage FBA Shipments drop-down list.

2. Click Create a new Shipment, or click Add to an Existing Shipment if you want to add to an existing shipping plan.

For some businesses, it is important to make sure that their products are delivered as quickly as possible. This is especially true for Amazon sellers who want to ensure that their customers get the products they ordered in a timely manner.

The Amazon FBA shipping process has been designed to help these sellers meet this goal. It allows them to ship their products from the fulfillment center of Amazon and have them delivered directly to the customer’s doorsteps.

Additional hints:

– You should always use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) shipping.

– Make sure that your product is eligible for Amazon Prime.

– Always use the Amazon Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you have questions about FBA shipping or you have shipping needs from China to Amazon FBA, please contact:

Lora Yang

E-mail: sales02@viputrans.com



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