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TOP 7 of Russia’s B2C e-commerce platforms


TOP 7 of Russia's B2C E-Commerical Platforms

Russia's B2C e-commerce platforms are diverse, covering a wide consumer market and needs. Here are some major Russian B2C e-commerce platforms:

1. Wildberries https://www.wildberries.ru/

 One of Russia's largest online retailers, Wildberries offers a variety of goods, including clothing, footwear, beauty products, children's items, household items, and more. Founded in 2004, Wildberry is a Russian online sales platform for shoes, clothing, and accessories. It is also one of the largest online shopping platforms in Russia. Since the end of 2022, it has occupied 17% of the Russian e-commerce market and has been in a leading position in turnover in recent years.

 WildBerry offers products from more than 28,000 brands, with over one million orders per day, more than six million daily visitors, and more than 7,000 order pick-up points in Russia and the CIS countries.

2. Ozon https://www.ozon.ru/

Ozon Often referred to as the "Amazon of Russia", Ozon offers a wide range of product categories, including electronics, household goods, books, personal care, and more.Russia's oldest e-commerce platform, founded in 1998, has a wide range of product categories, including electronics and home appliances, furniture and household items, clothing and footwear, food, beauty and health products, etc.

 In recent years, seeing the strength of Chinese e-commerce, it has increased its cooperation with China. In November 2022, Ozon Global opened a local representative office in Shenzhen to attract new sellers from China. After that, Ozon also announced a partnership with viputrans Logistics to open a partner fulfillment center in Guangdong.

3. Yandex.Market https://market.yandex.ru/

Yandex. Market Operated by one of Russia's largest tech companies, Yandex, this platform offers a variety of goods from electronics to household items, and supports price comparison features. Those who have learned Russian should all know that Russia's Google and Baidu, are not only search engines but are also involved in e-commerce, travel, ticketing, and other fields. Basically,  with Russia in hand, you can travel all over Russia was founded in 2000 and, as of the third quarter of 2021, had more than 8.4 million daily visitors.

4. Lamoda https://www.lamoda.ru/women-home/

Lamoda is primarily targeted at the fashion and apparel market, Lamoda offers a large number of domestic and international brands.It focuses on fashion clothing and was founded in 2011. It currently has more than 2 million products and more than 1,000 brands of men's, women's, and children's clothing, shoes, and accessories.

5. MegaMarket Мегамаркет https://megamarket.ru/

Siber MegaMarket (formerly Eldorado) - This is a newer e-commerce platform, operated by SberBank, offering a wide range of goods, from home appliances to personal care products. Compared with the above-mentioned predecessors, it is still a "newcomer", founded in 2016. It is worth mentioning that it is part of the Сбербанк ecosystem (the bank whose ATMs are often dismantled).Although it is a newcomer, the platform sells a full range of categories and has good development momentum.

6.AliExpress Russia

 Aliexpress Russia while AliExpress is a Chinese brand, It has a localized platform in Russia, selling a wide range of goods, from clothing to electronics.

Yes, as the name suggests, this is owned by Alibaba in China. It is similar to Taobao in my country. AliExpress can also be called the boss in Russia. In the past five years, it has been one of the most visited websites in the world, with a monthly audience of nearly 30 million in the Russian market.

 If you want to buy some cheap and good Chinese-made products in Russia, you are surprise to visit this platform.


7. kazanexpress

KazanExpress is a regional online retail platform in Russia, that originated in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. The platform mainly serves the Russian market. Unlike many globally oriented e-commerce websites, KazanExpress has formed a unique feature in the local market with fast delivery and localized services as the selling points. Founded in 2017, it is known as Kazan AliExpress and also sells goods from China. Because it is located in central Russia, it has a superior geographical location and the delivery time is relatively short.

Similar to other B2C e-commerce platforms, KazanExpress offers a variety of product categories, ranging from but not limited to, electronics, clothing, home goods, toys, and sports equipment. They emphasize being able to provide quick local delivery services, sometimes even within hours of placing the order.


Each platform has its characteristics and strengths, and consumers can choose according to their needs.

Compared with the popularity of e-commerce in China, Russian e-commerce is still a blue ocean. Especially since 2022, Western sanctions against Russia have frequently increased, and countless brands have withdrawn from Russia, resulting in a large gap in the Russian market. The gap in goods such as shoes and clothing, electronic products, and daily necessities has widened. Now is undoubtedly the best time to enter the market.

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