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Shipping from China to Malaysia | Sea | Air | DDP


Shipping from China to Malaysia | Sea | Air | DDP


In this article, we will explain how to choose a shipping service for your China-Malaysia import shipment.

We'll cover the most popular shipping methods, times, and approximate costs.

Due to the high quality, fast and reliable service of VIPUTRANS, VIPUTRANS has become the preferred shipping agent in China.

Read on to find out why VIPUTRANS is a unique and valuable asset for your business


Here are some of the China-to-Malaysia shipping methods worth looking into:

· Air Freight

· Sea Freight

· DDP Shipping

Air Freight From China To Malaysia

However, there are a few factors that can affect the delivery times of your cargo: the type of goods themselves (bulk or not), and their value and weight. The cargo can be directly departure from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other China airports to all Malaysia airports. Kuala Kumpur International Airport (KUL)The transit time is usually 1-2 days.


The air freight cost from China to Malaysia is approximately $2 for your shipping, and this rate changes depending on how much weight you are sending.

Sea LCL from China to Malaysia

LCL shipments are significantly less expensive than full container loads. This means you will get to ship goods that are under 1-15 cubic meters in size, often with other importers. LCL shipments are ideal for those who need to send small shipments internationally.

Sea FCL from China to Malaysia

A full container load (FCL) means that your products are moved in a container of their own while they travel from China to Malaysia.

This is perfect for large shipments exceeding 15 cubic meters

Transit time is approx. 4 to 6 days by port to port shipping transit time, with a total door to door transit time takes approx. 5 to 7 days by sea.

Container Shipping Rates From China To Malaysia For 40 Foot Container

· From Shanghai to Malaysia USD6xx

· From Ningbo to Malaysia USD5xx

· From Shenzhen to Malaysia USD4xx


Door To Door Delivery In Malaysia

Shipping your goods on DDP terms saves you on shipping costs, and you don't have to worry about taxes and duties, the goods are delivered directly to you saving time and money. Using a freight forwarder like VIPUTRANS will make it easier for you every step of the way. DDP shipping from China to Malaysia can be done in several different ways: sea freight, road freight, rail freight or air freight.

DDP Shipping Transit Time From China To Malaysia

· DDP Air freight from China to Malaysia can take between 4-5 days.

· DDP Road freight from China to Malaysia can take 5-7 days by LCL

· DDP Sea freight shipping from China to Malaysia takes 9-12 days by LCL

The following is the price of China's air DDP and sea DDP to Malaysia, please refer to, the specific price please refer to the actual cargo information

When shipping goods between China and Malaysia, we recommend using a trusted freight forwarder like VIPUTRANS. They can handle all the logistics and offer various shipment methods to suit your needs.

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