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air freight From China to UAE


Air Freight  From ChinaF to UAE

Air Freight from China to Dubai and the UAE.

If your products are required in the UAE urgently, air freight is the best way to move your freight. However, be prepared to foot a larger bill for this fast and flexible service. 

How Long Does It Take to Ship Cargo by Air From China to UAE?

Although flights from China to the UAE take a matter of hours, arranging the shipment of goods between the two nations is a more complex matter. But it’s still significantly faster than shipping by ocean freight.

Getting your goods overland to and from your chosen origin and destination airports takes time. So too loading and unloading the cargo. Plus, there will be customs and security checks in China and Dubai. Taking all this into consideration, here are some estimated shipping times:


The price of international air transport from China to the United Arab Emirates is provided by EK. Different airlines have different air freights from China to the United Arab Emirates. As a local airline of the United Arab Emirates, EK Airlines is superior in both air transport capacity and air cargo services in the industry. The air freight cost per kg provided by other international airlines from China to the United Arab Emirates is different from that of EK, but the price difference is not very big.

EK Airlines provides a direct service from China to Dubai, the capital. Air transport to Abu Dhabi International Airport and Sharjah International Airport is a transfer flight. Usually, goods transported to these two cities should first be transported to Dubai airport by air, and then transferred by plane or truck.

    Although it is transshipment, Dubai International Airport is very capable of handling huge volume of goods, and basically goods can be transferred to the destination airport in one day. The air freight cost per kg from China international air transport to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah is only one yuan higher than that to Dubai airport, which shows that the logistics of Dubai airport in UAE is highly developed and the transfer cost is very low.

What is the cheapestair freight cost per kg from China to UAE? It is not easy to get the cheapestair freight cost per kg from China to UAE. The air freight cost per kg of international cargo airlines is not directly provided to the consignor or or the consignee, but through its local air freight forwarder in China.

Each agent will provide The air freight cost per kg according to its own cargo volume and the market conditions. Besides, not only EK Airlines provides services from China to UAE, but also more than 30 flights provides such services. Each airline, each airport of departure, and each airline's agent will provide differentair freight cost per kg to the UAE. So it's hard to compare and find the cheapest air freight to the UAE.

Air freight allows you to ship different types of urgent goods to their destination safely and timely. Include Port to Port and Door to Door services. The famous airport-DWC and DXB airport. Client can do custom clearance and pick up by themself or we help to handle that. Also, you can apply a program of scheduled and deferred services to and from China with coverage via all major airports.

  • ◪  Shanghai to Abu Dhabi – 6 days

  • ◪  Guangzhou to Sharjah or Dubai Al Maktoum – 8 days

  • ◪  Shenzhen to Abu Dhabi - 7 days

  • ◪  Shenzhen to Dubai International - 5 days

  • ◪  Zhengzhou to Dubai International - 2 days

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