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The ultimate PK of FBA shipping single ticket

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-20
In view of the fact that everyone's Amazon is getting better and better, let me briefly introduce the main two ways of FBA shipping:

The first customs declaration mode for collective goods collection;

The process is that many people put together a box of goods, and then go through customs declaration according to one shipment.

The advantage of this is that the price will be cheaper,
Inadequacies: the risk of inspection of a lot of goods is too high, so even if it is not your goods, the inspection fee will be shared;
Process: deliver goods to our own warehouse-then collect goods-together cabinet-whole ticket declaration-whole ticket clearance-appointment delivery-AMZ warehouse;
Aging: Autonomous warehouse, usually one water boat a week, and sometimes even one water boat a week, can only be delayed;
Delivery: Ordinary warehouse, generally need to enter the warehouse 7-10 days in advance;

The other is the single-ticket customs clearance mode;

The process is to declare your products when you declare your goods. Customs clearance also uses only your products, so as to avoid your goods being implicated by other goods in the cabinet;

The advantage of this is that it is very safe, almost no inspection;
Insufficient is the price point; because it is the Shenzhen customs supervision warehouse;
Process: deliver goods to Sinotrans Warehouse-single ticket declaration-and then the counter-single ticket clearance-appointment delivery-AMZ warehouse;
Timeliness; multiple ships a week, select the appropriate schedule;
Delivery: Generally 1-2 days before the customs clearance, it is OK to enter the warehouse;

The ultimate PK of single ticket and collection mode is as follows:

1; customs declaration; single-ticket mode: sending out shipping warehouse-when the delivery is required, you must provide the warehouse receipt of the Shenzhen customs supervision warehouse-the outbound warehouse unified customs declaration, one vote and one ticket declaration;

Collecting goods, freight forwarding the whole ticket declaration, and reporting together after loading the cabinet-the goods may be implicated DELAY;

2. Inspection at the port of departure: single ticket mode: single ticket declaration, goods that have not been released will not be loaded into the container, ensuring that the goods will not be implicated;

The collection of goods, the whole ticket is loaded and then reported, and a seller’s goods are checked, this cabinet must be implicated;-a cabinet only needs a customs fee;

3; destination port inspection: single ticket mode, only your own goods on the bill of lading, the inspection risk greatly reduces the price;

Collecting goods, the bill of lading is all the goods in the whole cabinet, the risk is greatly increased;
4: Timeliness: At present, there are 5 ships a week in the United States, and they can accompany them; and the collection mode, the market is generally one week a week, delivery about 10 days in advance;
5; customs clearance; single ticket mode customs clearance only uses the products of a single seller, no other customs clearance, and will not be implicated; and the collection of goods is the whole cabinet in customs clearance, a seller 3 kinds of product names, a cabinet 15 sellers 40- 60 products, long customs clearance time, not easy;
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