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Over a number of years Vipu Logistics has established an excellent reputation as an air freight forwarder. We have been servicing our customers with air freight solutions to the USA since our inception and have developed a series of networks to ensure your cargo is transported safely and effectively. Whether you are transporting a large amount of goods to New York, or a smaller packages to LA or anywhere throughout the USA, we can help.


We provide air freight services to many airports across the USA making it easier than ever before to transport your items. Excess baggage is a common occurrence and we have a great deal of experience in avoiding inflated fees when sending these items.


Air Freight to the USA Made Easy

Our Air Freight forwarding services to the USA have been designed to be as straight forward as possible.


By developing trade marketing, transportation has changed to a big issue and different ways such as rail, road, air and sea are considered important. Among all of these methods, air flights are the fastest ones which cost a lot of money and are used when the weight of cargo is not huge or the things being transferred are very delicate. This service has some advantages in comparison to other ways when the air freight from China to USA is considered:


It has a five-day period to buy things in China and receive in the US.

It is highly preferred for a city to city transfer between different countries

Its service is fast with reliable schedules for leaving and arriving goods.

There are strict regulations for control and storage of goods at the airport.

Its accessibility is better and there is no need to wait a lot.


There are two types of air cargo; firstly, general cargos such as electronics, jewelry and pharmaceuticals which need to be transferred in a good condition. Secondly, special cargos which need specific conditions or are dangerous such as animals, chemical goods and food. There are also some disadvantages regarding to this service:


It costs a lot for transferring goods. It is about $400 by air transfer a medium size box from China to USA.

It is not a green way because it emits a high amount of CO2 which is dangerous for the environment.

Air shipping is priced based on weight and size which leads to heavy shipments.


Air Freight Rates from China to US

As a particular process, air freight from China to USA needs a range of rates. Apart from air freights, there are other services which should be provided:


Fuel surcharges

Security surcharges

Container freight station

Airport transfers

When a door-to-door service is selected, the following services are added:


Customs brokerage

Pickup and delivery

Cargo insurance

Accessorial charges

There are some rules to calculate rates which are based are based on chargeable weight. Rates for international services from china to USA are calculated based on the following formula:


Volumetric Weight (kg) = length (cm) * width (cm) * height (cm) / 5000


Cheapest Air Freight from China to USA

Standard air freight is considered as the least expensive way of shipping for cargos from 150 to 500 kilograms which is about $3 per kilo. When the shipments are light, their dimensional weight is calculated instead of its actual weight. A lot of advertisements are shown in order to be selected by different customers. Therefore, it is not a very hard task to find the least expensive air freight option online and in no time.


Air Freight from China to USA Time


Standard air freight from China to USA is usually about 8 to 10 days which is because of its complex process. However, express air freight from China to USA is about 2 or 3 days. The restrictions related to air cargos are higher in air freight which make this process longer and more complex. When the importer knows all details and exact time duration of shipment, he or she can plan well to get the goods on time. The typical day of the standard is the working day and it is not related to the date of receipt, weekends and holidays. The real delivery date is based on the zip code of destination. So, longer distances, customs clearance and flight delays add to the delivery date. When the declaration documents are complete without any detainment risks by customs, more time is added to the transit time. When importers declare goods, one or two days are added to this time. When luggage declares goods from China, 2 or 4 days are added. In order to decrease the level of risk, the documents which are incomplete in some fields; such as, shippers name and false declared value, should be written correctly.


Time Table

Different airlines, for air freight from China to USA, provide a variety of services based on the destination and the conditions which the importer or supplier are looking for. The table below compares some airfreight services from different cities in China to different airports in the US .




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