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DDP Shipping from China to Middle East


DDP Shipping from China to  Middle East


  VIPUTRANS Focus on DDP shipping from China to UAE, Dubai Saudi Arabia – Middle East freight for many years and use our unique advantages and resource integration to provide you with special dedicated shipping services. 


The Advantage of DDP Shipping from China to the Middle East


Shipping time from China to the Middle East:

Generally, The shipping time from China to to Bahrain is generally 17-24 days, the shipping to UAE and Oman is about 14-16 days, the shipping to Saudi Arabia is about 15 days, and the shipping to Qatar takes 14-16 days. Left and right, the time limit varies depending on the location.


DDP the Middle East shipping route:

Middle East Jordan, Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia 

How to Shipping from China to Amman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia in the Middle East?

 Because each country in the Middle East has its customs and cultural characteristics, it has different import and export goods requirements. The following mainly take Iraq and Oman as examples:


Precautions for shipping from China to the Middle East:

 1) The total amount of cargo at various points on the Middle East route is rigorous. Many shipping companies start to charge overweight fees for small containers over 14 tons, and many shipping companies do not accept bookings for cargo over 20 tons. Therefore, heavy load needs to confirm the weight limit from agent.

 2) When packing, pay attention to the packing method of colour and style: Single items packing or mixed packing, mixed inner box or assorted outer box. All goods are printed with “MADE IN CHINA” .


Because many countries in the Middle East have their own religious culture, when transporting products, we must respect the culture of each country and cannot transport any contraband.


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