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Air Freight from China to Moscow, Russia


Air Freight to Moscow, Russia

Shipments sent by air freight to Moscow, Russia can be handled through 3 main airports. The airports are the 3 busiest airports in Russia for cargo, Sheremetyevo (SVO) being the largest, then Domodedovo (DME) and then Vnukovo (VKO). Moscow is home to some of the largest freighter aircraft in the world, so if the cargo can be carried by air, it can be carried to Moscow.

Main items of air transportation:

Air Freight and Air Cargo delivery is relevant for transportation of consignment of goods, batches, documents, securities small on a volume basis. Such as: Electronics with battery, the equipment, clothes, spare parts for cars, accessories, lighting engineering, furniture, jewellery, souvenirs and the medical equipment etc.

Moscow is also a transit hub for the rest of Russia with dedicated trucking and railway services to most of the country. Due to the peak season and air rights and other issues, air freight rates from China to Russia have increased for now.

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